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ARRL DX SSB Announced Operations
March 1-2, 1997
8P9??BarbadosM/SK4MABy AA4NC, K4MA; at 8P9Z Station
9K2HNKuwait Bureau or DirectBy 9K2HN
9G5BQSenegalSOSBPA3GBQBy PA3GBQ; 20 Meters
EA8ZSCanary IslandsSBEA8ZS or EA5BYBy EA3ALD, EA5BY, EA8ZS; 160 Meters; Outside test: EA8/EA3ALD, EA8/EA5BY; sked requests to EA5BY; outside test QSL via home call
FS5PLSt MartinSOABHPN0JTBy EA3NY; peri-contest as FS/EA3NY via homecall
V26BAntiguaM/MWT3QQRV by Team Antigua; Feb 27 - Mar 4; V26A(N3BNA), V26AK(WB2P), V26B(WT3Q), V26DX(KK3S), V26E(AB2E), V26T(K3MQH), V26R(KA2AEV), V26RN(KR2J), V26TS(KF3P), V26U(WA2UDT); Outside test QSL vi homecall
V31DXBelize-AA6BBBy W2NA, KI6IM, WA9L; fm Ambergris Caye
V47KPSt Kitts-K2SBQRV 2/13-Early March; By W2OX
VP2V/KK9ABritish Virgin IsSBWD9DZVBy KK9A
VP9IDBermuda-K1EFIQRV 2/27-3/4; By AJ2U; AJ2U/VP9 outside Test
WP2ZVirgin IslandsMulti 2KU9CBy KE2VB, K2ZJ, K2ZL
ZF2FTCayman IslandsM/SK5RV (x-N5OCD)By W5AU(ZF2AU), K5RV(ZF2LB), N5EPU(ZF2EP), W5FYZ (ZF2EB); QRV: 2/27-3/4
ZL1ANJNew ZealandM/S-By OH5BM, ZL1ANJ; QRV: 80-10 M

Thanks to: DXMB, ARRL DX Bulletin, Ohio/Penn DX Bulletin, 425DXN, DF4RD, K3TLX, N9NC, W2GD, WE9V, ZS6CAX, CQ-Contest@tgv.com, and many others. Corrections and additions go to wfeidt@cpcug.org.

Bill Feidt/NG3K
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