DX News Letter 1392
July 1, 2004

DX-NL 1392 July 1, 2004
DX News Letter

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DARC Committee "DX and HF Contesting"

Editor: Karlfried Henrichs, DL1EK
(e-mail: dxmb@darc.de)

translation by: Bob, DL7VOA
(e-mail: dl7voa@darc.de)


Due to health problems Karlfried, DL1EK, is momentarily not able to publish the DX Newsletter every week. I will help out for a few issues but I have not all sources available which Karlfried has. Please be indulgent with me.

All the best wishes and a speedy recovery to Karlfried, DL1EK!

- 73s de Michael, DJ5AV

DX Announcements

AFGHANISTAN, YA Daniel, DL5SE, is signing YA0Y with 100 watts and a groundplane from until September. QSL via DL5SE.

ASIATIC RUSSIA, UA0 RL3AA, RW6HJV, RN3AZ, UA3DX, UA6CW and RK6CZ are signing RI0IMA from Matykil Island (new IOTA AS-170) from Jun 25 till Jul 5. QSL via UA3DX. --- Dima, RA0LQ, Oleg, RW0LL, and Mike, UA0MF, will be QRV as UE0LLH from the lighthouse LH2159 on Askol'd Island (AS-066) from Jul 2-5 (including the WLH Contest).

CANADA, VE Carl, VE3ZCO, is working as a geologist in the Canadian Arctic signing VY0CQ on 20m (from time to time) between Jun 30 and Aug 25. QSL via VY0CQ, Carl Ozyer, 1086 Dalhousie Dr, London, Ontario, N6K 1M7, Canada. See also his website: http://www.vy0cq.ca --- Nenad, VE3EXY/2, is working from CQ zone 2 from Jun 17-20 and Jul 1-4. From Jun 21-30 he was QRV as VE2/VE3EXY/p from Anticosti Isl. (NA-077) which is NOT situated in CQ zone 2! QSLs via homecall.

CORSICA, TK Serge, TK/F6AUS, is staying on EU-014 from Jun 22 until Jul 23, possibly also on EU-164 during the weekends and also on EU-100 for a few days. When he is not staying on the main island he will be QRV as TK/F6AUS/p. QSLs via homecall. --- OK1FKL, OK1PGS, OK1JFH, OK1TIC and perhaps also OK1MCS are signing TK/OK5DX/p from Cap Corse (JN42QX) between Jun 24 and Jul 5. Emphasis is put on the VHF/UHF Contest but you can find them also on the HF bands (not on 6m). Find more information at: http://www.qsl.net/ok1ofm/

CROATIA, 9A, EU-170 Den, 9A3FO/p, member of the Croatian Telegraphy Club (CTC) will activate Pag Island (CI-082, JN74MK) in CW on 40-12m from Jul 1-10. QSL via bureau or direct to 9A3FO (no eQSL). Check also the homepage of the CTC at: http://www.qsl.net/ctc/

EUROPEAN RUSSIA, UA1, EU-161 Nick, RA1QQ/1, and Dmitrij, RW1ZZ/p, are expected to show up from several lighthouses and islands in the Barents Sea including Sosnovets (EU-161) during the beginning of July. QSLs via homecalls.

FIJI, 3D2, OC-016 Laurence, KL1X/5 (GM4DMA), is hitting the airwaves 3D2KL from Viti Levu and Vanua Levu (both OC-016) and possibly also from other Fiji islands on HF and 6m between Jun 21 and Jul 9. He is working for an aid agency so there will be only little time spent on the air. See also his homepage at: http://myweb.cableone.net/flow/ --- Christian, EC3ADC (ex-7Q7DX), is signing 3D2EA from Viti Levu (OC-016) on 17/20/40m at the moment. He will stay there at least until Sep 2004. QSL via EB2AYV (PO Box 6208, 48012 Bilbao, Spain).

FRANCE, F The special event station TM0GP is QRV in CW/RTTY/PSK31/SSB on 10-80m to mark the Formula 1 Grand Prix in Magny-Cours from Jun 20 till Jul 4. QSL via bureau to F5KCH.

GREECE, SV During the Olypmic Games Kostas, SV1DPI, will use the special callsign SX2004D between July 1 and Sep 1. QSL via SV1DPI. --- Daniele, SV8/IK0REH/p, is working mostly in CW on 80-10m from Zakynthos Island (EU-052) until Jul 1. QSL via homecall.

ITU HEADQUARTERS GENEVA, 4U/ITU The Ohio DX News writes that Dmitri, N2OW, activated 4U1ITU in RTTY which is very rare! QSL via HB9BOU.

LIBYA, 5A Ali, 5A3A, who was operating at 5A1A until now, has an own callsign now.

LIECHTENSTEIN, HB0 Giovanni, HB0/IZ2DPX/p, and Flavio, HB0/IW2NEF/p, will be QRV from JN47SB on 2m and from JN47TC on 6-20m and 40m on Jul 3-4. QSLs via homecall, direct or via bureau.

MARIANA ISLANDS, KH0, OC-086 Naoyuki, JK1FNL, who was recently active from KH2 is expected to show up from Saipan on 40-6m together with Yutaka, JQ2GYU, and others in the beginning of July.

MOLDAVIA, ER King Stefan the Great of Moldavia died 500 years ago. To mark this special event ER500S is activated between Jun 26 and Jul 4. QSL via bureau to ER1DA or direct to Valery Metaxa, Box 3000, Chisinov, MD 2071, Moldavia.

MONTSERRAT, VP2M, NA-103 Graham, M0AEP, is working especially on 6m signing VP2MDD from Jun 30 until Jul 17. QSL via homecall.

NORWAY, LA, EU-061 Mario, LA/DL5ME, and Gunter, LA/DG3HWO, are activating Tromoy Island in CW/SSB from Jul 1-6. QSLs via homecall, direct preferred but also via bureau.

POLAND, SP 3Z0BLY is QRV on all bands from the warship museum ORP Blyskawica in Gdynia until Jul 31. QSLs via bureau to SP2PMW.

SARDINIA, IM0, EU-041 IM0/IZ5FKK announced to be active from Maddalena Island (EU-041) on HF, 6m and 2m from Jul 5-15.

SAUDI ARABIA, HZ Manfred, DF1IK, who was operating at HZ1AB up to now finally received his own callsign HZ1IK now. His QSL route (via bureau for sure) will be announced later.

SENEGAL, 6W DF7OL is signing 6W8CK in CW/PSK31/RTTY mostly on 20/15m for the next few years.

SRI LANKA, 4S, AS-003 Since Sep 2000 Ron, 4S7RO, was staying in Jamaica and is now returning to Sri Lanka for a few months. Starting on Jun 15 he planned to appear on the bands as 4S7RO again mostly in CW/SSB and also a little PSK31. QSLs for 4S7RO via DJ9ZB, QSLs for 6Y5/4S7RO via G0IAS.

ST CHRISTOPHER AND NEVIS, V4, NA-104 Andrei,NC2N/EW1AR (ex NP3D), will sign NC2N/V44 from Nevis (NA-104) in RTTY/CW/SSB on all bands from Jul 5-12 (including the IARU Contest). QSL via W3HNK.

ST PIERRE AND MIQUELON, FP, NA-032 FP/K9OT and FP/KB9LIE will be QRV from NA-032 on 160-6m (50.120 kHz) from Jul 2-12. QSLs via K9OT, via bureau or direct with return postage.

SUDAN, ST Ghis/ON5NT (momentarily staying in A61) states that Michael/PA5M (ex-YI/PA5M, 9U5M) and Dane/S57CQ (ex-YI/S57CQ, YI9T, A52CQ) are working for the UN World Food Programme in Sudan for a few weeks. Michael is signing ST2DX (QSL via PA7FM - direct QSLs to outside EU with 2 US$ or 1 IRC) until July 10. An online log and more information is available at: http://www.pa7fm.nl Dane is signing ST2T with a logperiodic on 30-10m and multiband dipoles for the lowbands (QSL via S57DX) for the next 3 months. --- On June 30 the special event station ST2KSS was QRV on the bands to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the Sudanese revolution. QSL via ST2M.

SWEDEN, SM, EU-020 Martin, SM0DTK/1, is staying on Gotland Island (EU-020) between Jun 24 and Aug 22. Skeds can be arranged via e-mail: sm0dtk@passagen.se

TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO, 9Y, SA-009 9Y4/KE9I, 9Y4/AJ9C and 9Y4/N9LAH are expected to show up in SSB/CW and digital modes on 160-6m from Tobago Island (SA-009) from Jul 3-17. QSLs via homecalls.

WESTERN SAMOA, 5W, OC-097 5W0TR (K8AQM) and 5W0DL (K8AA) will be active in CW/RTTY (little SSB) from July 7-21 (including the IARU Contest, possibly as 5W0XX). QSLs via LotW.

QSL Info

QSLs issued at the HAM RADIO fair in Friedrichshafen: 9Y4/DJ8VC (SA-009), DA0BCC, E4/DF3EC, T33C (OC-018, F5CWU), VK9LB (OC-004, DL7AFS), VK9NB (OC-005, DL7AFS).


DATE         CALL         DXNL

NOW  -Sep04  3D2EA        1392 *
21Jun-09Ju1  3D2KL        1392 *
NOW  -31Jul  3Z0BLY       1392 *
NOW   new    5A3A         1392 *
NOW  -Mar05  5H3HK        1382
NOW          6W8CK        1392 *
15Jun-       6Y5/4S7RO    1392 *
NOW          8J1RL        1391
01Jul-10Jul  9A3FO/p      1392 *
NOW  -31Dec  9A80ADE      1381

NOW          CE9/R1ANF    1391
08May-27Aug  EO60FO       1387
02Jul-12Jul  FP/K9OT ..   1392 *
NOW          FT1ZL        1389
03Jul-04Jul  HB0/IZ2DPX/p 1392 *
NOW  -Dec04  HF0QF..      1386
07May-15Aug  HS0ZCW       1386
NOW   new    HZ1IK        1392 *
01Apr-04Nov  II3T         1382
05Jul-15Jul  IM0/IZ5FKK   1392 *

Early Jul    KH0/JK1FNL   1392 *
01Jul-06Jul  LA/DL5ME ... 1392 *
NOW          LU4ZS        1391
NOW  -Mar05  LZ1ZA        1386
NOW  -31Dec  LZ35ZF       1389
NOW  -31Dec  NL7AU        1381
01Jun-31Dec  OE80XRW      1389
01Jun-31Oct  OE8XRC/90KK  1389
NOW          R1ANF        1391
Early Jul    RA1QQ/1 ...  1392 *
25Jun-05Jul  RI0IMA       1392 *
15Jun-15Sep  RA3XR/0..    1391

NOW          S79DF        1391
NOW  -Apr05  S9SS         1390
24Jun-22Aug  SM0DTK/p     1392 *
12Jul-23Jul  SM6/DL5MO    1392 *
01May-Oct04  SV0XAN/5     1385
Jun  -01Jul  SV8/IK0REH/p 1392 *
06May-12Aug  SX1A..       1387
01Jul-15Sep  SX2004D      1392 *
22Jun-23Jul  TK/F6AUS     1392 *
24Jun-05Jul  TK/OK5DX/p   1392 *
20Jun-04Jul  TM0GP        1392 *

02Jul-05Jul  UE0LLH       1392 *
05Jul-12Jul  NC2N/V44     1392 *
17Jun-07Jul  VE3EXY/2 ..  1392 *
01Jun-06Sep  VO2/K2FRD    1389
30Jun-17Jul  VP2MDD       1392 *
12May-May05  VP8SGB       1387
06Jun-06Nov  VP9/W9AEB    1391
30Jun-25Aug  VY0CQ        1392 *
NOW  -Sep04  YA0Y         1392 *
NOW          YI9KU        1391
NOW  -Nov04  YI9MC        1387

 * = new
.. = and other calls

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