DX News Letter 1360
October 9, 2003

DX-NL 1360 October 9, 2003
DX News Letter

a free weekly service of
DARC Committee "DX and HF Contesting"

Editor: Karlfried Henrichs, DL1EK
(e-mail: dxmb@darc.de)

translation by: Bob, DL7VOA
(e-mail: dl7voa@darc.de)


AZORES, CU, EU-003 A ham radio group of the German Lufthansa is QRV as CU2L from the Azores island Sao Miguel from Oct 9-12. The team consisting of DL1FDS, DK7TF, DG5FCN, DL4FP and DK7PE is working in CW/SSB/PSK31 on 80-6m (probably also on 160m). QSL via DL4FP.

BONAIRE ISLAND, PJ4, SA-006 Chris, PJ4/DL5NAM, Uwe, PJ4/DL9NDS, and Klaus, PJ4/DL7NFK, will be active in CW/SSB/RTTY on 6-80m from Oct 16-26. QSLs via homecalls. They also plan to participate in the WWDX SSB Contest with a contest call not yet known. Find more information at: http://www.dxpeditions.dl9nds.de QSL via DL9NDS.

CHRISTMAS ISLAND, VK9/X, OC-002 Gwen, VK3DYL, is signing VK9XYL from Oct 13-27.

COCOS-KEELING ISLANDS, VK9/C, OC-003 Gerd, DJ5IW, Hartmut, DM5TI, Tom, DL2RMC, and Andy, DL8LAS, are signing VK9CD in all modes on all bands from Oct 11-23. They have a website as well at: http://www.qsl.net/vk9xt/

CUBA, CO, NA-015 The Federacion de Radioaficionados de Cuba (FRC) is celebrating the 150th birthday of their national hero Jose Marti for the last time this year. CO0I is hitting the airwaves on Oct 11/12. All QSOs will be answered via bureau automatically. See also DXNL 1328.

INDONESIA, YB, OC-075 The special event station YE32OB is QRV from Batam Island (OC-075) on Oct 10-12. They are operating in SSB/CW/digital modes on 10/15/20m and you will get a souvenir for QSOs on three different bands or modes. QSL via IZ8CCW, unfortunately only direct!

KENYA, 5Z Mirko, 5Z4/DJ1AA, is spending his holidays in Nairobi and operates with 100 watts and wire antennas on 10-80m from Oct 3-23. He applied for a "real" 5Z4 call a long time ago and now hopes to get one in Nairobi. QSLs via DJ1AA, bureau ok.

KERMADEC ISLANDS, ZL8, OC-039 Jacky, F2CW/ZL3CW, is on his way to Raoul Island. Jacky is working there for the Department of Conservation (DOC) so don't expect him to be active around the clock. He plans to sign ZM8CW for ten days starting on Oct 11. QSL via ZL1AMO.

LIECHTENSTEIN, HB0 Pierre, HB0/HB9QQ, is once again QRV for a few days starting on Oct 12. The length of his stay is depending on the weather (snow) because he will operate mainly on 160m with a dipole in a height of 2200m a.s.l., 23m above the ground. QSL via HB9QQ.

MARIANA ISLANDS, KH0, OC-086 Ryosei, KH0C (JA2KCT), KH2VL/KH0, KH0/JL3TOG, WH0J, WH0L and WH0M will be QRV with three stations simultaneously in CW/SSB/RTTY/PSK31/SSTV on 6-80m (perhaps also 160m) from Saipan (OC-086) from Oct 17-19. Up to date information and an online logbook can be found on their homepage: http://idou.net/kh0/

NIUE ISLAND, ZK2, OC-040 Anci, JA2ZL, will hit the airwaves as ZK2ZY from Oct 18-24. He will work with 100 watts in SSB/CW/RTTY on 80-12m. QSL via homecall, bureau ok. His next stop will be Samoa. You can find more information online at: http://www4.ocn.ne.jp/~ja2zl/

PRATAS ISLAND, BQ9P, AS-110 BV3BW, BV3FG, BV4FH, DL3DXX, DK7YY, JI6KVR, N2OO, OE1WHC, UA3VCS and ZL4PO are activating Pratas Island as BQ9P in CW/SSB/RTTY/PSK31 on 6-160m from Oct 9-16. QSL via KU9C. More information can be found on their website: http://www3.ocn.ne.jp/~iota/newpage64.htm

SCOTLAND, GM Leo, W3LEO, will be QRV again as MM0LEO from Portpatrick in the south-west between Oct 13 and Nov 15. He will work with a vertical on 20/17/ 15/12/10m and with a dipole on 40m. QSL via W3LEO.

SOUTH COOK ISLANDS, ZK1/s, OC-013 Henrik, OZ6TL, is visiting Rarotonga (OC-013) from Oct 11 until Nov 6. He is signing ZK1TLA in CW/SSB/RTTY/PSK31 during his spare time.

SOUTH SHETLAND ISLANDS, VP8/ss, AN-010 Lee, DS4CNB, is signing D88S from the South Korean research base "King You-Jong" on King George Island (AN-010) until Nov 30. He is working in CW only on 40/30/20/17/15/12/10m. QSL via DS4CNB.

SRI LANKA, 4S, AS-003 Franz, DL9GFB, and Joachim, DL9MS, will sign 4S7FBG and 4S7JWG from Bentoto between Oct 14 and Nov 4. They will be active in CW/SSB/RTTY/ PSK31 on 160-6m. They hold the licenses in their hands already. They will use the callsign 4S7WAG in the WAG and also the WWDX SSB Contest. QSL for 4S7FBG and 4S7WAG via DL9GFB, 4S7JWG via DL9MS.

THAILAND, HS Members of the Chumporn Amateur Radio Society (HS8AC) plan to conduct amateur radio in the public during the 160th Long Boat Race of Langsuan on Oct 11/12. HS1NGR, HS8LR, HS8FZ, HS8JJ, HS8BA, E20HHK, HS0EHF,HS0XNO and E21EIC will be QRV in CW/SSB/RTTY/PSK31/SSTV on 10/15/20/40m (perhaps also on 80/160m) from the station of HS8AC/p. QSL via E21EIC.

UNITED NATIONS HEADQUARTERS, 4U/UN Pedro, HK3JJH, is staying in New York for the next weeks. He will activate the clubstation 4U1UN from Oct 8-16.

USA, W, NA-062 Mark, KG8DP, and the "Rusty Zipper HF and DX Contest Club" will sign NA8KD from the Florida Keys (NA-062) from Oct 14-19. First they will put up a fixed station on Grassy Key. Mark will then drive to Key West operating mobile. QSL via KG8DP. You can find both stations on the usual SSB IOTA QRGs on 40m and above.

QSL Info

QSL managers

(d) = direct only
(B) = bureau ok
* = new manager


DATE           CALL         DXNL

07Oct-12Oct    4M9YY        1359
14Oct-04Nov    4S7FBG       1360 *
08Oct-16Oct    4U1UN        1360 *
NOW  -Sep04    4W3CW        1357
24Sep-13Dec    5B4AHJ       1357
NOW  -2004     5X1CW        1339
03Oct-23Oct    5Z4/DJ1AA    1360 *
14Sep-15Oct    7Q7WW        1356

06Oct-11Oct    A61AD        1359
09Oct-16Oct    BQ9P         1360 *
NOW  -2006     BU2/JJ1TBB   1339
NOW  -Dec03    C91Z         1356
11Oct-12Oct    CO0I         1360 *
09Oct-12Oct    CU2L         1360 *
NOW  -2004     D2CR         1339
05Oct-10Oct    DJ7JB        1359
NOW  -30Nov    DS4CNB       1360 *
02Oct-14Oct    EA8/DH5JG    1359
23Sep-09Oct    FG/EA2RU..   1357

12Oct-??Oct    HB0/HB9QQ    1360 *
NOW  -31Dec    HE2DIG       1337
01Oct-31Dec    HF650O       1359
01Oct-31Oct    HF8JP        1359
NOW            HS0ZEE       1358
11Oct-12Oct    HS8AC/p      1360 *
05Oct-11Oct    IG9L         1359
01Jul-30Oct    IR8DX        1347
NOW  -Dec03    JM6DZB/JD1   1324
17Oct-19Oct    KH0C..       1360 *
08Oct-14Oct    KL7FBI       1359
13Oct-15Nov    MM0LEO       1360 *
14Oct-19Oct    NA8KD        1360 *
04Oct-12Oct    NP2SH        1359

05Oct-13Oct    OH0JWH       1359
02Oct-09Oct    PA3CUZ       1359
16Oct-26Oct    PJ4DL5NAM..  1360 *
04Oct-17Oct    S79NS        1359
01Oct-31Oct    SR25JP       1359
03Oct-17Oct    TA4/HB9DSP   1359
NOW  -31Dec    UE0JWA       1351
08Oct-15Oct    V63ZT        1359
01Jul-03Dec    VI8NT        1346
28Sep-16Oct    VK4SRW       1358
11Oct-23Oct    VK9CD        1360 *
04Oct-11Oct    VK9XW..      1359
13Oct-27Oct    VK9XYL       1360 *

NOW  -Sep04    XU7ACI       1357
NOW  -Jun04    XU7ACW       1351
NOW            XV3C         1359
30Sep-17Oct    XY7A         1358
01Sep-Mar04    YA/JA1PBV    1355
NOW  -Aug04    YA1R         1356
10Oct-12Oct    YE32OB       1360 *
NOW  -15Oct    YI/S57CQ     1358
11Oct-06Nov    ZK1TLA       1360 *
18Oct-24Oct    ZK2ZY        1360 *
11Oct-20Oct    ZM8CW        1360 *

 * = new
.. = and other calls

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