DX News Letter 1381
April 1, 2004

DX-NL 1381 April 1, 2004
DX News Letter

a free weekly service of
DARC Committee "DX and HF Contesting"

Editor: Karlfried Henrichs, DL1EK
(e-mail: dxmb@darc.de)

translation by: Bob, DL7VOA
(e-mail: dl7voa@darc.de)


AZORES, CU, EU-003 Arlindo, CU2/CT1EGW, will become active from Sao Miguel (EU-003) from Apr 7-11. He also plans to operate some RTTY. QSL via homecall.

BANABA ISLAND, T33, OC-018 A major DXpedition is going to hit the airwaves from Banaba (OC-018) for two weeks from Apr 4-16. Rob, PA2R (ex PA5ET), and his 20 team members AA4NN, AK0A, DF2IC, DL4KQ, DL5OAB, F5CWU, GM4FDM, IK1PMR, K1LZ, K3LP, K6ND, K6SRZ, KR4OJ, N6TQS, PA2R, PA3EWP, RK3AD, YT1AD, YU7AV, YZ7AA and Z32AU are underway with a boat from Tarawa (Kiribati). They plan to operate with seven stations in CW/SSB/RTTY/PSK/SSTV on 160-6m and via AO-40 using the callsign T33C. The log be published online on a daily basis. Find more info at: www.dx-pedition.de/banaba2004/. Banaba has no touristic infrastructure at all, so you have to bring everything with you even potable water. Their operating frequencies will be announced later. Several pilot stations will help that the DXpedition will become a full success: West Coast USA: Larry, N7DF; East Coast: Woody, KQ4NW; Europe: Martino, IK3RIY, Asia: Toshi, JA1ELY; Pacific: Gary, KH6GMP; South America: Daniel, PT7BI.

BELIZE, V3 Robin, K4VU, and Lori, K0LAA, will be QRV as V31RG working in CW/SSB/RTTY on 160-6m from Apr 7-24. QSL via K4VU.

CAMEROON, TJ, AF-new Jack, F6BUM, has the permission to activate the uninhabited island Mondoleh from Apr 9-11. This island has no IOTA reference number yet. More information will be published online at: www.f6bum.fr.st

CROATIA, 9A To celebrate the 80th anniversary of the Radioclub Zagreb on air the special event stations 9A80ADE (QSL via 9A3KR), 9A80Z (QSL via 9A3KR) and 9A80ABD (QSL via 9A4A) will be active until Dec 31, 2004.

DJIBOUTI, J2 FA1MEB will stay in Djibouti for the next three years. He will sign J28FB via satellite and on 20m. More information is not available yet.

IRAQ, YI YI3Q is the callsign of Scott, K0DG. QSL via W3HNK. --- Jerry, K6MD, got the call YI9MD. He will stay in Mosul until Jan 2005. QSL via W6OAT.

LIECHTENSTEIN, HB0 The Hungarian team consisting of Pista, HA5AUC, Ed, HA5BWW, Pisti, HA5OJ, and Karcsi, HA7PC, is QRV from Masescha mainly in CW on 160-10m and the WARC bands from Apr 1-8. Listen for HB/homecall/p. QSL via HA5KHC, bureau ok.

MARION ISLAND, ZS8, AF-021 Ludwig, ZS6WLC, and Pieter, ZR6PSR are members of a scientific expedition to Marion Island from Apr 7-30. They will be QRV as ZS8MI in SSB (3750, 7080, 14195, 21295 and 28495 kHz) and CW (3750, 7080, 14195, 21295 and 28495 kHz). QSL via ZS6M. More information including the online log can be found at: www.hartrao.ac.za/geodesy/marionweb/main.html

MARSHALL ISLANDS, V7 Rolf, DK2ZF, is working in CW on 40/30/20m from Apr 1-8. He will also try to lift an antenna for 80/160m with a kite.

MARTINIQUE, FM, NA-107 The special event station TO7HAM is active in all modes on all bands during the Caribbean Hamboree from Apr 3-18. QSL via FM5AN.

NORWAY, LA Starting on April 1st Norwegian HAMs are allowed to operate with a maximum of 100 watts on 7100-7200 kHz.

SVALBARD, JW, EU-026 Francois, F8DVD, is going to visit Longyearbyen again from Apr 4-10. You can find him working as JW/F8DVD on 10-80m.

SWEDEN, SM The special event stations SC0AG, SC1AG, SC2AG, SC3AG, SC4AG, SC5AG, SC6AG and SC7AG will be activated during the 30th anniversary of the Scandinavian CW Activity Group (SCAG) throughout this year. Listen for the QSL routes in the QSO. Check their homepage at: www.scag.se

TANZANIA, 5H Eric, 5H3/SM1TDE, will be QRV from Dar-es-Salaam from Apr 4-18. Usually he is working in CW on the WARC bands and RTTY/SSB on the other bands. There is also the slight chance that he is going to Zanzibar (AF-032) during the second weekend. QSL via SM1TDE, bureau ok.

THAILAND, HS The licensing authorities in Thailand allows their HAMs to use the frequencies from 3500-3505 and 3524-3536 kHz in the 80m band and 1800-1825 kHz in the 160m band.

USA, W, NA-062 Dick, K2ZR/4, is QRV from Key West (NA-062) on 40-10m until Jun 1. QSL via homecall. --- Brad, NL7AU, will stay on Upper Matecombe Key (NA-062) until Dec 31. QSL via homecall.

QSL Info

QSL direct: 3DA0LJ, 4K2BY, 4L0G, 4S7AB, 4S7KJG, 4W4W, 5B4OG, 5J0X, 5N34NDP, 5U5Z (G3SXW), 5U7MF, 5W0AH (OC-097), 5W1SA, 5X1X,6J1YYD (EA5KB), 6Y5/KN5G, 7W4HI (AF-094, OM3CGN), 8P6EZ, 8Q7JE, 8Q7KT, 9A2RD, 9A4CD, 9A4D, 9A5W, 9K2YM, 9M6US (N2OO), 9V0A (VK4AAR), 9V1GO, 9Y4/DL7DF, A52CQ, A61AJ (K2UO), A61AR, AH2R (OC-026, JH7QXJ), A61X, AP2NK, BD4JV, C5P, C5Z, C6APX (NA-001), CE0Y/SQ9BOP, CE0YEH (DJ2EH), CE6TBN/8 (SA-091), CQ9K, CU4/G3TXF, CY9A (N5VL), DS2AGH, DU1EV, E4/DF6EC, EA6AZ, EA6WX, EA8BH, EG03PFG, EW6AF, EX0Y, EY9/RA3OO (DJ1MM, ex DJ1SKO), FG/YL2KL, FO5FS, FS/W3ARS, G4RCG/HI9, GD0IFU, GM4YXI, GU/DL2MDZ, GX0AAA, HC2RG, HC8/N1KO, HH4/N2WB (N2OO), HI3TEJ, HK0/K4QD, HK0/N2WB, HK7AAG, HP1AC, HP1LR, HR3/W0GLG (NA-160), HS0ZBS, IS0GQX, J3/AA1M, J69MV,JT1JA, J6/LA4LN (EU-026/EU-027, LA4LN), JW4LN (EU-026/EU-027, LA4LN), K4E (NA-034, KU4BT), KG4OX, KH0/JH1KAJ, KH8/KM9D, KN5G/6Y5, KP2/AB2RF, MI3AJK, MW5EPA, N3KQU/ZD8, OA5/F6BUM, OX3DB, P29VXX, PA3CXC/ST0 (N4FN), PJ7/W3ARS, PJ7D,PZ5A (W5UE),RA1QQ/1 (EU-119), RA3AJ, RK3DZJ/1 (EU-066), RK3DZJ/1 (EU-147), RU0SYL (N6AWD), RU9TC, S58N, S79BL, S79MX, S9LA (LA7WCA), SM2/DL1UU (EU-139), T32KV, T32MP, T32WW, T32YL, T32ZA, T32ZM, T88AQ (JH6WDG), T88RN, TI5U, TO6M, TR8IG (F5IG), UA0ZAL/p (AS-039), UN6G, V25A, V25C, V31DK, V5/JD1BLK, V51BG, V63PF, V63SXW (OC-012, G3SXW), V63WC, V73GOD (OC-028), V73T (N6AWD), V8AAP (OC-088, N2OO), VK7GN, VK4WWI (OC-265), VK8DP (VK4AAR), VK9CKL, VK9XYL, VP2EJF, VP2ETG, VP2MX (N8QET), VP2V/N3ME, VP2V/WQ7X (WQ7X), VP5/K9DX, VP5B, VP6DB, VP8DBR, VP8DGA, VP8DHI, VP9/K9CC, VQ9LA, VS6WO, W4WX/C6A, W0GLG/HR3 (NA-160), WH0EWX, XQ3/IZ6BRN, XQ8ABF (SA-008), XT2MF, XU7ACW, YA0J, YA8G, YB35AR, YC9WZJ, YI9ZF (SM1TDE), YJ0AJU, YJ0AMY (OC-110, OM2SA), YJ0ATU (OC-110, OM2SA), YL2KF, YO2LDC, YS2ZKK, YW5M (SA-015), Z21GC, ZD8LII (5B4AHA), ZG2FX, ZK2SA, ZS1SR, ZS5BBO, ZS6AJD, ZS6WGH, ZV0SW (PT2GTI), ZY5X (SA-088)

QSL bureau: 2S0F, 3C0CW, 4A3ZOI (NA-090), 5B4AFB, 5X1DC (DL7AFS), 5Z4IC (MW0AIE), 6J1YYD (EA5KB), 6J1ZOI (XE1ZOI), 6W/F6HLC, 7S6QW (SK6QW),9A/OK1TNM (EU-170),9A2EU/p (EU-136),9A4W (EU-016), 9Y4/DL7DF (SA-009), C31LJ (VE3SUN),CE2SQE (EA5KB),CO8EJ (EA5KB), CT3/OK2BOB/p (AF-014), CU9X (EU-089, CU3AK), CX1UI (EA5KB), CY0MM (VE3NE), D44TC, DK8TU/TI8, DX0L (OC-126, G3OCA), DZ1MS (OC-090, G3OCA), EA8/DJ8NK, EA8/DL6FAW (AF-004), ES1AJ, ES2NA, ES85L (ES6PZ), EY8/F5CW (F8CMT), GB21SHF (GW4XKE),GB2LZL, GB4SPD (EU-115), GS3ZBI/p (EU-010), HC1MD, HF70I (SP6IHE), HH2/DL1DA, HK5QGX, I3/DK8OJ (NA-122), IJ7/IZ8DBJ (EU-073),J68RN, J79WB (NA-101, N2OO), JW0HR (US5IIU), JY6ZZ, KA1I/NH2 (OC-026), KH2/G3TXF (OC-026), L75CB, LA8W, LY7Z, LY5A, MD4K, MU0C (G3XTT), M8T (EU-005), N2CW/3 (NA-140, N2OO), KH0AA, KH6/DJ6OI, NH2/KA1I, NH7A (N2AU), OA4/DL9FAW, OH0EA


DATE         CALL         DXNL

16Mar-12Apr  3B9C         1379
28Mar-03Apr  3D2IZ        1380
NOW  -Dec04  4U1ITU       1371
04Apr-18Apr  5H3/SM1TDE   1381 *
25Mar-03Apr  5T0EU        1380
25Mar-10Apr  5W0KE/5W0SS  1380
09Jan-08Apr  6W/LX1DA     1370
NOW  -31Dec  9A80ADE      1381 *
01Mar-31Apr  9A80Z        1377
NOW  -05Apr  9M2/G3TMA    1380

15Mar-12Apr  A35DJ..      1379
22Mar-04Apr  A52PRO       1380
29Mar-05Apr  C56JJ        1380
07Apr-11Apr  CU2/CT1EGW   1381 *
NOW  -2004   D2CR         1339
NOW  -May04  D2U, D2DB    1380
26Mar-01Apr  DL9HO/DK1IP  1380
NOW  -Apr04  H44MS        1373
01Apr-08Apr  HB0/HA5AUC   1381 *
NOW  -Dec04  HF0QF..      1372
18Mar-05Apr  HK0GU        1379
NOW  -14May  HR5/F2JD     1380

NOW  -2007   J28FB        1381 *
04Apr-10Apr  JW/F8DVD     1381 *
NOW   Jun04  JW5RIA       1366
NOW  -01Jun  K2ZR/2       1381 *
28Mar-01Apr  KH6/JR1AGC   1380
25Mar-10Apr  KH8/DL1VKE.. 1380
28Mar-02Apr  LU2XX        1380
NOW  -31Dec  LZ35ZF       1374
NOW  -31Dec  NL7AU        1381 *
15Jan-Apr04  OA7/PA3GFE   1371
NOW  -Dec04  OX2KANN      1375
29Mar-01Apr  PJ4/DF7ZS    1380

NOW  -31Dec  SC0AG..      1381 *
NOW  -15Jun  SV8/KE2SP    1380
04Apr-16Apr  T33C         1380 *
NOW  -06Aug  T98FKN       1377
09Apr-11Apr  TJ/F6BUM     1381 *
03Apr-18Apr  TO7HAM       1381 *
07apr-24Apr  V31RG        1381 *
NOW  -15Apr  V51/DL5XL    1376
01Apr-08Apr  V7/DK2ZF     1381 *
31Mar-09Apr  VK9LU        1380
NOW  -31Dec  WL7CPA       1380

NOW  -Sep04  XU7ACI       1357
NOW  -Jun04  XU7ACW       1351
NOW  -Aug04  YA1R         1356
NOW  -May04  YA8G         1370
NOW          YI3Q         1381 *
NOW  -Jul04  YI9GS        1378
NOW  -Jan05  YI9MD        1381 *
NOW  -Jan05  YI9RVT       1377
NOW  -Jul04  YI9ZF        1372
NOW  -May05  YU8/IN3IZT   1378
07Apr-30Apr  ZS8MI        1381 *

 * = new
.. = and other calls

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