DX News Letter 1380
March 25, 2004

DX-NL 1380 March 25, 2004
DX News Letter

a free weekly service of
DARC Committee "DX and HF Contesting"

Editor: Karlfried Henrichs, DL1EK
(e-mail: dxmb@darc.de)

translation by: Bob, DL7VOA
(e-mail: dl7voa@darc.de)


All contest information refers to the WPX SSB Contest on March 27/28.

AFGHANISTAN, YA The clubstation YA0J will be QRV during the WPX contest. QSL via JG1OWV. --- Johnny, YA8G, is still trying to pull some signals out of his S9+ noise level on 80m and 160m during his sunrise and sunsets.

ALASKA, KL7, NA-059 Roger, WL7CPA, will put Unalaska Island (NA-059) on the air until Dec 31, 2006. More information is available on his homepage: http://www.geocities.com/wl7cpa/

AMERICAN SAMOA, KH8 KH8/DL1VKE and KH8/DF2SS are active in SSB, CW and RTTY between Mar 25 and Apr 10. QSL via DL2MDZ. Online logs are available at: http://www.df2ss.wimo.com

ANGOLA, D2 Joao, CT1BFL, and Durval, CU3BW, are working in Luanda for the next six months and can be found on the bands as D2U and D2DB during their spare time. QSL via EA7JX.

ARGENTINA, LU, SA-008 The Radio Club Rio Grande will show up as LU2XX from Tierra del Fuego (SA-008) between Mar 28 and Apr 2. QSL via LU8XQB. More information can be found at: http://www.qsl.net/lu2xx/

ARUBA, P4, SA-036 Andy, AE6Y, will sign P40Y from Mar 24-30 and during the contest. QSL via AE6Y.

ASCENSION ISLAND, ZD8, AF-003 Ian, G8WVW, will be QRV as ZD8I on 6-20m for the next two years. QSL via G4LTI.

BAHAMAS, C6, NA-219 Joe, W8GEX, Wayne, K8LEE, Mike, K9AJ, and Phil, W9IXX, are going to the Double Headed Shot Cay in the Cay Sal Bank Cays (NA-219) signing C6DX from Mar 25-29. QSL via K9AJ.

BHUTAN, A5 Jim, W4PRO, will be QRV mainly in CW as A52PRO from Thimphu between Mar 22 and Apr 4. His next stop will be Nepal. QSL via W4PRO.

BONAIRE, PJ4, SA-006 Helmut, PJ4/DF7ZS, will sign PJ4P during the contest. After that he will listen especially for Europe. QSL via DF7ZS, bureau preferred.

BRUNEI, V8, OC-088 Ian, G3TMA, and two other amateurs are planning a trip for late March or early April. Activities are planned in SSB and CW, including the WARC bands.

CAPE VERDE, D4 Alexander, 4L5A, is signing D4B in the WPX Contest. QSL via K1BV.

COLOMBIA, HK Pedro, HK1HHK, will be QRV as 5K1X in the contest. QSL via HK1HHX.

CRETE ISLAND, SV9, EU-015 Giannis, SV9FBG, will be QRV in the contest. QSL via homecall.

CURACAO, PJ2, SA-006 Martin, W1MD will sign PJ2T from the Netherland Antilles in the contest. QSL via N9AG.

EASTERN MALAYSIA, 9M8, OC-165 Ian, 9M2/G3TMA, and two more friends are going to activate the rarely visited islands Pulau Satang Besar (OC-165) in SSB and CW around the end of March or the beginning of April.

FIJI, 3D2, OC-121 Brian, 3D2IZ, is active from Namotu Island (OC-121) working in SSB/CW on 80/40/30/20/15/10m from Mar 28 until Apr 3.

GEORGIA, 4L Shota, 4L6AM, is QRV on 20m only during the contest. QSL via QRZ.com.

GERMANY, DL, EU-042 Volker, DL9HO, and Wolf, DK1IP, are working in SSB only on 10/15/20/40/ 80m from Hallig Groede (EU-042, GIA N-21) from Mar 26 until Apr 1. QSL via bureau.

GREECE, SV SV1QN, SV1AIN, SV1GYG, SV1EQU and SW1GYN are signing SX8K from Kythira Island (EU-113) from Mar 20-28. QSL via SV1QN. --- Charles, SV8/KE2SP, is hitting the airwaves from Hydra Island (EU-075) on 10-20m until Jun 15. QSL via homecall.

GUERNSEY, GU, EU-114 Rich, M5RIC, is active as MU5RIC/p from Mar 25-29 and as MU2Z during the WPX Contest. QSL via M5RIC.

HAWAII, KH6, OC-019 Yuzuru, KH6/JR1AGC prefers to work in SSB on 15m from Mar 28 till Apr 1.

HONDURAS, HR Gerard, HR5/F2JD, is QRV in CW/SSB/RTTY until May 14. QSL via F6AJA.

INDIA, VU, AS-new Basappa, VU2NXM and Arasu, VU2UR, will activate Elephanta Island (AS-new) for the very first time using a special event callsign from Mar 25-31.

JAMAICA, 6Y, NA-097 Bob, WB2NVR, Mike, WA2VQW, Adam, N2DHH, and Bob, N2DVQ, are signing W2RZS/6Y5 from Mar 24-30. Their call will be 6Y2RZ during the contest.

LORD HOWE ISLAND, VK9/L, OC-004 Skip, JE2HCJ, will be on the air as VK9LU mostly in CW on 6-160m between Mar 31 and Apr 9. QSL via JE2HCJ.

LUXEMBOURG, LX Philippe, LX1AQ, Robert,LX1RQ, and Joel, LX1ER, are signing LX5A during the contest. QSL via bureau.

MARTINIQUE, FM, NA-107 Danny, FM/T93M, will be QRV in the contest. QSL via DJ2MX. Find more information on his website: http://www.t93m.com

MAURITANIA, 5T 5T0EU is the call of the European Community ARC from Mar 25 till Apr 3, including the WPX contest. QSL via OR5EU.

SARDINIA, IS0, EU-024 William, IS0/N2WB, and Bill, IS0/W4WX, are active in CW/SSB/RTTY from Mar 22-27.

SWITZERLAND, HB9 The clubstation of the Swiss amateur radio club USKA may use the special event callsign HB75A until the end of 2004 to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the USKA. This call is used in a contest now for the very firt time. QSL via HB9A.

TAIWAN, BV, AS-020 Tatsuhiko, JD1BKQ, takes part in the WPX as BW3/JD1BKQ. QSL via JR3PZW.

THE GAMBIA, C5 Jan, PA9JJ, will hit the airwaves as C56JJ from the Senegambia Beach Hotel in Kololi between Mar 29 and Apr 5. He plans to work mainly on 80/160m and the WARC bands. More information can be found on his website: http://www.qrz.com/c56jj/

TURKS AND CAICOS ISLANDS, VP5 W5AO, K5CM and N5KW will activate a new prefix for all prefix hunters: They will show up as VP51V in the WPX. They are also active as VP5/homecall before and after the contest from Mar 23 until Apr 7. QSL for VP51V via Box 88, Morris, OK 74445-0088, USA. QSL for VP5/W5AO, VP5/K5CM and VP5/N5KW via homecalls.

WESTERN KIRIBATI, T30, OC-017 Before heading for his main destination Banaba Island, Dave is stopping on Western Kiribati to participate in the WPX contest as T30DC. QSL via K5KV. Bill, AK0A, and Will, K6ND, are staying in the same hotel on Tarawa. Possibly there are more activities like this on the air...

WESTERN SAMOA, 5W, OC-097 DL1VKE (5W0KE) and DF2SS (5W0SS) plan to become active between Mar 25 and Apr 10. QSL via DL2MDZ.


DATE         CALL         DXNL

16Mar-12Apr  3B9C         1379
28Mar-03Apr  3D2IZ        1380 *
27Mar-28Mar  4L6AM        1380 *
NOW  -Dec04  4U1ITU       1371
25Mar-03Apr  5T0EU        1380 *
25Mar-10Apr  5W0KE/5W0SS  1380 *
09Jan-08Apr  6W/LX1DA     1370
01Mar-31Apr  9A80Z        1377
NOW  -05Apr  9M2/G3TMA    1380 *

15Mar-12Apr  A35DJ..      1379
22Mar-04Apr  A52PRO       1380 *
NOW  -31Mar  AT0D..       1373
27Mar-28Mar  BW3/JD1BKQ   1380 *
29Mar-05Apr  C56JJ        1380 *
25Mar-29Mar  C6DX         1380 *
24Feb-30Mar  CN2R         1376
04Mar-18Mar  CT3/DL3KWR.  1377
NOW  -2004   D2CR         1339
NOW  -May04  D2U, D2DB    1380 *
27Mar-28Mar  D4B          1380 *
18Mar-25Mar  DL4OK        1379
26Mar-01Apr  DL9HO/DK1IP  1380 *
25Feb-26Mar  EA6/DL6KAC   1378

27Mar-28Mar  FM/T93M      1380 *
NOW  -Apr04  H44MS        1373
27Mar-28Mar  HB75A        1380 *
NOW  -Dec04  HF0QF..      1372
18Mar-05Apr  HK0GU        1379
NOW  -14May  HR5/F2JD     1380 *
13Mar        IC8/I8IHG..  1379
22Mar-27Mar  IS0/N2WB..   1380 *
NOW  -Mar04  JR1EEU       1368
NOW   Jun04  JW5RIA       1366
28Mar-01Apr  KH6/JR1AGC   1380 *
25Mar-10Apr  KH8/DL1VKE.. 1380 *
14Mar-19Mar  KP2/W6DXO    1379

28Mar-02Apr  LU2XX        1380 *
NOW  -Mar05  LU3DO/Z      1371
27Mar-28Mar  LX5A         1380 *
NOW  -31Dec  LZ35ZF       1374
NOW  -Mar03  MM0XAU       1372
25Mar-29Mar  MU5RIC/p     1380 *
15Jan-Apr04  OA7/PA3GFE   1371
NOW  -Dec04  OX2KANN      1375
01Mar-30Mar  P40A         1377
24Mar-30Mar  P40Y         1380 *
27Mar-28Mar  PJ2T         1380 *
29Mar-01Apr  PJ4/DF7ZS    1380 *
27Mar-28Mar  PJ4P         1380 *
17Mar-25Mar  R1FJ         1379

NOW  -15Jun  SV8/KE2SP    1380 *
20Mar-28Mar  SX8K         1380 *
27Mar-28Mar  T30DC        1380 *
15Mar-30Mar  T30ZF        1379
NOW  -06Aug  T98FKN       1377
NOW  -15Apr  V51/DL5XL    1376
27Mar-28Mar  VP51V        1380 *
31Mar-09Apr  VK9LU        1380 *
24Mar-30Mar  W2RZS/6Y5    1380 *
NOW  -31Dec  WL7CPA       1380 *
NOW  -Sep04  XU7ACI       1357
NOW  -Jun04  XU7ACW       1351

NOW  -Aug04  YA1R         1356
01Sep-Mar04  YA/JA1PBV    1355
27Mar-28Mar  YA0J         1380 *
NOW          YA8G         1380 *
NOW  -May04  YA8G         1370
NOW  -Jul04  YI9GS        1378
NOW  -30Mar  YI9NVK       1376
NOW  -Jan05  YI9RVT       1377
NOW  -Jul04  YI9ZF        1372
NOW  -May05  YU8/IN3IZT   1378
Mar04        YV0/YV1DIG   1377
NOW  -Mar05  ZD8I         1380 *

 * = new
... = and other calls

Editor's Note:

I will activate DA0WPX in the multi/multi category of the WPX contest with a few friends. This activity and its preparations make it very difficult to put the next DXNL together in advance. I am kindly asking for your patience that the next DX Newsletter will be published a few days later than normal.

Vy 73 de Karlfried, DL1EK

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