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CQWW WPX Contest, CW Operations
May 24-25, 1997

[EA5EYJ's QSL Routes]
DatesDXCCCallInfoQSL viaReported byon
May 23 - 26Swaziland3DA5AQRV by ZS6CAX; for WPX CW (SOAB); Outside Test: 3DA0NX (emphasis on 17, 30, 80 M)JH7FQK (3DA5A), ZS6CAX (3DA0NX)ZS6CAX5/13/97
May 24 - 25Tunesia3V8BBQRV by YT1AD  5/27/97
May 24 - 25CyprusH22AQRV by RA9JX, RA9JR, RZ9UA, RA3CQ, RZ3BW; WPX-CW; Special certificate for 5 band QSOsUldis Silinsh, P.O.Box 3, Valmiera, LV-4200, LatviaRZ3BW5/18/97
May 24 - 25Saudi ArabiaHZ1ABQRV by SM0CXU; WPX-CW; Single Band: 40 or 20 MK8PYDSM0CXU5/18/97
May 24 - 25ItalyIZ9RQRV by I2VXJ and others; WPX-CW; fm Lampedusa Island (AF-019)AutoDXMB5/26/97
May 24 - 25ItalyIH9/OK5DXQRV by OK1CW, OK1MD, OK1RR, OK1TN, OK1TP, IT9FXY; WPX-CW; fm Pantelleria Island (AF-018); also IH9/homecall outside test-DXMB5/26/97
May 24 - 25JordanJY8YBQRV by JY9QJ, Y8YB/DL5MBY; CQ WPX CW; fm AmmanJY9QJADXB5/22/97
May 22 - 27Mariana IsKH0AAQRV by JA5DQH; fm Saipan; CQ WPX CW w/ 500 W dipoles and verts; Outside test: WARC + 160; local SR/SS=1944z/0840zJA5DQHJA5DQH5/20/97
May 24 - 25GuamNH2CQRV by JI3ERV, JG3RPL, JR7OMD; CQ WPX CW; local SR/SS=1953z/0842zJI3ERVOPDX5/19/97
May 24 - 25BelauT88XQRV by JA6VZB; CQ WPX CWJA6BSMADXB5/22/97
May 24 - 25AntiguaV26BAQRV by N2BA; fm V26B contest locationN2BA, 11 Columbus Ave, Glen Ridge, NJ 07028 USAN2BA5/18/97
May 22 - 28Virgin IsWP2ZQRV by DF3IAL; Includes: CQ WPX CWDF3IAL (Buro or Direct)OPDX5/19/97
May 24 - 25ParaguayZP0MQRV by LU6BEG; WPX-CW; Single Op; 15 M; Outside test: ZP5/LU6BEGZP0M: ZP5XF; ZP5/LU6BEG: LU6BEGLU6BEG5/19/97

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Bill Feidt/NG3K
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