DX News Letter 1343
June 5, 2003

DX-NL 1343 June 5, 2003
DX News Letter

a free weekly service of
DARC Committee "DX and HF Contesting"

Editor: Karlfried Henrichs, DL1EK
(e-mail: dxmb@darc.de)

translation by: Bob, DL7VOA
(e-mail: dl7voa@darc.de)


ANTIGUA, V2 Kevin, WB8XX, will spend his holidays on Antigua from Jun 10-16. He will try to catch a few Es openings on 6m in this time. QSL via WB8XX.

ARGENTINA, LU Members of the Radio Club Salta, LU4OC, are operating as L28OO from a mountain (2800m high) in the Iruya province from Jun 2-9.

BERMUDA ISLAND, VP9 Tom, VP9/W9AEB, will be active in SSB and CW on 40-10m from Jun 4-14. QSL via WF9V.

CORSICA, TK Pierre, TK/F2WS, plans to become QRV in SSB on 20m and 40m starting on Jun 7. The length of his stay is not known. QSL via F2WS, bureau ok.

DENMARK, OZ Lars, OZ1HPS, and Karl, LA8DW, will hit the airwaves as OZ4DI from Fano Island (EU-125, DIA NS-002) from Jun 5-7. QSL via OZ1HPS. --- Siggi, OZ/DL1AZZ, will visit Fano Island as well from Jun 7-14. He will work in SSB and CW on HF. QSL via bureau.

FRANCE, F The SFDXAG is planning to operate as F/ON6JUN/p from the Pegasus Bridge Memorial Museum from Jun 5-8. More information is available online at: http://www.qsl.net/on6jun/. QSL via ON4AFU. --- The special event station TM6ACO will be on the air during the 71st "24 hours of Le Mans" race from Jun 7-15. QSL via bureau ok. --- Michel, F6IPS, will sign TM6SME in SSB and CW from Sainte Mere Eglise from Jun 6-20. QSL via bureau. --- F0CXZ, F5IL, F5JOT, F6GNG, F8ACL, F8CUR, F8CUY and F8DSL of the Evreux Radio Club (F8KOM) will visit Brehat Island (EU-074,DIFM MA-012) from Jun 6-9. QSL via bureau.

GERMANY, DL Volker, DL1WH, will become QRV as DF0MF from the lightship "Amrumbank" in Emden from Jun 10-17. He prefers to work in SSB/CW on 40m and 20m. QSL via bureau.

GOREE ISLAND, 6W, AF-045 Members of the "Association des Radioamateur Senegalais" (ARAS) will sign 6V1A mainly in SSB on all HF bands from Jun 7-9. QSL via 6W6JX, bureau ok.

HACHIJO ISLAND, JA1, AS-043 Suehiro, JI1PLF, Mitsuo, JA1UNS, Hisashi, 7N1GMK, and 7L4PVR will be QRV as homecalls/1 from Jun 6-9. Look for their signals in SSB/CW/PSK31 on 80-10m. QSL via bureau.

ITALY, I Paolo, IV3DSH, Stefano, IV3LZQ, Giovanni, IV3ODE, Paolo, IV3PUT, Pietro, IV3RUA, and Maria Pia, IV3ZLT, will be active as homecalls/1 from Anfora Island (EU-130, IIA GO-026) on Jun 7/8. They will work in all modes on 160-6m and plan to take part also in the IARU Fieldday. QSL via bureau.

NORTHERN MARIANAS, KH0 JA5GSG is staying on Saipan from June 5-11.

OKINAWA, JA, AS-024 Kaoru, JA3MCA, Aru, JA0KNM, Jun, JJ1EQW, and Kai, JE3NJZ, will be QRV in SSB/CW on 40-2m signing homecalls/JR6 from Hateruma Island (AS-024) from Jun 6-9. QSL via bureau.

RUSSIA, UA Nick, RA1QQ, and Andy, RA3NN, are on the air as UE1RRC/1 from an island in the EU-119 group from Jun 5-10. On their way back home they will stop on Sosnovets Island (EU-161) to appear as RA1QQ/1 and RA3NN/1 for one day. QSL via RA1QQ. --- Oleg, UA6LP/6, plans to work from Ullu-Tau mountain in the Caucasus from Jun 5-13 (including IARU Region 1 Fieldday). QSL via UA6LP. --- Alex, RW6CW, Andy, RK6ABM, Slava, RZ6AER, Alex, RA6AFB, Vit, RK6ALP, and Serge, RK6ADS will sign RW6AWW/p from Sazalniksky lighthouse on Jun 6/7. QSL via RW6CW.

TAIWAN, BV Paul, BV4FH, and a few more radio amateurs of the BV DX Group will activate Liu-Chiu Yu (AS-155) in SSB/CW on 10-40m from Jun 6-8. Unfortunately QSL ONLY direct to BV4YB.

THAILAND, HS John, W6ZIP, is on the air as HS0ZEH since May 31. He will be QRV mainly in CW on 40-10m from several places until Jun 17. He announced to make also some SSB QSOs during the last two days of his activity. QSL via W6ZIP.

TOBAGO, 9Y Andy, DL4MEH, moved to Tobago. His new callsign will be announced later. QSL via DL4MDO.

UKRAINE, UR Pavlo, UY5YY, is on the air as EN40QPG until Jun 20. QSL via bureau.

QSL Info

QSL direct: 3B8MM, 5T5PBV, 5Z4BK, 6W4RK, 7Q7JL, 8P2K, 8Q7ZZ (G3SWH), 9N7YJ (LA5YJ), 9Y4AT, 9Y4TBG (DL4MEH),A4/IV3NCC (AS-112), A71AW (W3HNK), AH3D (OH2BH), AI5P/m (NA-046), BW0RTY, CN2MP (EA9AM), CP/DF9GR, CP5NU, CX7BF (CX4AX),DS3HWS/4 (AS-084), E20HHK/p (AS-125), EA8/OH2MM, EP2MKO (RW6HW), EW3CW, EY8/F5CW, FR5ZL, HL2DNN, HQ3J, HQ9R, K1B, KH2/KB7OBU, KP2/AB2E, N4ZC/KH6, OH0B (OH2BH), OH0M, P4/K2LE, PJ7/K7ZUM, PR0F, RA1QQ/1 (EU-161), S58T, SV9/OH1VR/p, UO0L, UP0L, UP4L, V26P, VE2IM (VA3ZU), VI5WCP (OC-261), W8KKF/KP5 (W8KKF), ZA/Z35M, ZA1B (OH2BH), ZB2X (OH2KI), ZD8R (N6ND), ZF2NT (G3SWH), ZK2XX (N5XX)

QSL bureau: 3A/IK5YOJ, 3D2AF (UA3DX), 3D2IR (DJ2MX), 3V8BB (IK7YZG), 4L4MM (F5VHH), 5N3CPR (SP5CPR), 5W0PM (OC-097, F6COW), 6H3KK (NA-090, XE1KK), 6W1/F8IXZ, 8Q7SL (AS-013, G4JVG), 9M9/CCL (JA8CCL), 9N7BY (JA0BYS), 9N7SC (JA0SC), C6AGN (W1DIG), CO8OTA (XE1CI), CP8XA, CX2AQ (EA5KB), DT2FWC (HL0BHQ), EM1HO (I2PJA), EO10Y (US0YA), EX8NP (IK2QPR), EY9/RA3OO, F/IK1ZOD/p (EU-058), FG/DK1MM (NA-102), FP/K8DD, FS/K4ZA,GJ0NYG, HK8RQS (EA5KB), HP1AC (EA5KB), HS0/G4UZN, IS0/DL2RMC (EU-024), IS0/DM5TI (EU-024), IV3SKB (EU-130, IV3HAX), JH1EFP/JD1, JT1FCZ/7 (I1QOD), JT1FCZ/5 (I1QOD), JW8AJA (LA8AJA), KG4NW, KH0/KB9LQG (OC-086), MU/DL2JRM/p, MW2I (WW2R), NH0S (JF2SKV), OD5IU (LX1NO), OH0/SM0JHF, OZ/DL8AAV/p (EU-088)

QSL managers

(d) = direct only
(B) = bureau ok
* = new manager


DATE         CALL         DXNL

NOW  -Dec03  3XY1L        1335
NOW  -30Jun  4K7Z/F8LPX   1341
NOW          4W3DX        1342
28May-22Jun  5B4AHJ       1342
NOW  -Jul03  5W1RA        1339
NOW  -2004   5X1CW        1339
07Jun-09Jun  6V1A         1343 *
31May-05Jun  9A3KB..      1342
30May-09Jun  9M2/G3LIV    1342

NOW  -Aug03  A6/ON5NT     1339
NOW  -2006   BU2/JJ1TBB   1339
06Jun-08Jun  BV4FH        1343 *
NOW  -2004   D2CR         1339
10Jun-17Jun  DF0MF        1343 *
NOW  -Mar04  DS4BHW       1333
25May-07Jun  EJ/DF5WA     1341
NOW  -20Juni EN40QPG      1343 *
05Jun-08Jun  F/ON6JUN/p   1343 *
06Jun-09Jun  F8KOM        1343 *
NOW  -31Dec  HE2DIG       1337
01Apr-31Dec  HE2MM        1335
NOW  -31Jul  HF25KVW      1341
10Apr-10Jun  HF6UE        1339
01May-31Jul  HF650O       1338
01May-30Jun  HF8IL        1340
03Jun-08Jun  HK3JJH       1342
31May-17Jun  HS0ZEH       1343 *

01Jun-08Jun  IB0/IZ0EHO   1342
24May-15Jun  IR3IDO       1341
07Jun-08Jun  IV3DSH..     1343 *
NOW          J3/G4BKI     1342
06Jun-09Jun  JA3MCA/JR6   1343 *
06Jun-09Jun  JI1PLF/1..   1343 *
NOW  -Dec03  JM6DZB/JD1   1324
NOW  -Aug03  KC4USM       1338
05Jun-11Jun  KH0/JA5GSG   1343 *
02Jun-09Jun  L28OO        1343 *
28May-20Jun  LA/DF6QP..   1342
03Jun-09Jun  MJ/DF4OR..   1342
07Jun-14Jun  OZ/DL1AZZ    1343 *
02Jun-06Jun  OZ/G0GRC     1342
05Jun-07Jun  OZ4DI        1343 *
01Jun-14Jun  OZ7SM        1342

06Jun-07Jun  RW6AWW/p     1343 *
NOW  -Jul03  S92UN        1338
26May-14Jun  SP1/DL7VOX   1341
04Jun-15Jun  SX9G         1342
29May-12Jun  SV9/SM2EKM   1342
07Jun-???    TK/F2WS      1343 *
25May-09Jun  TM5SC        1342
07Jun-15Jun  TM6ACO       1343 *
06Jun-20Jun  TM6SME       1343 *
23Mar-01Jul  TU5CD        1333
05Jun-13Jun  UA6LP/6      1343 *
05Jun-10Jun  UE1RRC/1..   1343 *
10Jun-16Jun  V2/WB8XX     1343 *
04Jun-14Jun  VP9/W9AEB    1343 *
02Jun-23Jun  XW1IC        1342
29May-08Jun  ZA3/...      1342

 * = new
... = and other calls

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