DX News Letter 1370
January 8, 2004

DX-NL 1370 January 8, 2004
DX News Letter

a free weekly service of
DARC Committee "DX and HF Contesting"

Editor: Karlfried Henrichs, DL1EK
(e-mail: dxmb@darc.de)

translation by: Bob, DL7VOA
(e-mail: dl7voa@darc.de)


AFGHANISTAN, YA: Johnny, LA5IIA, has the call YA8G now. He plans to be active during his spare time running 100 watts mostly in CW on the lowbands. He will stay in Kabul for five more months. More information can be found on his homepage: http://www.qsl.net/la8g/YA8G.htm. QSL via LA4YW.

ANTARCTICA, VP8/a, AN-016 Felix, DL5XL, is operating as DP1POL from the German Neumayer Station only until the end of January. There is still some work to do before he leaves so that amateur radio operation will be kept a little short.

ARGENTINA, LU The special event station LS4M is active in SSB and CW during the "6th Andes Crossing" with about 300 participants from Jan 4-15. The prefix LS4 has not been used for the last 20 years. An award will be issued for five QSOs. QSL via LU4AA, bureau ok.

AUSTRAL ISLANDS, FO/a Veko, OH1AWW, Jouko, OH1RX, Henri, OH3JR, Veijo, OH6KN, and Kimmo, OH9MDV, are visiting an island in this group from Jan 5-19. The callsign is not known yet.They are working in CW/SSB/RTTY/PSK31 mostly on the lowbands.

BAHAMAS, C6A, NA-080 Brian, C6A/ND3F, is active from Abaco Island (NA-080) running 100 watts in CW/RTTY/SSB from Jan 2-10. QSL via ND3F.

BELIZE, V3 Gerd, DJ4KW, and Gisela, DK9GG, are QRV as V31YN (CW) and V31GW (RTTY) on 10-160m from Jan 10 until the end of February. They plan to activate Lighthouse Reef (NA-123) as V31YN/p from Feb 2-6. QSL via bureau.

CHAD, TT Allen, N5XZ, hits the airwaves as TT8XZ now. At the moment he is using a commercial radio without VFO so he can operate only on 28300, 28305, 28310, 21170, 14160, 14170, 7055, 7050, 3790 and 3795 kHz. QSL via N5XZ.

CHILE, CE Marco, CE6TBN, is visiting two IOTA groups. He is signing CE6TBN/8 only in SSB on 10/12/15/17/20/40m from Riesco Island (SA-091, Jan 12-15) and from Wellington Island (SA-032, Jan 17-20). QSL via N1IBM. Check out his website at: http://www.mdxc.org/ce6tbn/tour2004/

EASTER ISLAND, CE0/a, SA-001 Ted, NH6YK, is spending his holidays on Easter Island from Jan 11-15. The callsign is not known yet but he will operate during his evening hours.

FALKLAND ISLANDS, VP8, SA-002 Ted, NH6YK, is QRV during his evening hours between Dec 20 and Jan 10. His next stop will be on Easter Island.

GUADELOUPE, FG, NA-102 Pierre, FG/F6FXS, will be on the air again from Jan 14 until Feb 13. He will run only 30 watts into a longwire in CW on 10/15/20/30/40m between 1300-1400 and 2200-2400 UTC. QSL via F6FXS, bureau ok.

GUANTANAMO BAY, KG4, NA-015 Bill, W4WX, will be QRV as KG4DX on HF and 6m from Jan 13-19. QSL via direct via his homecall or via LOTW. See comment on LOTW below.

NEW ZEALAND, ZL, OC-203 Chris, ZL1CT (GM3WOJ), is signing ZL1CT/4 in CW/SSB on 40-20m from Stewart Island (OC-203) from Jan 11-14. You can find his homepage at: http://www.qsl.net/gm3woj/

SENEGAL, 6W Andy, LX1DA, is staying in Western Africa from Jan 9 util Apr 8. He will be active from Senegal as 6W/LX1DA running only 6 watts! Andy kindly asks for discipline and will go QRT if it's getting too chaotic. It is also possible that he will visit other countries. QSL via homecall, bureau ok.

SOUTH ORKNEY ISLANDS, VP8/so, AN-008 Henry, LU4DXU, is staying in this area between Dec 18 and Jan 22. His first stop was the naval base Orcadas on Laurie Island. The rest of the trip with supply ships can not be planned in advance.

TURKEY (European), TA Martin, TA1/PA4WM, is staying in Turkey for the next six months. Expect him to be active in CW/SSB/RTTY. QSL via homecall.

QSL Info

QSL direct: 3C0V (DJ9ZB), 3C1DX, 3D2BT, 3D2MO, 3DA0TM, 3G5Q (SA-070), 3Y2GV (86), 4S7DUG, 4S7DXG, 4W2A, 4W3DX (TF3MM), 5W0UU, 6W/SM0JHF, 7P8AD, 7W4HI (AF-094), 7X0AD (EA4URE), 7X2DG, 7Z1SJ, 8Q7VR, 9J2KC, 9Y4/DL1MGB, A52SM (SM7EHU), BD4XA, C56TA, CP6/DF9GR, CT1BOL, CT3/DJ6QT, CT9L, CU2L, CY9A, EA5KB/7 (EU-152), EH9IB, EI5DR, F6CKH/p (EU-081), FO/DF6IC, FO/DL3GA, FO5QB (OC-046), GI0HWO (EU-115), J28WW (ON4WW), J79JRC (W4IX), J8DX, JD1YAB (JA1MRM), K6AA/p (NA-066), K9AJ/VY0 (NA-225), KH6BB, NP2SH, RA0FF, RA6AU, RI1CGR (EU-133), RV1AC/1, RW6AWT, SX9G, T21MY (OC-015, OM2SA), T2YL, T32Z (K3PD), T88ZX, TF4RX (KT6YL), TF8GX (KT6YL), TI0RC, TO1A, TU43CI, V63UG, V63ZT, V73B, V73T (OC-263), VB2C, VK9XW (DL2RMC), VP2EN, VP9/GM4COK, WH2A, XF1K (NA-162), XQ3ZW, YI/KC0LEK, YI9R (K2PF), YI9X, YJ0ONM, YO8OU, YT1BB, YW5M, ZF2ZL, ZM8CW (ZL1AMO)

QSL via buro: 4X6ZM, 5U0T, 5U1A (I2YSB), 5U4R (I2YSB), 5U8B (I2YSB), 6J1IH, 7L4MCV (AS-007), 8P1A (NT1N), 8P5A (NT1N), 8Q7CG (I5JHW), 8Q7HX (DJ9HX), 9M6LSC, A35XM (OC-049), AH6HY/AH8 (OC-077), C6ALK (K7RE),C6MMM (K1CN),CS6V (DL5AXX),CU2/HB9FMU/p (EU-003), EA9/DL1CC, ED8CHP (EA8URE), EM13UCC (UY5ZZ), EM5U/p (UT2UB), FG/JR7HAN, FO/F8DQL (OC-046), HH6/DL7CM (NA-149), HK3CQ, IG9/ON4DST (AF-019), J75ET (PA5ET), JW/SM0BSO (EU-026), JW7FJA, KH2TX (OC-026, JA2KTX), LY750CT, MW/DL7AKC, NH6YK, OZ/DH6WD (EU-030), OZ/DL1AZZ (EU-125), OZ/DL3YMK (EU-171), PI53GV (PE1PTQ), PJ2/K8GG, PJ2/KP2L, PT0T (SA-010, PY1LVF), PP1CZ, PY500B (PP1CZ), RH6XS (RV9XJ), RI0CB (AS-114, UA6AF), RW1ZZ/p (EU-082, RW1ZZ), ST2X (PA5NT), SV8/IK0REH/p (EU-052), T88RH, TA0/IT9YRE/p (AS-154), TA0/IT9WDY/p (AS-154, IT9YRE), S53M, TG9/N0AT, TT8ZZ (F5PTM), TX5BTY (F2HE), V25LR (W1LR), V51/DL2SL

QSL managers

(d) = direct only
(B) = bureau ok
* = new manager
LOTW = Logbook of the World

In the past QSL routes were passed with additional information like "bureau ok" or "direct only". Then we read also "QSL request via e-mail" or "eQSL". The latest introduction in this row is "LOTW" which stands for "Logbook of the World". More information on this can be found in the usual amateur radio information sources.


DATE          CALL         DXNL

NOW  -???     5X1X         1367
09Jan-08Apr   6W/LX1DA     1370 *
15Dec-10Jan   9V0A         1369

22Dec-15Jan   A52CQ        1369
02Jan-10Jan   C6A/ND3F     1370 *
11Jan-15Jan   CE0/NH6YK    1370 *
12Jan-15Jan   CE6TBN/8     1370 *
NOW  -2004    D2CR         1339
NOW           D2PFN        1369
NOW  -Jan04   DP1POL       1370 *
14Jan-13Feb   FG/F6FXS     1370 *
05Jan-19Jan   FO/OH1AWW..  1370 *
15Dec-11Jan   G4IUF/HC8    1368
10Dec-12Jan   HG04HNY      1369

NOW  -Feb04   IA0PS        1369
25Dec-16Jan   JD1YBJ       1369
NOW  -Mar04   JR1EEU       1368
NOW   Jun04   JW5RIA       1366
20Dec-05Jan   K9BIG/p      1369
20Nov-25Jan   KC4/WA1O     1366
03Jan-17Jan   KC4AAA       1369
13Jan-19Jan   KG4DX        1370 *
04Jan-15Jan   LS4M         1370 *
15Nov-28Feb   LZ0A         1363

01Jan-18Jan   T2/HA9SD     1369
NOW  -Jul04   TA1/PA4WM    1370 *
NOW           TT8XZ        1370 *
10Jan-Feb04   V31GW/V32YN  1370 *
NOW  -Feb04   VK0DX        1369
20Dec-10Jan   VP8/NH6YK    1370 *
18Dec-22Jan   VP8/LU4DXU   1370 *
15Dec-10Jan   VP8PJ        1369
NOW  -Sep04   XU7ACI       1357
NOW  -Jun04   XU7ACW       1351
01Sep-Mar04   YA/JA1PBV    1355
NOW  -Aug04   YA1R         1356
NOW  -May04   YA8G         1370 *
28Dec-08Jan   ZF2PD        1369
11Jan-14Jan   ZL1CT/4      1370 *
15Dec-15Jan   ZW5SF        1368

 * = new
.. = and other calls

TNX: DJ5AV, DK8JB, DL1ECG, DL1SBF, DL2BQV, DL2HX, DL2IAN, DL2VFR, DL7VOA, F5OGG, K5KV, KG4AS, OH6KN, PA3ARM, SP5XSL, UA2FM, UT5RP, W0YG, XE1BEF, 425 DX News, ARRL DX Bulletin, Crazy DX Group, F6AJA Les Nouvelles DX, KB8NW OPDX Bulletin, N4AA QRZ DX, W3UR Daily DX, Islands On The Web.