DX News Letter 1362
October 23, 2003

DX-NL 1362 October 23, 2003
DX News Letter

a free weekly service of
DARC Committee "DX and HF Contesting"

Editor: Karlfried Henrichs, DL1EK
(e-mail: dxmb@darc.de)

translation by: Bob, DL7VOA
(e-mail: dl7voa@darc.de)


ALAND ISLANDS, OH0, EU-002 OH0Z will be activated by OH4JFN in the WWDX SSB Contest. QSL via OH5DX. More information can be found on his website: http://www.qsl.net/oh0z/

ANGUILLA, VP2E, NA-022 Ray, KC5EA, Sheila, N5HGB, Gordon, N5AU, Robert, N5KO, Jeff, N5TJ, and John, K5MR, altogether signing VP2E plan to put up a new North America record in the Multi/Single category. QSL via N5AU.

ANTIGUA AND BARBUDA, V2, NA-100 V26B will take part in the Multi/Two category of the WWDX SSB Contest. Thee operators Sam, WT3Q (V26B), Ed, N2ED (V26EW), Brian, N3OC (V26OC), Mike, KA2AEV (V26R), and Bill, W2UDT (V26U), are working in RTTY/PSK31 on 160m/6m/WARC bands between Oct 22 and Nov 2. QSLs via homecalls. Check also theeir website: http://www.frc-contest.org

ARUBA, P4, SA-036 W2GD will be active as P40W on all bands during the upcoming WWDX. QSL via N2MM. --- John, KK9A, aka P40A plans to work only on 20m in the WWDX SSB Contest. QSL via WD9DZV.

BENIN, TY Jean-Marc, ON4JM, will be active as TY4JM during his spare time between early November and Dec 23. QSL via ON4JM.

BERMUDA, VP9, NA-005 Sasi, VU3SNM/9V1SM, is hitting the airwaves as VU3SNM/VP9 in PSK31/SSB on 20-6m mainly during his evening hours from Oct 18-27. QSL via W3HNK. --- N1HRA, WE1H, N3KCJ and K1JN will sign .../VP9 on 6-160m from Oct 23-28. They also plan to participate in the WWDX SSB Contest. QSL via K1JN.

CAMEROON, TJ Alfredo, IK7XGF, is working on 10/15/20/6m until Oct 28. You can find more information on his homepage: http://www.sixitalia.org

CAPE VERDE, D4 Al, 4L5A, will show up as D4B on all bands in the WWDX SSB. QSL via K1BV. --- Fabio, I4UFH, will take part in the upcoming WWDX SSB Contest as D44TD.

CHRISTMAS ISLAND, VK9/X, OC-002 Charlie, W0YG, will be QRV as VK9XG mainly in RTTY and on 80/160m from Oct 26 until Nov 9. QSL via W0YG.

COCOS KEELING ISLANDS, VK9/C, OC-003 Gwen, VK3DYL, will be active as VK9CYL between Oct 27 and Nov 10. QSL via VK3DYL. eQSLs are not accepted.

COSTA RICA, TI Harry, AC8G, Ed, K1EP, Ron, WA8LOW, Ron, W8ILC, Brian, KA7KUZ, Tony, VE3RZ, Kecko, TI5KD, Jorge, CX6VM, Tom, ZP5AZL, Juan, ZP5MAL, Dale, N3BNA, and Dave, WT8R, will be the operators of TI5N (Multi/Multi contest station). TI5N via W3HNK. --- Carlos, TI2KAC, Eddie, K4UN, Robert, W4BD, Will, K4WPM, Dennis, K4ZJ, N5VI and Keith, W4KTR, will be active as TI8M in the WWDX Multi/Two category. QSL via W4BD, bureau ok.

CRETE, SV9 Martin, SV9/DL1IAQ, can be found on 10-40m between Oct 18 and Nov 1.

FERNANDO DE NORONHA, PY0/F, SA-003 Jose, CT1BOH, hits the bands as PT0F from Oct 19-28. QSL via W3HC.

FRENCH GUYANA, FY FY5KE will participate in the Multi/Single category of the WWDX SSB. The operators will be FY5FY, F1HAR, F5HRY, F5LND, F5MZN, F6FGZ, F6FVY. QSL via bureau.

GHANA, 9G Kees, PA0CJH, will sign 9G5JH mainly in SSB on 80/40/20/15/10m from Nov 4-18. QSL via homecall.

GREECE, SV, EU-052 SV8CS, SV2DCD, IK2QEI, IK4MTF, IK2SGC and IZ2AAJ plan to activate Zante Island (EU-052) as SY8A in the Multi/Single category of the WWDX.

GREENLAND, OX, NA-151 Birger, OZ1GER, will sign OX3UB from Prins Christian Island (NA-151) in the WWDX SSB Contest. QSL via OZ1GER.

GUAM, KH2 OC-026 JI3ERV/NH2C, JR7OMD/WI3O, JP1JFG/N2IU, JG3RPL/N1BJ, JR8VSE/NH2N, JH7QXJ and JE8KKX/AH2K will activate AH2R as a WWDX SSB Multi/Two station. QSL via JH7QXJ (JA bureau ok).

GUERNSEY, GU, EU-114 Hein, MU/DL2OBF, is working on all bands during the WWDX SSB Contest. QSL via DL2OBF.

HONDURAS, HR, NA-057 Raymound, WQ7R, will sign HQ9R from Roatan Island (NA-057) in the WWDX. QSL via N6FF.

LAOS, XW Jaak, ES1FB, will be QRV as XW1FB from Oct 30 till Nov 4. QSL via ES1FB. Check also his homepage: http://www.hot.ee/xu7ace/

LIECHTENSTEIN, HB0 Laci, HB0/HA0HW, Tomi, HB0/HA4DX, and Geza, HB0/HA4XG, will be active in CW/SSB/RTTY on 10-160m (incl. WARC) from Nov 2-10. QSL via bureau.

MADEIRA, CT3, AF-014 Ben, OZ5AAH, is working in SSB/CW signing CT3/OZ5IPA from Oct 21 until Nov 21. QSL direct to OZ5AAH.

MAURITIUS, 3B8, AF-049 Jose, 3B8/ON4LAC, will work in SSB/RTTY/PSK31 between Oct 28 and Nov 23. QSL via ON4LAC.

MONACO, 3A Paul, N0AH, will be QRV with a vertical from Nov 3-18.

NAURU, C2, OC-031 Tusti, W4WET, is going to Nauru for the WWDX SSB Contest. No more information available.

NETHERLAND ANTILLES, PJ2, SA-006 John, K1AR, Martin, W1MD, Jeff, WC4E, Steve, N8BJQ, Geoff, W0CG, and Ron, K8NZ, will participate in the WWDX Multi/Two category from Curacao. QSL via N9AG.

NICARAGUA, YN YN2EJ will be activated as Multi/Single by Frosty,K5LBU, and Ed,W5GCX. QSL via K5LBU.

PANAMA, HP The special event station HP100RCP to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Republic will be on the air from Nov 1-3.

SARDINIA, IS0, EU-024 IS0MYN and other radio amateurs will sign IS0A (Multi/Multi) during the WWDX SSB Contest this weekend. Check their website at: http://www.cqis0.it/is0a

SEYCHELLES, S7 Willy, ON5AX, will be active as S79AX between Oct 24 and Nov 4 (incl. the WWDX SSB Contest). QSL via homecall.

SOUTH COOK ISLANDS, ZK1, OC-013 Dave, W6AQ, and Don, K6IPV, are hitting the airwaves as ZK1AQT and ZK1IPV from Rarotonga (OC-013) from Oct 21-28. They are working mainly in SSB on 10-160m but also in CW/RTTY/PSK31. They will sign ZK1SSB in the WWDX SSB Contest. QSL via W6ORD.

SRI LANKA, 4S, AS-003 Franz, DL9GFB, and Joachim, DL9MS, are now active in CW/SSB/PSK31/RTTY on 160-6m signing 4S7FBG (QSL via DL9GFB) and 4S7JWG (QSL via DL9MS) until Nov 4 (including WWDX).

ST MARTIN, FS, NA-105 Craig, FS/AH8DX, is working on all bands during the WWDX SSB Contest. QSL via CBA.

TANZANIA, 5H Paul, K1XM (5H1F), and Charlotte, KQ1F, will sign 5I3A from Dar-es-Salaam operating a Multi/Multi station in the WWDX.

TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO, 9Y, SA-009 Ben, DL6FBL, will operate as 9Y4TBG from the shack of 9Y4/DL4MEH on Tobago Island during the WWDX SSB. More information can be found online at: http://www.dl6fbl.de/9y4tbg/

TURKS AND CAICOS ISLANDS, VP5 Bud, K4ISV, Krassy, K1LZ, Donnie, K4CN, David, W5AO, Gary, K4UU, Kirk, K4RO, and Jim, WX3B, will participate in the WWDX as VP5B (QSL via N2AU) from North Caicos (NA-002). They are QRV as VP5/.... before and after the contest. --- K2WB, WA2VYA, and N2VW will be the team of VP5T, QSL via N2VW. They are also working as VP5/.... in SSB/CW and on the WARC bands before and after the contest. QSLs via homecalls. --- Members of the North Florida DX Association will sign VP5DX from Middle Caicos (NA-002) during the WWDX SSB Contest. The operators are William, K4UTE, Ron, N4KE, Jim, NU4Y, Mike, NF4L, Mike, N4EPD, David, WA4ET, and Steve, AB4UF. QSL for VP5DX via NU4Y.

UNITED ARAB EMIRATES, A6 Members of the Slovenian Contest Club (S50A, S51FB, S53EO, S53O, S56MM, S57AW, S57IIO, S57UN and S58M), N2AA and P43E are forming a Multi/Multi team from the super station of A61AJ in Dubai. Listen for more activities before and after the contest. QSL via N4QB.

US VIRGIN ISLANDS, KP2, NA-106 Jim, N6TJ, will sign KP2A on 20m during the WWDX SSB. QSL via W3HNK. --- K3NA, W3FV, and N2TK will operate Multi/Two as WP2Z (QSL via KU9C) from St. Croix from Oct 22-29. They are QRV as .../NP2 before and after the contest. QSLs via homecalls.

VANUATU, YJ VK4TI, VK2IR, VK3FY, and VK3WA will sign YJ0X in the Multi/Single category of the WWDX SSB Contest. QSL via VK4TI.

WESTERN SAMOA, 5W, OC-097 Anci, JA2ZL, will be on the air as 5W0ZY only in SSB from Oct 25-28. QSL via JA bureau. More information can be found on their homepage: http://www4.ocn.ne.jp/~ja2zl/

Due to the lack of space there is no preview this week.

Editor's Note:

There will be no DX Newsletter next week because I am operating from Sardinia during the WWDX SSB Contest (see also DXNL 1361). The next DXNL will be published early November. Thank you for your understanding.

Vy 73 Karlfried, DL1EK

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