DX News Letter 1413
December 2, 2004

DX-NL 1413 December 2, 2004
DX News Letter

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DARC Committee "DX and HF Contesting"

Editor: Karlfried Henrichs, DL1EK
(e-mail: dxmb@darc.de)

translation by: Bob, DL7VOA
(e-mail: dl7voa@darc.de)

DX Announcements

ANDAMAN AND NICOBAR ISLANDS, VU4 YL Bharathi, VU2RBI (team leader), Prasad, VU2DBP, Varun, VU3DVS, Ram, VU2MYH, and Sarath, VU3RSB, plan to hit the airwaves on Dec 3! All permissions have been granted. More information will be published on their website http://www.niar.org during the next days.

ANTARCTICA, VP8/A Mario, I0QHM, is signing IA0PS or I0QHM/KC4 from the Mario Zucchelli station (WAP ITA-01) on Victoria Land (AN-16) until February 2005. --- VU3BPZ is expected to arrive on Maytri Base around Dec 2 but it is most likely that he will not show up much earlier than Dec 22. Listen for him in the AIRNET on 14150 kHz every day at 1400 UTC.

BRAZIL, PY The station ZY7LH will operate in CW/SSB/PSK31/RTTY from the lighthouse Gameleira (DFB RN 05, ARLHS BRA 133) from Dec 3-5. QSL via PS7AA.

CHAGOS ARCHIPELAGO, VQ9, AF-006 Roger, W9ROG, is QRV on 80-10m signing VQ9OG from Diego Garcia (AF-006) until the end of the year. A good chance to hear him in SSB is on 7067 and 7088 kHz around 1930 UTC, 15m from 1200-1400 UTC and on 20m after 1400 UTC. QSL via W9ROG.

ITALY, I The special event station II1TPG will be on the air during the IX. Paralympic Winter Games in Turin from Dec 3-5. QSL via IZ1CCE.

JUAN FERNANDEZ ISLAND, CE0Z, SA-005 Eliazar, CE0ZIS, will show up for about ten days this week. More information is not available yet.

MONTSERRAT, VP2M, NA-103 Mike, VP2MNS (N9NS), Pete, VP2MW (N0FW), Charlie, VP2MKK (W6KK), and John, VP2MQQ (N7CQQ), will be active until during the first two weeks of December until Dec 13. QSL via W8QID. For more information check their website at: http://www.wb8xx.com/vp2m/

ST PETER AND ST PAUL ROCKS, PY0S, SA-014 Joca, PY0S/PS7JN, is very active on the air until Dec 10.

TAIWAN, BV, AS-020 Ayumi, BW2/JH7BZR, Hack, BW2/JL1EEE, Iku, BW2/JL1WQO, and Tad, BW2/JL1ANP, will be QRV with two stations on 160-10m (including WARC) in RTTY, CW (1827.5, 3505, 7005, 10135, 14030, 18090, 21030,24915,28030 kHz) and SSB (3560, 7060, 14175, 18130, 21275, 24950, 28475 kHz) from Dec 2-6. They also plan to participate in the ARRL 160m Contest. QSLs via homecalls, bureau ok. Check also: http://homepage1.nifty.com/jh7bzr/

VIETNAM, 3W JA7GAX plans to visit several Vietnamese islands. His schedule is this: 3W2GAX from Ho Chi Minh City from Dec 7, 3W2GAX/C from Con Son Island (AS-130) from Dec 9, back to Ho Chi Minh City on Dec 16, then 3W2GAX/4 or 3W2GAX/p from Phu Quoc (AS-128) starting Dec 19 and the last time from Ho Chi Minh City from Dec 27-29. QSL via JA7GAX, unfortunately only direct.

QSL Info

QSL direct: 3A/IK1HLG/p (RTTY 1996!), 4K3ZZZ (EU-082), 4L/DL7FER, 5T5SN, 5W0VB, 7P8SR, 7S7V, 9H3K, 9I40Z, AA4V (NA-110),AD6YS/7 (NA-065), C21DL, CB5A, CX1AV, EA6NZ, EL2ET, F5VHQ/p (EU-095), FW2EH, FP/N9NK (NA-032), GB2LI (EU-120), GI0VJE, GT0STH, H8A, HK1XX, HK3WGQ, HL5NLQ, HP3XVH, JA1CG, K7ASU (OC-053), K6SRZ, KH0/AC4LN, KD6WW/VY0 (NA-130), KG4GJ, KL7IFP, LA/DM2AUJ (EU-076), MM1DHU, M8C (EU-011), OH3YI, OK1RI,OZ1ING (EU-171),P29SX,P29XF (OC-240), PY4GSS, R1Z, R2MWO, RI9KM, RA1QQ/1 (EU-082), RX3AJL/1 (EU-033), SK7AX, SM0JHF/HI9, ST2T, SV9/DJ0MAO/p, SV9/I2WIJ, SY8DX, T30VB, T88VV, TI5RVV, TZ6M, UA6LO, V31LZ, V51/DL5XL, V63NS (OC-010), V73VV, V85PB, VA4MWA, VC3E, VE7IG/VE1 (NA-010), VE8ML, VE8RCS, VP5KE, VY2/AJ6V, WH8/KH6BZF (OC-045), YA7X (DL1JJI), YJ0XX, YK1BA, ZB300FX, ZC4LI, ZK1CG (OC-013)

QSL bureau: 3B8/IZ4DPV (AF-049),3B9MM (DL6UAA),3D2ZF (DK2ZF),3DA0DX (ZS5WI), 3Y0PI (AN-004,AC7DX),4D2B (OC-092,G3OCA),4V200YH (NA-096,DL7CM), 4W/ON6TT (ON5NT), 5B4/G3NKC (AS-004), 5B90CSA, 5H3/SM1TDE,7W4HI, 5U7LF (KY7M), 5W0MW (DJ7RJ), 5W1SA, 5Z4HT (DJ1MS),5Z4HW (DL7DF), 5Z4TT, 6J1MM, 6Y1A (WA4WTG), 6Y2A (WA4WTG), 9A/I2VGW (EU-136), 9Y4/DL7AFS (SA-009), 9Y4/DL9DRA (SA-009), A35WE (OC-049,SP9FIH), A61AO (N1DG), A61AR (UA6MF), AY5FZ (EA7FTR), BN0F, BV7GC, C31JI, C35LU, C36PM, CE0Y/SP9PT (SA-012), D44TT (K1BV),ED7CIC (EA7GXW), DX0C (OC-120,G3OCA), EA8/DL3KVR/p (AF-004), ED7SSV (EA7GXW), ER0/DL6MHG, ES85D, ES85I (ES4RD), ET3TK (OK1CU), EZ75BO (EZ8BO), FH/G4IRN, FM/G3TXF, FO/OH6KN, GX4NOK/p (EU109, G4NOK), HC2FN, H44MS (DL2GAC), HC8/W6YJG, HK0GU/1 (DL7VOG), HK3CW, HP1/DJ7AA, HR5/OH3JF (OH3OI), IF9/IK1RGM (EU-054), IG9/IK4RUX (AF-019), J3/AA1M, J48ALO (EU-072,SV2DGH), J49PC,JD1YAB,JI3DST/6 (AS-079), JS3CTQ, KH9/N4BQW, KN5G/6Y5, KP2/AB2E (NA-106), KP2/W2UDT, LX/DL5SE, LX1DA/6W, MJ/DL1EK,MM5DWW (EU-009),N4BQW/KH9 (OC-053), N6BT/6Y5 (NA-097,WA4WTG), OH0MYF/6 (EU-101,OH6YF), OH0WK, OH0/DG9YBR (EU-002), OX3KV, PJ6/PA0VDV, PJ7/VA3RA, PJ7/K3LP, PR8/PS8NF, R300SP (RA1AG), R6AEM (UA9XC), R9AEM (UA9XC), S79MX, S61FD (9V1UV), S9WU (F6HWU), SM0JHF/HI9, SM3UWS/3 (EU-176), SP0EURO (SP9PKZ), ST2X, SV0XAO (DDJ5JH), SV8/IK7YTT (EU-052), T20MW (OC-015, DJ7RJ), T2T (JN1HOW), T88AQ (JH6WDG), TG7/OH3JF (OH3OI), TK/OK2WH, TK/OM3PC/p (EU-014), TK/OM5RW/p, TY8G, UA1OLM/A (EU-153), UE0LLH (AS-066, UA0MF), UK/JI2MED, UT2FA/p (EU-179), V63JE (KI0RU), V73T (OC-263,N6AWD), VE2GHZ/2, VE2/VE9MY (NA-038), VE9MY/M (NA-010), VK9CJ, VP2EJ (W5SJ), VP5/W8MV (NA-002), VP9/K1YR, W0YK/6Y5 (WA4WTG), XT2ATI (EA4YK), XE1MM, XU7ARA (ES1RA), XU7AUR, XY5T (IN3ZNR), XZ7A (DL7UFR), YA/DL2JRM (DL1JJI), YA8G (LA4YW), YI/OM2DX, YI/ON5NT, YI/PA5M (PA7FM), YI/S57CQ (S57DX), YI9T (S57DX), YI9ZF (SM1TDE), YL85ZS (YL1ZS), YV5BDP, YZ1EW, Z3100IL (Z37M), Z3100M (Z35M), Z37M, ZA1B (OH2BH), ZB3C, ZD8DB (G4RSD), ZF1A (W5ASP), ZF1VX (G4VXE), ZK1KAT (OC-013, AG9A), ZK1KDN (OC-082, JR2KDN), ZK1VVV (OC-013, W7VV), ZK3MW (OC-048, DJ7RJ), ZK3SA, ZM4A, ZS6AJD, ZW8M (SA-042, CS1GDX)

QSL managers (for stations in the WWDX CW Contest 2004 if not listed somewhere else)

(d) = direct only
(B) = bureau ok
* = new manager


DATE         CALL        DXNL

28Nov-11Dec  3D2FI       1412
09Dec-29Dec  3W2GAX      1413 *
12Nov-06Dec  4K0GNY      1410
14Oct-Apr05  6O0JT       1407
01Dec-05Mar  8N0SON      1412
16Nov-05Dec  9N7BCC      1410
NOW  -Feb05  9U6PM       1400

02Dec-06Dec  BW2/JH7BZR..1413 *
26Nov-02Dec  C6AWS       1412
NOW  -10Dec  CE0ZIS      1413 *
NOW  -Dec04  EL2PM       1406
NOW  -Mar05  EY/F5NHJ..  1410
NOW  -04Dec  HE3RSI      1410
28Nov-12Dec  HI8/GW3UOF  1412
NOW  -Feb05  IA0PS       1413 *
03Dec-05Dec  II1TPG      1413 *
NOW  -20Dec  JR6TYH/JD1  1406
NOW  -Apr05  JW4SNA      1408

NOW  -05Mar  KC4/N3SIG   1410
01Nov 15Dec  KC4AAA      1409
01Jun-31Dec  OE80XRW     1389
30Nov-21Dec  P40TA       1412
18Nov-18May  P49MR       1411
NOW  -10Dec  PY0S/PS7JN  1413 *
NOW  -Apr05  S9SS        1390
NOW  -Dec04  ST2T        1403
21Sep-20Dec  SU8BHI      1403
NOW  -Mar05  T98AQL      1410
NOW  -Feb06  TJ3SL       1407
NOW  -Sep05  TT8FT       1401

23Oct-23Dec  VC3W        1408
01Dec-31Dec  VC9COAL     1412
27Nov-05Dec  VI3BML      1412
NOW  -Dec04  VK0DX       1406
01Dec-21Dec  VK2GED      1412
NOW  -13Dec  VP2MNS..    1413 *
30Nov-10Dec  VP8/DJ2VO   1412
20Nov-04Dec  VP8WWW      1411
NOW  -Dec04  VQ9LQ       1398
NOW  -31Dec  VQ9OG       1412

NOW  -31Dec  WL7CPA      1402
22Nov-05Dec  XU7ADI      1411
20Nov-Feb05  XU7POS..    1411
NOW  -2005   XW3DT       1410
NOW   Feb05  YI9KT/YI9GT 1408
NOW  -Mar06  ZD8I        1402
24Nov-05Dec  ZK1DRA      1412
03Dec-05Dec  ZY7LH       1413 *

 * = new
.. = and other calls

Approved for DXCC credit:

9Q0AR (Jan 1-Mar 31, 2004), 9Q1KS (Jan 1-Mar 31, 2004),
9U5M (Feb 4-Mar 17, 2003), CE0Y/SP9PT and CE0Y/SP9EVP (Oct-Nov 2003),
J73/AC4LN (2002), TO4E and TO4WW (Nov 25-Dec 21, 2003),
TT8KR (Sep 7-14, 2004), YA4F (Sep 2003-Apr 2004), YA7X (Mar 1-Apr 30, 2004),
YA8G (Dec 14, 2003-Jan 31, 2004), T6RF (Jul 1-Aug 31, 2004)

TNX: CO8TW, DJ2VO, DJ5AV, DJ5IH, DK8JB, DL1SBF, DL2BQV, DL4KQ, DL7VOA, DL8UKE, F5NQL, GM3VLB, K5WW, K9NW, 425 DX News, ARRL DX Bulletin, La Gazette du DX, KB8NW OPDX Bulletin, Scottish DX News, The Daily DX.