DX News Letter 1393
July 8, 2004

DX-NL 1393 July 8, 2004
DX News Letter

a free weekly service of
DARC Committee "DX and HF Contesting"

Editor: Karlfried Henrichs, DL1EK
(e-mail: dxmb@darc.de)

translation by: Bob, DL7VOA
(e-mail: dl7voa@darc.de)

DX Announcements

ALAND ISLANDS, OH0, EU-002 OH0/DC7VS, OH0/DC7ER and OH0/DL7NJ will be QRV in SSB/CW/SSTV/PSK31 during their holidays from July 10-24. QSLs via homecalls.

ASIATIC RUSSIA, UA9, AS-109 UA9JRN, UA9JPB, RW9JT and RX3BP will depart for their four day trip to the island Obskoj Guby on July 12/13. They will be QRV as homecalls/mm on their way and hope to hit the airwaves for 3-4 days on July 16.

CROATIA, 9A, EU-016 Gianfranco, 9A/I6GFX, is going to Hvar Island (EU-016, IOCA CI-028) from Jul 5-10 and for one day to the lighthouse (WLH-1056, ARLHS CRO-135) on Scedro Island (EU-016, IOCA CI-127). QSL via I6GFX, direct or bureau. More information and logs: http://www.gianfrancogervasi.it/search.html

CROATIA, 9A, EU-110 Alessandro, 9A/IK4ALM, and Sergio, 9A/IZ4BBF, will be QRV in SSB from the Brijuni Islands (EU-110) from Jul 6-9. QSL via homecall.

CROATIA, 9A and YUGOSLAVIA, YU6 Franz, 9A/DL3PS, and Zik, 9A/VE3ZIK (4N1DX), were announced to be QRV on 10-40m plus 6m from Bilice (JN73) for Jul 4-31. Besides the IARU Contest they also plan to activate YT6A for one weekend. All QSLs via DL3PS, direct or via bureau.

EL SALVADOR, YS Rick, N1RL/YS, is working for a support team. He will be QRV mostly in CW on 20 or 17m during his spare time until July 11 if he conditions are suitable. He is also interested in FM satellite operations and the new echo satellites.

FIJI, 3D2, OC-016 Norm, W1BYH, was announced to become active as 3D2BY from Viti Levu in CW/SSB/RTTY/PSK on 40-10m from July 5-14. QSL via e-QSL or W1BYH.

HONDURAS, HR Mark, HR1/W4CK, will be QRV again from Tegucigalpa in CW and on the WARC bands from July 8-15.

JAPAN, 8N in the IARU HF Championship All QSOs with the Japanese 8N HQ stations in this contest will be confirmed automatically via bureau:

        8N1HQ 20m SSB, 15m CW          Kimitsu City/Chiba
        8N1HQ 160m CW, 80m SSB, 20m CW Sakaigawa Village/Yamanashi
        8N3HQ 40m CW, 15m SSB          Nara City/Nara
        8N4HQ 80m CW, 40m SSB, 10m CW  Okayama City/Okayama
        8N0HQ 10m SSB                  Kajikawa Village/Niigata

MARKET REEF, OJ0 and ALAND ISLANDS, OH0 The just finished activity of OH0S and OJ0J will be confirmed from Aland with special OH0 stamps by: OH0RJ, Lars Nikko, Matrosgatan 5L, 22100 Mariehamn, Aland Islands, Finland.

MARKET REEF, OJ0 Starting on July 8 Seppo, OH1VR/OJ0VR, will activate OJ0U together with OH2KI/Jorma, OJ0RJ/Lasse, KX7M/Denny, W6NV/Oliver and DL8YHR/Frank on VHF during the IARU HF Championship.

PERU, OA Bonnie, OA9/KQ6XA, is said to be active from the Andes with 20 watts powered by a solar panel between Jul 2 and Aug 25. She is not calling CQ but listens on: 18157.5 kHz (1630+2230 UTC), 18157.5 kHz USB + 18158.2 kHz CW (0030 UTC), 7087.5 kHz LSB+7087.0 kHz CW (0100 UTC). QSY for CW to 18095.0 kHz; perhaps also 21437.5 kHz USB and 10117.5 kHz CW. QSL via KQ6XA - eQSL.

POLAND, SP1, EU-132 Rolf, SP1/DL6ZFG/p plans to show up from Wolin Island (SZ-02/SPIA SZ-03) in SSB on 20m from Jul 9-11. He also plans a short activation of Karsibor Island (EU-132, SPIA SZ-03). QSL via homecall, direct or buro.

ROMANIA, YO YR500S will be another special event station in Suceava to remember King Stefan the Great of Moldavia who died 500 years ago (like ER500S - see DXNL 1392). QSL via YO8ER.

SAN ANDRES, HK0/sa, NA-132, NA-133 NA-132 (Bajo Nuevo and Serranilla Bank Cays) and NA-133 (Serrana Bank and Roncador Cays) were activated on 14260 kHz by HK3JJH/0A (NA-132) and HK3JJH/0B (NA-133) from Jul 4-6. Pedro is guest onboard a Colombian naval ship and has to follow its schedule. QSL ONLY direct to HK3JJH.

ST. MAARTEN, PJ5 Mario, K2ZD, and Jim, K4BI, are QRV as PJ7M especially on 6m Sporadic E until July 12. QSL via K2ZD.

SWEDEN, SM, EU-045 Thomas, SM6/DL5MO, will become QRV from Orust Island on 40/30/20m during his holidays from Jul 12-23. QSL via homecall. His website with online logs are available at: http://www.dl5mo.de

TOBAGO, 9Y, SA-009 The team announced in DXNL 1392 will participate in the IARU Contest as 9Y4ZC, QSL via AJ9C, else via homecall. Please enclose an SASE with sufficient return postage if you want a direct QSL.

TURKEY, TA4 Tom, TA4/DL2OBO, is staying in Alanya working with an IC706 and wire antennas in CW and perhaps also PSK especially on the WARC bands from Jul 4-11. QSL via bureau.

URUGUAY, CX1 The station CX1AA of the Radio Club Uruguayo (RCU) will take part in the IARU Contest (July 10/11) on all bands. QSL via Box 37, 11000 Montevideo, Uruguay or via bureau.

USA, NU1 During the IARU Contest NU1AW, the ARRL HQ station, will be active in CW/SSB on 160-10m from the stations of K2LE and W2AX in Southern Vermont/VT. Check also their website: http://reallybig/obo/

VENEZUELA, YV, SA-090 The Association of Radioamateurs of Venezuela and the Caracas DX Group will activate Chimana Island (Grid FK70) in CW/SSB/RTTY on HF and in FM on VHF during the Venezuelan Navy Day 2004 from July 14-18. Their callsign will be YW6C. QSL via W4SO (mail drop). QSLs will be sent from Venezuela so please do NOT enclose US stamps.

QSL Info

The QSLs of CT9P and CT9X will be printed after their operation. The QSL manager for both stations is Kim Larson, daughter of N3SL, via N3SL's CBA. QSLs direct with SASE or SAE and IRC/USD. Bureau QSLs will be sent only four times a year. As soon as N3SL has the logs available he will upload them to the LotW.

QSLs arrived direct: 3B9C (AF-017, FSDXA), EK3GM + ZA/UT7DW (DK6CW, quick), IH9YMC (AF-018), PJ2/K8ND (quick), PJ2S (SA-006, G0CKP)

QSL managers

(d) = direct only
(B) = bureau ok
* = new manager


DATE         CALL        DXNL

05Jul-14Jul  3D2BY       1393 *
NOW  -Sep04  3D2EA       1392
21Jun-09Ju1  3D2KL       1392
NOW  -31Jul  3Z0BLY      1392
NOW          5A3A        1392
NOW  -Mar05  5H3HK       1382
07Jul-21Jul  5W0TR,DL,XX 1392
NOW          6W8CK       1392
15Jun-       4S7RO       1392
NOW          8J1RL       1391
01Jul-10Jul  9A3FO/p     1392
NOW  -31Dec  9A80ADE     1381
04Jul-31Jul  9A/DL3PS .. 1393 *
05Jul-10Jul  9A/I6GFX    1393 *
06Jul-09Jul  9A/IK4ALM.. 1393 *
03Jul-17Jul  9Y4/KE9I .. 1392, 1393 *

NOW          CE9/R1ANF   1391
10Jul-11Jul  CX1AA       1393 *
08May-27Aug  EO60FO      1387
02Jul-12Jul  FP/K9OT ..  1392
NOW          FT1ZL       1389
NOW  -Dec04  HF0QF..     1386
04Jul-06Jul  HK3JJH/0A.. 1393 *
08Jul-15Jul  HR1/W4CK    1393 *
07May-15Aug  HS0ZCW      1386
NOW          HZ1IK       1392
01Apr-04Nov  II3T        1382
05Jul-15Jul  IM0/IZ5FKK  1392

Early Jul    KH0/JK1FNL  1392
NOW          LU4ZS       1391
NOW  -Mar05  LZ1ZA       1386
NOW  -31Dec  LZ35ZF      1389
NOW  -31Dec  NL7AU       1381
02Jul-25Aug  OA9/KQ6XA   1393 *
01Jun-31Dec  OE80XRW     1389
01Jun-31Oct  OE8XRC/90KK 1389
10Jul-24Jul  OH0/DC7VS.. 1393 *
08Jul-       OJ0U        1393 *
NOW  -12Jul  PJ7M        1393 *
NOW          R1ANF       1391
Early Jul    RA1QQ/1 ... 1392
15Jun-15Sep  RA3XR/0..   1391

NOW          S79DF       1391
NOW  -Apr05  S9SS        1390
24Jun-22Aug  SM0DTK/p    1392
12Jul-23Jul  SM6/DL5MO   1393 *
09Jul-11Jul  SP1/DL6ZFG  1393 *
NOW  -10Jul  ST2DX       1392
     -Sep04  ST2T        1392
01May-Oct04  SV0XAN/5    1385
Jun  -01Jul  SV8/IK0REH/p1392
06May-12Aug  SX1A..      1387
01Jul-15Sep  SX2004D     1392
04Jul-11Jul  TA4/DL2OBO  1393 *
22Jun-23Jul  TK/F6AUS    1392

16Jul-20Jul  UA9JRN/p .. 1393 *
05Jul-12Jul  NC2N/V44    1392
01Jun-06Sep  VO2/K2FRD   1389
30Jun-17Jul  VP2MDD      1392
12May-May05  VP8SGB      1387
06Jun-06Nov  VP9/W9AEB   1391
30Jun-25Aug  VY0CQ       1392
NOW  -Sep04  YA0Y        1392
NOW          YI9KU       1391
NOW  -Nov04  YI9MC       1387
Jul 2004     YR500S      1393 *
NOW  -11Jul  N1RL/YS     1393 *
14Jul-18Jul  YW6C        1393 *

 * = new
.. = and other calls

Silent Key

Martin Brandeaux, KE6PZH/FO5GJ, also known as the Academy Award winner Marlon Brando died in Los Angeles at the age of 80 years on July 1.

TNX: DK8JB, DL1SBF, DL7PR, JA1BPA, 425 DX News, ARRL DX Bulletin, La Gazette du DX, VK2SG RTTY DX Notes, KB8NW OPDX Bulletin, NG3K Announced DX Operations and others.