DX News Letter 1361
October 16, 2003

DX-NL 1361 October 16, 2003
DX News Letter

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DARC Committee "DX and HF Contesting"

Editor: Karlfried Henrichs, DL1EK
(e-mail: dxmb@darc.de)

translation by: Bob, DL7VOA
(e-mail: dl7voa@darc.de)


The DARC Worked All Germany Contest (WAG) takes place on Oct 18/19, 2003, starting on Saturday, 1500 UTC, and ending on Sunday, 1459 UTC. The complete rules can be found at: http://www.darcdxhf.de

AMERICAN SAMOA, KH8 Finishing his South Pacific trip Willi will be QRV in CW/SSB signing KH8/DJ7RJ from Oct 20-28. QSL via DJ7RJ.

ANTIGUA AND BARBUDA, V2, NA-100 W3CF, WX0B, N5CK, KD3TB, KD3RF, DF2BO and KM9M will participate in the WWDX SSB Contest as V26DX (multi 2 category). They will be active also on 6m and the WARC bands betweeen Oct 19 and Nov 1. QSL V26DX via KU9C.

BAHAMAS, C6, NA-080 Terry, W8JE/C6A, will be active from Treasure Cay/Abaco Island (NA-080) in SSB/CW (perhaps RTTY) on 80-10m from Oct 20-27. QSL via bureau.

BULGARIA, LZ The special event station LZ100JVA is active throughout October celebrating the 100th birthday of John Vincent Atanasov (computer pioneer). QSL via LZ1PJ, bureau ok. You can find more information at: http://www.qsl.net/lz1pj/lz100jva/

BURUNDI, 9U Richard, F8LPX, is working at the French embassy in Bujumbura for the next three years. The callsign is not known yet.

CAMBODIA, XU Jaak, ES1FB, is staying in Sihanoukville from Oct 19-28. Once again he will use the callsign XU7ACE in the upcoming WWDX SSB Contest. From Oct 21-23 he will sign XU7ACV from Koh Poah Island (AS-133). QSL via ES1FB. Find more information at: http://www.hot.ee/xu7ace/

CANADA, VE Fred, VE3JM, will activate his contest station VO2WL in CQ zone 2 for the WWDX SSB Contest starting on Oct 22.

CANARY ISLANDS, EA8, AF-004 Michael, W4AOU, plans to be QRV on 6-40m from Oct 17-24. QSL via W4AOU.

CHILE, CE CA2WUI, CE1FLS, CE1RQB, CE1URH, CE1VBH, CE6TBN, XQ1IDM, XQ4ZW, XQ1IDM and XQ4ZW are working as 3G2D in CW/SSB/RTTY/PSK31 on 160-6m from Damas Island (SA-086, DICE ICE-201) from Oct 17-19. QSL via XQ1IDM. --- CE3/SP9PT/m and CE3/SP9EVP/m will be active while travelling from Santiago to the Atacama desert from Nov 1-8. QSLs via homecalls.

CRETE, SV9, EU-015 Roberto, I2WIJ, Luigi, IK8HCG, and Salvatore, IK8UND, will sign J49Z in the WWDX SSB Contest (multi single category). They will hit the airwaves in SSB (little CW) on 160-10m (also 12/17m) starting on Oct 23. QSL via IK8UND. Their website is: http://www.qsl.net/i2wij/j49z/j49z.html

EAST MALAYSIA, 9M6 Bob, N2OO, is QRV again as 9M6OO from Oct 19 until Nov 13. QSL via N2OO. You can visit his website at: http://www.qsl.net/9m6aac/

EASTER ISLAND, CE0/Y, SA-001 Jacek, CE0Y/SQ9BOP, will be active in SSB/RTTY/PSK from Oct 19-27. QSL via SP6GVU. --- CE0Y/SP9PT and CE0Y/SP9EVP will be on the air between Oct 17 and Nov 1. They prefer operating in CW on 80-6m but can be found also in other modes. QSLs via homecalls.

ECUADOR, HC Andy, NP3D, is staying in Ecuador from Oct 19-28. He is active in RTTY/ CW/SSB signing HC4/NP3D (QSL via W3HNK) and HC4/NP3D/p (QSL via NP3D). He also intends to participate in the WWDX SSB Contest.

FRANCE, F, EU-070 Members of the Radio Club of Nancy (F6KIM) will visit the island Porquerolles (EU-070) from Oct 22-27. TM5CRO will be QRV on 160m-23cm (no 6m). VHF/SHF skeds can be arranged via e-mail to f6kim@free.fr QSL via F5RMY. More information can be found at: http://f6kim.free.fr

GERMANY, DL, EU-128 Martin, DL1ZU, is staying on Fehmarn Island (EU-128) from Oct 18-26. No more information available.

HONDURAS, HR6 Joe, VE3BW/HR6, is working in CW/SSB on 160-6m between Oct 19 and Nov 2.

LIECHTENSTEIN, HB0 HB0/HB9AON will participate in the WWDX Contest for the 20th time! The operation will commence on Oct 19. This year's team members are: Diethelm, DJ2YE/HB9AON, Ilona, DH1JY, Judith, DK4JT, Hans-Georg, DK5EZ, Christoph, DK8EY, Frank, DL3EBX, Anja, DL4EBE, Karl, DL6EAQ, Rolf, DL8DAW, Christian, DL6KAC, Heinz-Willi, DL8EAQ, and Tom, HB9DOD. QSL for HB0/HB9AON via DJ2YE, bureau ok.

MADEIRA, CT3, AF-014 Walter, CT3/DJ6QT, is staying on Madeira from Oct 15 until Dec 1. QSL via DJ6QT. He will be joined by OH4XX, OH6RX, LX1NO, DK2PH, DK5TX, DK8FS and DH1TW for the WWDX SSB Contest. During the contest they will use the callsign CT9L.

MALTA, 9H, EU-023 Holger, DL5XAT (9H3SB), and Matthias, DL5OB (9H3DU), will operate from Gozo Island (EU-023) from Oct 20-30. QSL via bureau.

MARIANA ISLANDS, KH0, OC-086 JE1JKL, JF1SQC, JH1EAQ, JP1NWZ and JA5OVU are will sign KH0AA from Oct 23-27. They will be QRV in SSB/CW on the WARC bands outside of the contest. QSL via JA5DQH, bureau ok.

MEXICO, XE Rick, XE2/NE8Z, plans to operate mainly in CW on 12/17/30m from Cabo San Lucas (no IOTA) from Oct 21-27. QSL via NE8Z.

MOZAMBIQUE, C9 Theo, 5Z4PV, hopes to hit the airwaves as C91BT for two months. He also has access to the clubstation C91UEM.

NEPAL, 9N Tohru, JA0UMV, and Koji, JI1LET, are going on their first DXpedition to Kathmandu from Oct 20-29. They applied for the callsigns 9N7MV and 9N7ET and plan to work from 40-10m including the WARC bands. QSLs via homecalls.

PANTELLERIA ISLAND, IH9, AF-018 JA3USA, OL5Y, I2IFT, I8QLS, IK2ANI, IK2CIO, IK2HKT, IK2RZP, IK7JWY, IK8ETA, IN3QGY, IT9BLB and IT9ZMX will be QRV as IH9P in the WWDX SSB Contest (African Italy, CQ zone 33, IIA TP-01, WAIP TP). More information can be found on their website: http://www.ih9p.com

PAPUA NEW GUINEA, P2 Andy, NU5O, is signing P29AM from Oct 17-27. He will be QRV in CW on 14022, 10107, 7022 and 3522 kHz from 0900-1400 UTC before the contest.

REUNION ISLAND, FR Willy, FR/ON5AX, plans to be QRV from Oct 20-23. QSL via bureau.

SAN ANDRES ISLAND, HK0/s, NA-033 Jan, HK0/K4QD, William, HK0/N2WB, Bill, HK0/W4WX, Clarence, HK0/W9AAZ, Cory, HK0/N1WON, Larry, HK0/W1LR, and Bob, HK0/KR4DA, are expected to show up on the bands from Oct 20-28. They will sign 5J0J during the WWDX SSB Contest, QSL via N1WON.

SARDINIA, IS0, EU-024 Lars, DF1LON, Marion, DF4UM, Peter, DH4JQ, Christoph, DK2CRN, Georg, DL1ECG, Karlfried, DL1EK, Stefan, DL1ELY, Geert, DL3EW, Stefan, DL7AOS, Ken, W8LU, and Walter, OE2WPO, are staying on Sardinia from Oct 22-28. They will sign IS0/DL3EW (multi/multi) in the WWDX SSB Contest. You can expect CW and SSB operation (also on the WARC bands) in the early morning and evening hours before and after the WWDX. QSLs via homecalls, bureau ok. Direct QSLs via DK7JQ, PO Box 101318, D-42784 Leichlingen, Germany.

ST MARTIN, FS FS/OK1BNS and FS/OK1NS will be QRV on 6-80m from Oct 21-30. QSL via bureau.

SURINAME, PZ The Magnolia DX Association will sign PZ5A (WWDX SSB Contest, M2) from Oct 20-28. QSL via W5UE. The operators will be PZ5RA, KD5CQT (PZ5CQ), K2FF (PZ5FF) and W5UE (PZ5UE). They will use their personal callsigns in CW/SSB/RTTY on 10-160m before and after the contest.

TIMOR LESTE, 4W Yuu, JR2KDN (4W2A), Yasu, JI1NJC (4W4W), and Shu, JH1SWD (4W1SW), will activate Timor Leste in CW/SSB/RTTY on 160-6m from Oct 22-28.

WESTERN SAMOA, 5W Risto, OH3UU, will most likely show up as 5W0UU from Oct 21-28.


DATE           CALL         DXNL

17Oct-19Oct    3G2D         1361 *
14Oct-04Nov    4S7FBG       1360
08Oct-16Oct    4U1UN        1360
22Oct-28Oct    4W2A..       1361 *
NOW  -Sep04    4W3CW        1357
24Sep-13Dec    5B4AHJ       1357
21Oct-28Oct    5W0UU        1361 *
NOW  -2004     5X1CW        1339
03Oct-23Oct    5Z4/DJ1AA    1360
20Oct-30Oct    9H3SB..      1361 *
19Oct-13Nov    9M6OO        1361 *
20Oct-29Oct    9N7MV        1361 *

09Oct-16Oct    BQ9P         1360
NOW  -30Nov    C91BT        1361 *
NOW  -Dec03    C91Z         1356
19Oct-27Oct    CE0Y/SQ9BOP  1361 *
17Oct-01Nov    CE0Y/SP9PT.. 1361 *
15Oct-01Dec    CT3/DJ6QT    1361 *
NOW  -2004     D2CR         1339
18Oct-26Oct    DL1ZU        1361 *
NOW  -30Nov    DS4CNB       1360
17Oct-24Oct    EA8/W4AOU    1361 *
20Oct-23Oct    FR/ON5AX     1361 *
21Oct-30Oct    FS/OK1BNS..  1361 *

19Oct-26Oct    HB0/HB9AON   1361 *
12Oct-??Oct    HB0/HB9QQ    1360
19Oct-28Oct    HC4/NP3D     1361 *
NOW  -31Dec    HE2DIG       1337
01Oct-31Dec    HF650O       1359
01Oct-31Oct    HF8JP        1359
20Oct-28Oct    HK0/K4QD..   1361 *
25Oct-26Oct    IH9P         1361 *
01Jul-30Oct    IR8DX        1347
22Oct-27Oct    IS0/DL3EW..  1361 *
23Oct-26Oct    J49Z         1361 *
NOW  -Dec03    JM6DZB/JD1   1324
23Oct-27Oct    KH0AA        1361 *
17Oct-19Oct    KH0C..       1360
20Oct-28Oct    KH8/DJ7RJ    1361 *
01Oct-31Oct    LZ100JVA     1361 *
14Oct-19Oct    NA8KD        1360

17Oct-27Oct    P29AM        1361 *
16Oct-26Oct    PJ4DL5NAM..  1360
20Oct-28Oct    PZ5A..       1361 *
04Oct-17Oct    S79NS        1359
01Oct-31Oct    SR25JP       1359
03Oct-17Oct    TA4/HB9DSP   1359
22Oct-27Oct    TM5CRO       1361 *
NOW  -31Dec    UE0JWA       1351
19Oct-01Nov    V26DX        1361 *
19Oct-02Nov    VE3BW/HR6    1361 *
01Jul-03Dec    VI8NT        1346
28Sep-16Oct    VK4SRW       1358
11Oct-23Oct    VK9CD        1360
13Oct-27Oct    VK9XYL       1360
22Oct-26Oct    VO2WL        1361 *

20Oct-27Oct    W8JE/C6A     1361 *
21Oct-27Oct    XE2/NE8Z     1361 *
19Oct-28Oct    XU7ACE       1361 *
NOW  -Sep04    XU7ACI       1357
NOW  -Jun04    XU7ACW       1351
30Sep-17Oct    XY7A         1358
01Sep-Mar04    YA/JA1PBV    1355
NOW  -Aug04    YA1R         1356
11Oct-06Nov    ZK1TLA       1360
18Oct-24Oct    ZK2ZY        1360
11Oct-20Oct    ZM8CW        1360

 * = new
.. = and other calls

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