DX News Letter 1354
August 21, 2003

DX-NL 1354 August 21, 2003
DX News Letter

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DARC Committee "DX and HF Contesting"

Editor: Karlfried Henrichs, DL1EK
(e-mail: dxmb@darc.de)

translation by: Bob, DL7VOA
(e-mail: dl7voa@darc.de)


ALAND ISLANDS, OH0, EU-002 Vincenzo, IZ0FKE, is planning the "Microlite IOTA Tour". At the moment he is operating as OH0/IZ0FKE from the Aland Islands from Aug 16-23. His next stop will be a small Finnish island in the Lansi-Suomi (Turku) Group (EU-096). He will sign OH1/IZ0FKE mainly in SSB on 20/17/10m from Aug 23-27. QSL via IZ0FMA. Vincenzo plans to upload new pictures to his homepage http://www.iz0fke.com every day.

BALEARIC ISLANDS, EA6, EU-004 Lorenzo, EA6/IK6PTH, is staying on Mallorca from Aug 18-24. QSL via homecall.

CHRISTMAS ISLAND, VK9/x, OC-002 Andy, G3AB, applied for the callsign VK9XAB for his DXpedition between Aug 30 and Sep 6. He intends to work with 100 watts and wire antennas. QSL via homecall.

ENGLAND, G, EU-011 John, G3HTA/p, will go to Saint Mary (EU-011) between Aug 30 and Sep 12. Look for him in CW and SSB on 40-6m. QSL via G3RUV.

GUINEA, 3XY Johnny, KA5BQM, is working at the American embassy in Conakry and got the callsign 3XY8B during his stay. The length of his stay may last several months if not years. QSL via KA5BQM.

IRAQ, YI Ghis, ON5NT, is staying in Baghdad for about three weeks. He is signing YI/ON5NT on HF and 6m. QSL via ON5NT. --- Robert, S53R, arrived in Baghdad together with Ghis. He will be on the air as YI/S53R for several months. QSL via K2PF.

PALAU, T8, OC-009 Haruki, JH9URT, is QRV as T88HO in SSB only on HF and 6m from Aug 22-26. QSL via homecall.

PRATAS ISLAND, BQ9P, AS-110 The Chinese Taipei Amateur Radio League (CTARL) plans a DXpedition to Pratas Island for October. Paul,BV4FH, is still looking for four more experienced operators. Interested HAMs should contact Paul as soon as possible. His e-mail address is: bv4fh@ms2.hinet.net.

SAO TOME and PRINCIPE, S9, AF-023 After staying in the USA Tom, S9TX, now returned to Sao Tome for one more year. He is looking forward to some interesting 6m openings. QSL via W7KNT.

UK SOVEREIGN BASES on CYPRUS, ZC4, AS-120 Geoff, ZC4CW, is based there now for the next few years. QSL via G3AB.

US VIRGIN ISLANDS, KP2, NA-106 David, KP2/K3LP, hits the airwaves from St. Thomas until Aug 25. QSL via K5KV.

QSL Info

QSL direct: 3D2RK (W7TSQ), 3V8SQ, 4K4W, 4W1BK (OC-148, WA2MOE), 4W2DN,4X4FQ, 5T6M, 5V7VJ (G3AB, ex G4ZVJ), 6W/DK8YY, 6Y5/DL7VOG, 6Y5IC, 7P8Z, 9H3WD, 9Z4BM, A35WE, AN8AH, AP2ZA (ER3HW), BQ9P (KU9C), CN8UN, CO8DM (KU9C), DL2GG/YV5, DU3/AH8F (G3AB), EA6/DF9NQ, EA8TH, EA9/DL1CC, EI5EN, EJ9HQ, EU7SA, EX8MLE, FP/KG8CO, GQ4ZVJ (G3AB), GI6ATZ, H44H (P29KM), HB0/DK7YY, HB0/DL1RWB/p, HB0/HA0HW/p, HI9/K8WK, HR1LW, IB0DX, JA9XBW, JW/F8DVD, LU1FGE, LU1ZG, P3A, P29VMS (OC-231), PJ7/W3HNK (KU9C), PY0F/PY2XB, RU1A (RU1AE), S07V (DK2WV), S21VJ (G3AB), S92UN, SV2BOH, V25WX (W4WX), V44/AK7G, V47KJ (NA-104, G3AB), V73GE, VC7K (NA-181), VK4TT, VP2V/NH7FY (NH7FY), VR2FD, VR2KF, W1T, XF2IH (NA-224), XQ6ET (W8UVZ), XT2ATI (EA4ATI), XT2TI, XU7AAV (G3AB), XW1N, XW2A (G3AB), YE5A (OC-262), YO3APJ, Z33A, Z38Z, ZW0S (PS7JN)

QSL bureau: 3B8/PA3GIO (AF-049), 3D2ZJ, 3Z0I/1 (EU-129), 4X85EUK (DL1CC), 5H3US (WA8JOC), 5T5PBV (JA1PBV), 8P9/AC4LN (NA-021, UA4WHX), 8M1C/1, 8R1/AC4LN (UA4WHX), 9A7N/p (EU-016), 9A7T/p (EU-136), 9A2OM, 9A7V, 9H3HG (DJ4KW), 9H3SG (EU-023, DJ4KW), 9M6/OK2PBM, 9J2JOCV (JH8BKL), 9M2/GM4YXI (AS-072, N3SL), 9Q2T (ON5NT), 9Q5BQ (HB9AMO), 9V1YC (N5ID), 9Y4/AC4LN (SA-011, UA4WHX), 9X4WW (ON5NT), A25/PA3HHT, A61AO (N1DG), AC4LN/TI2 (UA4WHX), BG2EX, C35LJ, C56M, C56R (OH9MM), CE8/F5JY (SA-050), C53R, CO2JZ (XE1CI), CT3/DL3PS (AF-014), CU/DJ9RR (EU-003), DK1IP/p (EU-042), DP1POL (DL1ZBO), DU1/G0SHN (OC-090, OC-244, F6AJA), DX1DX, EA5KB/7 (EU-143), EI7IQ (EU-103), EM0U (UT3UZ), ES85M (EU-034), F5VHQ/HI9 (NA-096), FG/T97M (K2PF), FO0KAN, HF70M (SP2BI), HI8/AC4LN (NA-096, UA4WHX), HR/F6FQX, HR3/K4ZLE, J6/AC4LN (NA-108, UA4WHX), J73/AC4LN (NA-101, UA4WHX), J28VS (F4DBF), J8/AC4LN (NA-025, UA4WHX), JD1/JH0IEW, JD1YBO (AS-031, JD1BKQ), JW0HU (EU-026, SP3WVL), KH2/JF2UED, KG4MO (NA-015, K4ZLE), KH2/JG3DOR,KH6XT (N9NU),LU/F5JY (SA-049), LX/PI4DEC, MJ/DL3OCH (EU-013), MJ/K8PT (EU-013), MJ0DET (EU-013, DL5NUA), MM/DF2PI (EU-008), OH0JTU, OH0NL, OH8/ES1RA/p, OZ/DL2JRM (EU-088), PJ4/W9NJY, PJ6/DJ4SO, PS8HF/p (SA-025), R17O (UA1RJ), R16S (UA1RJ), RK21Z (UA1RJ), RX3AJL/1 (EU-153),RZ0ZWA/0 (AS-091, RA0ZD),SM7/DL5MO/p (EU-037), SP8RX/1 (EU-132,DJ0IF),SV8/ON5JE (EU-052),SV8/IK3GES/p (EU-174), T5X (DJ6SI), T7IARU (T70A), TA3J, TA3/DL1DA, TA4/DJ4ZB, TA4/IK3GES/p, TA4/DK1MAX, TF7/DL2RTK (EU-071), TI2/KI7WO, TI5/AC8G, TI5/KE0UI, TK/DL2DVE (EU-014), TK/DL4FF (EU-014), TK/HB9TL (EU-014, HB9QR), TM9FPF, VE9MY/p (NA-068), UA0QHZ/p (RZ3EC), UA2FT,UE1RFF (UA1RJ),VA3NA/2,VE7DP/7 (NA-091), VK7KPB (OC-195), VK7TS/4 (OC-171, OC-172), VP2EO (WD8MQJ), VP6AJ (N9TK), W2RA/VY0 (NA-047),WH6ASW (OC-019),YB3ZES (OC-021), YC0IEM, YC3MM/5 (OC-245, IZ8CCW), YC3MM/p (OC-197, IZ8CCW), YR0HQ, ZF2CM (K0BJ), ZF2SW (AG4W), ZL6FF

QSL managers

(d) = direct only
(B) = bureau ok
* = new manager


DATE           CALL         DXNL

NOW            3XY8B        1354 *
20Aug-20Sep    4K0GNY       1353
NOW  -2004     5X1CW        1339
13Aug-30Aug    7Q7NT        1353
16Aug-23Aug    9A/IK1ACX    1353
01Aug-30Aug    9A5KV/p      1352

NOW  -Aug03    A6/ON5NT     1339
NOW  -2006     BU2/JJ1TBB   1339
02Aug-28Sep    CT9F         1351
NOW  -2004     D2CR         1339
18Aug-24Aug    EA6/IK6PTH   1354 *
25Jul-Aug03    F8HJV/p      1350
30Aug-12Sep    G3HTA/p      1354 *
17Aug-23Aug    GW0NWR/p     1353
NOW  -31Dec    HE2DIG       1337
20Aug-10Sep    HF8IL        1353

08Aug-31Aug    I/F2YE       1352
08Aug-28Aug    II0P         1352
01Jul-30Oct    IR8DX        1347
NOW  -Dec03    JM6DZB/JD1   1324
03Aug-21Aug    IS0/IK4HPU   1351
20Aug-31Aug    IZ8DBJ       1353
02Aug-28Aug    K1VSJ        1351
14Aug-21Aug    KG4CM..      1353
NOW  -25Aug    KP2/K3LP     1354 *
26Jul-31Aug    N6XIV/KH9    1351

16Aug-23Aug    OH0/IZ0FKE   1353
01Aug-31Aug    P29SI        1352
12Aug-23Aug    PJ6/I4ALU    1352
14Aug-25Aug    R3RRC/9      1353
01Jul-31Aug    S50KBS       1349
NOW            S9TX         1354 *
20Aug-03Sep    SV5/DK9NCX   1353
09Aug-05Sep    SV5/SM8C     1352
22Aug-26Aug    T88HO        1354 *
14Aug-21Aug    TF/DK4ARL    1353

NOW  -31Dec    UE0JWA       1351
01Jul-03Dec    VI8NT        1346
30Aug-12Sep    VK9XAB       1354 *
03Aug-25Aug    VP9/IK2RZP   1352
03Aug-18Aug    XU7ACT..     1351
NOW  -Jun04    XU7ACW       1351
NOW  -15Sep    YI/ON5NT     1354 *
NOW            YI/S53R      1354 *
NOW  -Aug03    YI/SM0WKA    1346
01Aug-31Aug    Z3100A..     1352
15Aug-29Aug    ZB2/GW0VSW   1353
NOW            ZC4CW        1354 *
18Aug-27Aug    ZK1TOO..     1353
01Aug-31Aug    ZM4A         1352

 * = new
.. = and other calls


Next week there will be no DXNL because I will be on a business trip and I also plan to visit two amateur radio conventions. Thank you for your understanding.

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