DX News Letter 1351
July 31, 2003

DX-NL 1351 July 31, 2003
DX News Letter

a free weekly service of
DARC Committee "DX and HF Contesting"

Editor: Karlfried Henrichs, DL1EK
(e-mail: dxmb@darc.de)

translation by: Bob, DL7VOA
(e-mail: dl7voa@darc.de)


AZERBAIJAN, 4K Axel, DL6KVA, will sign 4K0CW again from Baku from Aug 4-17. He will be QRV in CW only mainly during his dark hours. QSL via DL6KVA, buro ok.

CAMBODIA, XU Danny, M0GMT, and Oliver, DJ9AO, will be in Sihanoukville from Aug 3-18. They plan to work as XU7ACT and XU7ACU in CW/SSB on 160-6m (also WAE). QSL via G3SWH. More information and a logbook can be found on their homepage: http://www.geocities.com/dxpedition2003/. --- Hugo, LA5YJ, is now signing XU7ACW in CW/SSB on all bands. On 80m he is only able to work from 3500 to 3596 kHz. His stay is planned to last for about one year. QSL via LA5YJ.

CROATIA, 9A Aco, 9A/DJ0LZ/p, is QRV from Pag Island (EU-170) from Jul 26 till Aug 9.

DENMARK, OZ Ric, OZ/DL2VFR, will activate Bornholm Island (EU-030) mainly in CW from Aug 3-15. QSL via bureau.

EAST KIRIBATI, T32 Hiro, JA0SC, will operate as T32SC from Christmas Island (OC-024) in RTTY and SSTV on 20-10m from Aug 3-11. QSL via JA0SC, ONLY direct.

FAROE ISLANDS, OY, EU-018 Karl, OY/DK4ARL, will be QRV in CW/SSB from Aug 4-13. His next stop will be Iceland. QSL via bureau.

GREECE, SV Kostas, SV1DPI, is spending his holidays on Zante Island (EU-052) between July 25 and Aug 3. QSL via bureau.

ITALY, I Giovanni, IK8LIU, Enzo, IK8YTG, Fabio, IZ1EGT, Marco, IZ7DOK, Oreste, IZ8EDJ and Francesco, IZ8EQF, will be on Licosa Island (EU-031, IIA SA-001) on Aug 2/3. You will find them operating as IC8M or IC8/IK8LIU in SSB/CW on HF and 6m. QSL via IZ8EDJ. --- IK8PGM, IT9EJE, IT9EJW, IT9FCC, IT9HLN and IW9HDS will be on the air as IT9EJW/p (SSB/CW) and IW9HDS/p (satellites) from Pietra di Patti (EU-166, IIA ME-030) on Aug 2/3. QSL via bureau.

MADEIRA, CT3, AF-014 CT9FN from Porto Santo Island (MA-002) will be active every weekend during August and September. If the weather permits the station will be erected on other small offshore islands as well. QSL via ARRM, P.O.Box 4694 9000, Funchal, Madeira.

MALTA, 9H Thomas, DL1ASA, is going to Gozo from Aug 1-15. He will be QRV as 9H3TM on all HF bands and also during the WAE CW Contest. More information is available online at http://www.dl1asa.de.vu.

NORWAY, LA Leonardo, LC/IW5DEZ/p, and Stefano, LC/IW5DPF/p, will be active on 6m from the Lofoten Islands (EU-076) and the North Cape during the evening hours from Aug 1-20. QSL via bureau.

PALAU, T8, OC-009 VR2OH is signing T88OA between Jul 29 and Aug 3. He prefers to work on 14288 and 21288 kHz from 1400-1500 UTC.

POLAND, SP Marek, SP2Y/1, and Andy, SP2CYK/1, are activating their clubstation SP2PIT/1 from Wolin Island (EU-132) from July 28 until Aug 2.

RODRIGUEZ ISLAND, 3B9 There is a new operator on the island: Guy, 3B9ZL, ex FR5ZL or FW5ZL. The length of his stay is unknown. QSL via FR5ZL.

RUSSIA, UA The special event station UE0JWA is celebrating the 145th anniversary of Blagoveshchensk city (Amur region, CQ zone 19) until Dec 31, 2003. QSL via Pavel Yermolaev, Box 53, Blagoveshchensk-on-Amur, 675000 Russia

SARDINIA, IS0, EU-024 Alberto, IS0/IK4HPU, plans to visit also some neighboring islands from Aug 3-21.

SCOTLAND, GM Peter, MM5PSL, will work from Fair Isle South lighthouse (ARLHS SCO-079) on Fair Isle (EU-012) from Aug 2-6. QSL via WA7OBH.

SOLOMON ISLANDS, H4 Dan, JA1PBV, and Kazuo, P29KM, will operate as H44V and H44H from Guadalcanal Island from Aug 5-9. Their next stop will be the Santa Cruz Islands in the Temotu province from Aug 11-16. Their calls will be H40V and H40H from there. QSLs via homecalls.

UKRAINE, EW The special event station EN3WLL is on the air from Lviv between Jul 26 and Aug 3. This station is remembering the Polish scientist Ignacy Lukasiewicz whose petroleum lamp was first used in Lviv on Jul 31,1853. QSL via UR4WXQ, bureau ok.

UNITED KINGDOM, G All amateurs with a class B license in the United Kingdom received full HF privileges this week.

USA, W The Atlantic island Martha's Vineyard (NA-046) will be activated by Howie, K1VSJ, from Aug 2-28. QSL via homecall. --- Members of the Georgian Bay ARC will be on Flower Pot Island from Aug 2-4. Expect them to show up on 20/40/80m. The callsign is not known yet.

WAKE ISLAND, KH9 Jake, N6XIV/KH9, is staying on Wake probably for the last time from July 26 until the end of August. He intends to operate in SSB only as much as possible during his spare time. QSL via K2FF, bureau ok.

WESTERN SAMOA, 5W The World Wide Young Contesters will stay on Samoa from Aug 4-14. The operators 9A6XX, 9K2RR, M0GMT, K9YO and N1SNB plan to activate two stations in CW/SSB/RTTY/PSK31 on 160-6m. Their callsign is not known. QSL via N1SNB.

QSL Info

QSL direct: 5B/G1JJE, 9A3FO, 9G1ZW, 9G5GA (DL3GA), 9H3UT, 9L1DX, 9N7DX, A35XM, AH2BE/AH9, CT3/DL1CWI, DS0DX/2 (AS-105), DU1BP, ES1J, ES2WX, EU7SA, FG/T97M, GS2MP, GU3SQX, GU4EON, HB2KAR, HK3JJH/2 (SA-082), HL1CKC/p (AS-125), J3/HB9CGA, J75KG, JD1YBJ, K1COW/VP2V, KF2HC/KP2 (NA-106), KH0/JA3MVI, KP4EIT, KV4FZ, LU6FFL, P29VMS (OC-258), S51UF, SU9NC, SV1CEI, T30ONM, TA1ED/0 (AS-115), V63JE (KI0RO), VP6DIA (OC-182, JR2KDN), VP6TC, WH0/JK2VOC, WP4N, XQ0YAF, XW1A, XY4KQ (AS-167), XZ1N, YL2PQ.

QSL managers

(d) = direct only
(B) = bureau ok
* = new manager


DATE           CALL         DXNL

NOW            3B9ZL        1351 *
29Jul-03Aug    3DA0DX       1350
29Jul-03Aug    3DA0SV       1350
25Jul-04Aug    3Z0IL        1350
04Aug-17Aug    4K0CW        1351 *
NOW  -Aug03    5H3RK        1347
NOW  -2004     5X1CW        1339
26Jul-09Aug    9A/DJ0LZ     1351 *
01Aug-15Aug    9H3TM        1351 *
NOW  -03Aug    9UACH        1350

NOW  -Aug03    A6/ON5NT     1339
NOW  -2006     BU2/JJ1TBB   1339
02Aug-28Sep    CT9F         1351 *
24Jul-02Aug    CY9A         1350
NOW  -2004     D2CR         1339
26Jul-09Aug    DF3UFW/p     1350
27Jul-03Aug    EG03PFG      1350
26Jul-03Aug    EN3WLL       1351 *
25Jul-04Aug    ES8X         1350
25Jul-Aug03    F8HJV/p      1350
27Jul-05Aug    FP/K9OT..    1350
13Jul-08Aug    GM3PPG/p     1348

05Aug-09Aug    H44V/H44H    1351 *
NOW  -31Dec    HE2DIG       1337
01Jul-15Aug    HF150IL      1347
NOW  -31Jul    HF25KVW      1341
01Mai-31Jul    HF650O       1338
02Aug-03Aug    IC8M         1351 *
01Jul-30Oct    IR8DX        1347
NOW  -Dec03    JM6DZB/JD1   1324
03Aug-21Aug    IS0/IK4HPU   1351 *
24Jul-07Aug    IS0/IK5XCT   1350
02Aug-03Aug    IT9EJW/p..   1351 *
01Jul-02Aug    JW0PK        1346
02Aug-28Aug    K1VSJ        1351 *
NOW  -Aug03    KC4USM       1338
30Jul-04Aug    KD6WW/VY0    1350
26Jul-01Aug    KH0/JE2HCJ   1350
01Aug-20Aug    LC/IW5DEZ .. 1351 *

02Aug-06Aug    MM5PSL       1351 *
26Jul-31Aug    N6XIV/KH9    1351 *
07Jul-03Aug    OH6MY/p      1347
04Aug-13Aug    OY/DK4ARL    1351 *
03Aug-15Aug    OZ/DL2VFR    1351 *
26Jul-08Aug    OZ/DL7UXG    1350
28Jul-11Aug    PJ4/PA2VST   1350
25Jul-03Aug    PT2C/PQ2C    1350
01Jul-31Aug    S50KBS       1349
30Jun-15Aug    SM1TDE       1346
28Jul-02Aug    SP2PIT/1     1351 *
25Jul-03Aug    SV1DPI       1351 *
03Aug-11Aug    T32SC        1351 *
29Jul-03Aug    T88OA        1351 *
NOW  -31Dec    UE0JWA       1351 *
01Jul-03Dec    VI8NT        1346
03Aug-18Aug    XU7ACT..     1351 *
NOW  -Jun04    XU7ACW       1351 *
NOW  -Aug03    YI/SM0WKA    1346

 * = new
.. = and other calls

TNX: 4X4JU, DF3EC, DJ5AV, DK8JB, DL1WH, DL2BQV, DL7VOA, F8BBL,HB9CRV,KB9LIE, OZ4FF, PY2ZX, UR5WCW, 425 DX News, ARRL DX Bulletin, Crazy DX Group, F6AJA Les Nouvelles DX, KB8NW OPDX Bulletin, N4AA QRZ DX, W3UR Daily DX, Islands On The Web.