DX News Letter 1335
April 10, 2003

DX-NL 1335 April 10, 2003
DX News Letter

a free weekly service of
DARC Committee "DX and HF Contesting"

Editor: Karlfried Henrichs, DL1EK
(e-mail: dxmb@darc.de)

translation by: Bob, DL7VOA
(e-mail: dl7voa@darc.de)


ASCENSION ISLAND, ZD8 Jim, N6TJ, will be on the air again as ZD8Z. He plans to work in SSB/CW on the WARC and lowbands from Apr 16-26. QSL via VE3HO, direct ONLY!

AUSTRALIA, VK, OC-new Thomas, VK3ZZ, Keith, VK3FT, Jack, VK3WWW, and VK3QI will operate from Waldegrave Island in the South Australia State West Centre Group which has no IOTA reference yet from Apr 16-21. The call will be announced later.

EAST TIMOR, 4W Peter, G3WQU, is staying there since the beginning of April. He prefers operating in CW, the call will be announced later.

ECUADOR, HC The HCDX Group is visiting Muisne Island from Apr 8-11. Operation is planned on 10/15/20/40m but the callsign is not known yet. QSL via EA7FTR, Francisco Lianez Suero, Asturias 23, E-21110 Huelva,Spain.

FRANZ JOSEF LAND, R1/fjl Val, RD3AF, is signing R1FJ in SSB/CW/RTTY on all bands from Apr 3-13.

GRENADA, J3 Hugo, HB9AFH, and Uli, HB9CGA, will sign J3/homecalls from Apr 12-23. They intend to work mainly in CW at the lower band edges and some SSB on 10-80m. QSL via HB9CGA, bureau ok.

GUAM, KH2 Yoshi, JE2EHP, will sign K1HP/KH2 in CW/SSB on 80-6m from Apr 11-14. QSL via JE2EHP, bureau ok.

GUINEA, 3XY Leo, UT1WL, is working in Conakry at the moment. His callsign is 3XY1L and he plans to operate on 20/15m (later also on 40m) during his spare time after 1800 UTC and during the weekends until the end of the year. QSL via UY5XE, bureau ok.

GUINEA BISSAU, J5 Miguel, EA5IK, will be on the air during his spare time from Apr 12-15. QSL via EA5BY.

HIDDENSEE ISLAND, DL, EU-057 DH7AX, DH1LA and DL2VFR are active in SSB/CW on 80-10m until June 1.

JOHNSTON ISLAND, KH3 John, KH3/KT3E, will be QRV during the next months. Good chances for a QSO may be on 14185 kHz around 0615 UTC. QSL via John Lee, PO Box 153, APO AP 96558 Johnston Island, USA.

KENYA, 5Z Jan, 5Z4BK (DJ8NK), and Tom, 5Z4BL (DL2RUM), are working in CW/SSB/RTTY until Apr 12. QSLs via homecalls.

MADEIRA, CT3 Ben, DJ8FW, is signing CT3AS in CW/RTTY/PSK31 on 15-80m from Apr 9-21. QSL via DJ8FW.

MALDIVES, 8Q Riccardo, IZ5EBL, and Rossella, IZ5BRO, will sign 8Q7RL and 8Q7RC in SSB/CW/PSK31 on 40-10m from Apr 13-21. QSLs via homecalls.

MIYAKO ISLAND, JA6, AS-079 Taka, JR3TVH/6, will activate this island from Apr 11-13. Operation is planned in SSB/CW/RTTY on 6-40m. QSL via JR3TVH.

PHILIPPINES, DU Frank, VE7DP, is visiting some islands in the IOTA groups OC-126, OC-202 and OC-207 from Apr 6-18.

SADO ISLAND, JA0, AS-117 JA1KJW/0, JJ1JGI/0, JK1EBA/0 and JN1IKT/0 are on the air in CW/SSB on 6-160m from Apr 10-13. QSL via bureau.

SHELL ISLAND, W, NA-085 John, WA4JA, is visiting this island in Florida (USI FL401S) from Apr 7-11. QSL via WA4JA, bureau ok.

SOLOMON ISLANDS, H4 Bernhard, DL2GAC/H44MS, will return home to Germany on Apr 13.

ST PETER and ST PAUL ROCKS, PY0/s, SA-014 ZW0S is hitting the airwaves during the first two weeks of April. Joca, PS7JN, intends to work mainly in SSB on 20/15/10m. QSL via PS7JN. More information is available online at http://www.qsl.net/ps7jn/.

SWITZERLAND, HB9 The clubstation HB9MM may use the call HE2MM between Apr 1 and Dec 31. QSL via bureau.

SYRIA, YK Saad, N5FF, plans to activate the station YK1BA on 10-40m during his visit to Damascus from Apr 11-27. Look for him on 14195 kHz (SSB) or 14045 kHz (CW) operating split (up 5-10 kHz). QSL via N5FF.

TEXEL ISLAND, PA, EU-038 Peter, PA/DL4FCH, will be active only in CW on 10/15/20/40/80m from Apr 11-17. Find more information online at http://www.niksch.de/dl4fch/.

WESTERN SAHARA, S0 Hrane, YT1AD, Marq, CT1BWW, Fernando, EA1BT, Julio, EA5XX, Max, I8NHJ, Juan Carlos, EA2RC, Jordan, KD7RCD, Doug, N6TQS, Miki, YU1AU, and other operators from Spain intend to hit the airwaves as S05X from Apr 16-22. They will run three stations simultaneously in CW/SSB/RTTY on 2-160m. Their pilot station will be EA5RM (ea5rm@ure.es). QSL via EA4URE.

QSL Info

QSL bureau: 3Z6V, 5N3BHF, 7S2E, 7X0DX (DL4DBR), 7X0MT (F5MSR), 8Q7WU, 9N7IG, 9G1UW (DL8UP), 9K2F (AS-118), A25/JA1ELY, A52B(JR7TEQ), AH7U, AY5E/D (SA-021), CV1F, CY0MM, D44TA (OE5XVL), DL9SUB/p (EU-098), E4/OE1GZA, EA4DX/HK0, EU6DX, FY5KE (F6BEE), H40T (DL7AFS), H44LG (DL7AFS), H44ZG (DL7AFS), HL0EXN/4 (AS-148), K1NU/VP9, L44D/D (SA-021), N2HNQ/6Y5, OQ6AA, PJ9/PA0VDV, PW6AI (SA-019), PW0PP, PY5CK,R1MVI (OH2BR),RA3NN/1 (EU-153),RA6AU,RI1P (EU-102), S21YH (7M4PTE), SV0JD/SV8 (EU-072, DL6NBA), SV3/DJ5JH, V26BA, V26E (AB2E), V51LK (DJ4LK), YA5T, YB0DX (OC-021), ZL2AL, ZS4TX

QSL managers

(d) = direct only
(B) = bureau ok
* = new manager


DATE            CALL         DXNL

NOW   -Dec/2003 3XY1L        1335 *
NOW   -Apr/2003 7Q7HB        1324
Jan 14-Apr 14   7Q7LA        1325
Apr 5 -Apr 20   8P6DR        1334
Apr 13-Apr 21   8Q7RL     .. 1335 *
Mar 23-Apr 10   9Y4/DL7DF    1333

Mar 19-Mar 14   A35WE/SP9FIH 1332
NOW   -Apr/2003 A4/IV3NCC    1328
NOW   -May/2003 A71ROG       1331
Mar 5 -Apr 15   BX3/DJ3KR    1330
NOW   -2004     CN2PM        1310
Apr 11-Apr 13   CO0S         1334
Apr 9 -Apr 21   CT3AS        1335 *
NOW   -Feb/2004 D2U          1332
NOW   -Nov 30   D88S         1323
NOW   -Jun 1    DH7AX     .. 1335 *
NOW   -Mar/2004 DS4BHW       1333
NOW   -2005     EL2TM        1315
NOW   -Apr 13   H44MS        1330/1335 *
Apr 1 -Dec 31   HE2MM        1335 *

NOW   -Jun/2003 J28UN        1312
Apr 12-Apr 23   J3/HB9AFH .. 1335 *
Mar 28-Mar 31   J37K         1334
Apr 12-Apr 15   J5/EA5IK     1335 *
Apr 5 -Apr 12   J79K/AA1K    1334
Apr 10-Apr 13   JA1KJW/0     1335 *
NOW   -Dec/2003 JM6DZB/JD1   1324
Apr 11-Apr 13   JR3TVH/6     1335 *
Apr 11-Apr 14   K1HP/KH2     1335 *
NOW             KH3/KT3E     1335 *
Apr 10-Apr 16   OH0CO        1335 *
Mar 24-Apr 3    OY8PA     .. 1333

Apr 11-Apr 17   PA/DL4FCH    1335 *
Apr 3 -Apr 13   R1FJ         1335 *
Apr 16-Apr 22   S05X         1335 *
Feb 28-Jun/2003 ST1MN        1329
Mar 16-Mar 31   ST2CF        1332
NOW   -Aug/2003 ZS5WC/ST0F   1324
Apr 7 -Apr 12   TM6ILE       1334
Mar 23-Jul 1    TU5CD        1333
Nov 20-Apr/2003 V3/K8JP      1317
Apr 2 -Apr 14   V63JE        1334
Apr 16-Apr 21   VK3QI        1335 *
Apr 7 -Apr 21   VK9XI        1334
NOW   -2004     VQ9LA        1323

Apr 7 -Apr 11   WA4JA        1335 *
Apr 3 -Apr 13   XF3RCC       1334
Mar 31-Apr 17   XF4KQ        1334
Apr 11-Apr 27   YK1BA        1335 *
NOW   -Mar 31   YU8/K6MD     1331
NOW   -Apr 12   ZB5BL     .. 1335 *
Apr 16-Apr 26   ZD8Z         1335 *
NOW   -Mar 28   ZF2HW        1331
NOW   -Apr 13   ZW0S         1335 *

 * = new
... = and other calls

TNX: DJ2YE, DJ5AV, DK8JB, DL1SBF, DL2BQV, DL2HX, DL2VFR, DL7VOA,LU7DR,LU7DW, PY2YU, PY2ZX, SP9FIH, T93Y, UA9OS, UT3ZU, UT5RP, W9DX, WA2VUY, XE1BEF, 425 DX News, ARRL DX Bulletin, Crazy DX Group, F6AJA (Les Nouvelles DX), N4AA (QRZ DX), KB8NW (OPDX Bulletin), Islands On The Web, W3UR (Daily DX).