CQWW SSB Announced Operations
October 24-25, 1998

[EA5EYJ's QSL Routes]
3E1DXPanama07M/SN0JTBy DL9RCF, DL5RBW, DL1RBR, HP1XVH fm Contadora Is (NA-072); QRV October 19-26, mainly WARC, but QSL via homecall
3W6USViet Nam26 N2OOBy YB0US/NM6US; QRV October 22-26; N2OO: PO Box 345, Tuckerton, NJ 08087, USA
4U1VICAustria15M/SDL5IOBy DL1IAN, DH3IAJ, DL5IO, DL6GV; United National club station in Vienna; counts as multiplier
5B4/EW1ARCyprus20SOSBNP3D10 M; QRV October 21-28; 21 28 50 mHz; QSL NP3D direct or via W3 Buro (do not send cards to KP4 Buro)
5X1TUganda37SOSBON5NT10 M by ON6TT w/ TH11 and R7; High power
8P9VBarbados08SOABOH6MFNBy OH6RX fm the 8P9Z site
8Q7IOMaldive Is22M/SDL7VROBy Berlin-DX-Group; may be M/M; QRV fm October 18 for 2 weeks; outside test OMs: 8Q7IO and YLs: 8Q7IQ
8R1KGuyana09SOABOH6DOBy N5ZO; High power
9A9DCroatia15M/SSee NotesBy 9A4KK, 9A4UU, 9A4DD, 9A5YA, others; QSL: Buro or Box 106, 43000 Bjelovar, Croatia
9G1YRGhana35SOSB 15 M
9M6AACEast Malaysia28SOABN2OOBy KD6WW
9Y4NW?Trinidad & Tobago09M/SDL4MDOBy DK6WL, DL4MCF, DL4MDO, DL4MEH fm Tobago (SA-009); 9Y/homecall outside test (October 15-31) w/ QSLs via Buro to the homecalls
A61ACUnited Arab Emirates21SOABON7LXBy DL2CC; operation before and after the contest on low bands, skeds welcome
AH2RGuam27M/MJI3ERVBy JI3ERV/NH2C, JG3RPL/N1BJ, JR3RVO/WX8M, JR7OMD/WI3O, JK3GAD/AL7NC, JH7QXJ, JR8VSE, JH1NBN/K3ZB, JP1JFG/N2IU; Sunrise/Sunset=2013/0757 Z; Check 7.075-7.100 mHz; Do not QSL via KH2 Buro
B1AChina24M/MKU9CBy team of 17 OH and BA ops; 6 stations w/ FT1000MPs and Alpha 91Bs; Yagis
B4RChina24M/SBY4RSABy JiangSu DX Club
C4ACyprus20SOAB9A2AJBy 5B4ADA; High power; 9A2AJ: Tom Polak, PP7, 34551 Lipik, Croatia
C56TGambia35M/SDL5NAMBy DF4RD, DL5NAM, DL8UD, DL9NDS, OE2VEL, OE9MON; QSL OK via CBA or DL Buro; QRV October 15-27 as C56A; All HF bands, possibly 6 M; SSB CW
CN8WWMorocco33SOABAutoBy DL6FBL; High power; QRV Oct 20-26
CP6AABolivia10SOABSee NotesBy OH0XX; QSL: Suite 599, 1313 South Military Trail, Deerfield Beach, Florida, 33442
CQ9KMadeira33M/SCS3MADBy CT3HK, CT3IA, CT3BD, CT3HF, CT3BM, CT3DL, CT3KN; KLM 6 ele. 10, 15 and 20 M; 2 ele. for 40 M and dipoles for 80 and 160 M
CT3BXMadeira33SOSBHB9CRVBy TF3CW; QRV as CT3/TF3CW outside Test (QSL via LX1NO)
CU2VAzores14M/SDL4XSBy DL4XS, DL3KDV; High power; QRV October 19-20; 160-10 M; CW SSB RTTY; Test operation may be SOAB by DL3KDV
CV1AUruguay13 F1NGPBy CX8DX; QSL OK by CX Buro also
CV8DUruguay13 CX8ATBy CX8AT; QSL by CX Buro only
DX100DXPhilippines27 See NotesSES by Mabuhay DX Group, Philippine DX Foundation, Philippine Amateur Radio League; QSL: DX100DX, Philippine DX Foundation, Inc., POB 2000 QCCPO, 1160 Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines; Buro OK; E-mail
DK8YY/HI8Dominican Rep08 DL4JANBy DL1JDK, DL3ALF, DL4JAN, DL4JS, DK8YY; QRV October 22-Nobember 1 as homecall/HI8, mainly on CW; QSL via DL Buro or Direct: Bernd Eybe, Hohes Gebirge 32, 08289 Schneeberg, Germany
EA8ZSCanary Is33M/SEA8ZSBy EA8ZS + EA group
EA9AMCeuta33SOABEA9AMBy K6NA; QSL to EA9AM CBA or EA Buro only; no cards to K6NA
EA9EACeuta33M/MEA9AZBy Ceuta Contest Club
FG5BGGuadeloupe08M/SK6ROBy N6RT, N6RV, K6RO, W6SR, N6ED, W6KK; Also QRV Oct 17-27 as FG/homecall; 160-10 M; CW SSB; QSL via homecall
FK8GMNew Caledonia32SOSBWB2RAJ15 M by FK8GM
FK8HCNew Caledonia32SOSBVK4FW10 M by FK8HC
FS/N7KGSt Martin08SOSBN7KG160 M by N7KG; QSL via Buro or SASE to homecall
HI3/ON4ANTDominican Rep08 ON4ANTBy ON4ANT, ON4GG, ON4AOI, ON4AME, ON4AMM (YL), ON4AWK, ON4CBA, ON5LW; QRV Oct 20-27; 160-10 M; CW SSB RTTY
HO3APanama07 HP3XUGBy HP3XUG: CAPT Louis N. Anciaux, USN(RET), HP3XUG/KG6UH, PSC 1 Box 57, APO AA 34001-0057
IC8JAHItaly15SOSBIC8JAH80 M by IC8JAH fm Capri Is
IG9TItaly33M/MIV3TANBy IV3OWC, IT9EQO, IV3TAN, IT9NJE, I2VXJ, IK2MRZ fm Lampedusa (AF-019); QRV before and after as IG9/homecall (QSL via homecall)
IH9PItaly33M/MSee NotesBy K7FL, I8QLS, IT9ZGY, IT9TQH, IT9VDQ, ZS6NW, WA7EQW, OK1FUA, IT9BLB, IT9WPO,I8CZW, IW9EIN, KR7X, IW9FMO fm Pantelleria Is (Italian Africa); Americas/Asia/Pacific QSL to WA7EQW CBA; Europe/Africa QSL to IT9BLB CBA
J3AGrenada08M/MWA8LOWBy W8KKF/J37K, NH7CC, NH7C/J38NA, ES7RE, WA8LOW/J37L, W5WW, K5PN, VE3RZ, N6HR, IK6CAC, IV3VIA, DL6LAU, KP2A/J37A, WO9Z, W9IXX/J3X; QRV Oct 20-27 with personal J3 callsign or J3/homecall; Outside test QSL via home callsign
JY9QJJordan20SOABDL5MBYBy JY9QJ; High power
K7AR/VP2VBr Virgin Is08M/SK7ARBy N7MQ, WJ7R, K7AR, W7YAQ, N7NU, K9JF; QRV October 20-27 as homecall/VP2; mainly 160-40 M; QSL via homecall
K8MKUSA04SOSBK8MK160 M by N8VW; 90' base insulated vertical (rohn 25) with 80+ full size radials (on ground) and 4 elevated; Phased beverages (880') towards NE/SW; 1100' E/W NE/SW, 880' NW/SE N/S; Al1500 and IC-765
LA6WEANorway14SOSBLA6WEA160 M by LA6WEA fm Levang (30 km so of Arctic Circle), 50 metres out in ocean; ¼ l vert + 4 two wire Beverages for 8 directions; skeds welcome by E-mail:
LA8WNorway14M/SLA4DCABy LA Contest Club (LA4DCA, LA8SDA, LA9SEA, LA9HW, LA9VDA, LA9EEA); E-mail:
LR0HArgentina13SOSBLU9HS10 M by LU9HS: Javier 0mar Santillan, Av. 52, Casa 40, B Aeronautico, 5022 Cordoba, Argentina
LZ2CJBulgaria20SOSBLZ2CJ160 M by LZ2CJ: Valeri Stefanov, 87 Russe Blvd. entr. A ap.3, 5800 Pleven, Bulgaria; QTH at 1330m asl; two Inv.Vees in phase to USA & 200m long wires to Asia , Africa and Pacific; FT 847 & "AKOM 2000" KW amplifier; for skeds send E-mail to:; QRV Oct 22-26
M8TEngland14M/MG4PIQBy G4BWP, G4VMM, G4PIQ, G4BUO, OH6YF, others
N98ITUUSA04M/MSee NotesSES for the 1998 ITU Plenipotentiary Conference fm the W0AIH/9 station in Wisconsin; QSL via ARRL Buro or Box 131415, St.Paul, MN 55113
NP3D/5B4Cyprus20SOSBW3HNK80 M by NP3D; QRV October 21-28; 3.5 7 and 14 mHz
OE2SAustria15SOABOE2GENBy OE2GEN with low power
OH1AFFinland15M/SOH1XTBy OH1NOA OH1MDR, OH1MM, others
P40BAruba09SOABP43PBy P43P: Jacobo Oduber, P.O. Box 685, Oranjestad, Aruba; May designate QSL manager later
P40NAruba09SOSBWJ5DX15 M by W5AJ; Low power fm P49V rental site; QSL direct only to WJ5DX
P40WAruba09SOABN2MMBy W2GD; QRV October 17-26; High Power
P43EAruba09SOABP43EBy P43E: Emily Thiel, P. O. Box 614, Oranjestad, Aruba
P43TAruba09SOABP43TBy P43T: Anthony Thiel, P. O. Box 4234, Noord, Aruba
P43WAruba09SOSBP43W10 M by P43W: Randy Geerman, P. O. Box 5160, Oranjestad, Arub; check around 28.410 mHz
PJ7/W4WRSt Maarten08SOABW4WRBy W4WR; QSL OK direct or via Buro
PJ8ZSt Maarten08 K4ZABy K4ZA; QRV October 16-26
PJ9BNetherland Antilles09M/MK2SBBy WA3LRO Team
PJ9QNetherland Antilles09M/SW4JVNBy W4JVN, W9QQ fm Bonaire; QRV Oct 20+; 160-10 M (No WARC); CW SSB RTTY as PJ9/W4JVN (QSL via W4JVN); emphasis on low bands, RTTY, CW, Sunset path to JA and Asia
PT0FFernando de Noronha11 PY5EG or N5DABy N5FA
RA0FFRussia (Asia)19SOABN6FFBy RA0FF
S50GSlovenia15M/SS5 BuroBy S51QN, S51F, S56M, S57AW, S58M
S50SSlovenia15M/SS50SBy S50S,S58A,S52ZW; Yagis 40-10 M; 80 M Loop; phased verts on 160/80 M; Beverages; S50S: Stanko Hari, Trstenjakova 10, 9000 Murska Sobota, Slovenia or Buro
T32MPEast Kiribati31M/SK0MPBy K0MP, N0KV, W0NF, AE7C fm Christmas Island (OC-024); QRV Oct 22-27 as: T32MP (QSL via K0MP); T32KV (QSL via N0KV); T32PL (QSL via W0NF); T32PS (QSL via AE7C); 160-10 M; SSB CW RTTY
T88XBelau27 JA6VZBBy JA6VZB and others
TF8GXIceland40 K1WY 
TO8BMartinique08 EA3BTBy EA3BT, EA3AOK; QRV Oct 20-26 as FM/EA3AOK/P, FM/EA3BT/P; mainly SSB RTTY; 80-10 M, incl. WARC; All QSLs via EA3BT
US1I/VP9Bermuda05 N5FGBy US1IDX; QRV October 17-24 fm Smith's Parish as US1IDX/VP9; N5FG: Floyd Gerald, 17 Green Hollow Road, Wiggins, MS 39577, USA (SASE please)
V26BAntigua08M/MWT3QBy Frankford Radio Club (FRC)
V31MXBelize07 K0BCNBy K0BCN; QRV Oct 21-26; 20 15 10 M CW/SSB outside contest
V47KPSt Kitts & Nevis08 K2SBBy W2OX; QRV October 14-27 mainly WARC
V47NSSt Kitts & Nevis08SOSBW9NY10 or 15 M by W9NY fm Nevis Is; 20 M outside test
VA2BYCanada02SOSBVE3BY80 M by VE3BY fm James Bay region w/ generators fm tents; high power; ¼ l vertical (TX) and Beverage (RX); emphasis on EU and JA; Also QRV Oct 21-23 as VA2BY on CW and SSB
VA2DOCanada02SOSBVE3DO160 M by VE3DO fm James Bay region w/ generators fm tents; high power; ¼ l vertical (TX) and Beverage (RX); emphasis on EU and JA; Also QRV Oct 21-23 as VA2DO on CW and SSB
VE3BW/HR6Honduras07SOSBVE3BWBy VE3BW: Joe Adams, 5 Romko Court, ST. Catharines, ON, Canada L2N-7A1; fm Roatan Is (NA-057); QRV October 18-November 1; active on CW + 6 M prior to and after contest
VE3RHJ/VE2Canada02SOSBVE3RHJ20 M by VE3RHJ fm James Bay region w/ generators fm tents; emphasis on EU and JA
VE5RICanada04M/MVE5FNBy VE5FN, VE6FW, VE5TR, VE5FD, VE5FC, VE5CMA, others at VE5WI site; 3 xmtrs; High power
VO2CQCanada02 VE3FUBy VO1MP, VO1MX fm Point Amour Light House, Southeastern Labrador; QRV October 21-25 as VO2ZZ; some CW + WARC prior to Test
VP2EJRAnguilla08SOABW1EKBy W1EK with vertical and/or dipole; QRV October 22-26
VP5DXTurks & Caicos08M/SK4UTEBy W4WSZ, N4KE, NU4Y, KC4FWS, AB4UF, W1LR, WA4DRU, W3KT, AA4US fm Middle Caicos Is; Outside test as VP5/homecall and QSL per op's instuctions
VP5TTurks & Caicos08M/SN2VWBy N2VW,WA2VYA, WA3RHW fm VP5JM site on Providenciales (NA002); QRV October 20-27; E-mail QSL request to N2VW will be answered with Buro card; return QSL not required; QSL via ARRL Buro should add "via N2VW" to card
VY2SSCanada05M/MVY2SSBy W1VE/VE1RM, VY2SS, VY2LI, , VE9MY, K2XT, K2NJ/VE9NJ, VE9DX fm Prince Edward Is
WP2ZVirgin Is08M/SKU9CBy W4WX, W4CJK, N2WB, VE3FU, and W5OXA; QRV October 19-27 all bands and modes and QSL via home calls
XX9XMacao24M/MKU9CBy N6AA, K6JL, K6MC, AB6BH, K5OT, N6ZZ, W6XD, XX9AS, XX9MD, XX9XF; QRV one week prior to Test w/ personal callsigns
YE5BIndonesia28 YC5TMLBy YB5QZ, YB5PD fm Galand Is (OC-075); Also QRV October 23-25 w/ emphasis on WARC; CW SSB RTTY; YC5TML: Erizal M. Isa. YC5TML, P.O.Box 154, BATAM Island 29400, Indonesia
ZD8ZAscension Is38SOABVE3HOBy N6TJ
ZP5XFParaguay11SOSBN2AU10 M by LU7DW; High power
ZP6TParaguay11SOSBZP5MAL15 M by ZP5MAL; QSL also OK via ZP Buro
ZS6EZSouth Africa38SOABAutoBy ZS6EZ; High power; Automatic Buro QSL; Direct on request

Thanks to: DXMB, ARRL DX Bulletin, Ohio/Penn DX Bulletin, 425DXN, NCJ, N2AU, and many others. Corrections and additions go to

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