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CQWW WPX Contest, Phone Announced Operations
March 29-30, 1997

[EA5EYJ's QSL Routes]
3DA5ASwazilandM/SJH7FQKBy JM1CAX/ZS6CAX, JH7PKU/AA3JA; Outside test: 3DA0NX (by ZS6CAX) (via ZS6CAX), 3DA0JA (by AA3JA) (via JH7FQK)
4M1XVenezuelaM/MW4SOBy Grupo DX Caracas
9K2HNKuwaitSOAB9K2HN (Buro or Direct)QRV by 9K2HN
C6AJRBahamasSOABDL3ABL or BuroQRV by DL3ABL; fm New Providence; Low power
EA8AHCanary IsSOSB QRV by OH1RY; 20 Meters; (WPX 20-meter shootout)
EA9AMCeutaSOSB QRV by OH2BH; 20 Meters; (WPX 20-meter shootout)
FJ/K1YJKSt. Martin K1YJKQRV by K1YJK; fm St. Barthelemy Is
GW7JWales  QRV by GW0GEI; fm Anglesey Is (EU-124)
IZ9ZLampedusa IsM/SIT9EQO (Direct or Buro)By I4UFH, IV3TAN, I4JMY, IK2SGC, IT9EQO, IT9GSF
KP2/KF8UMU.S. Virgin Is KF8UMQRV by KF8UM; Also Mar 26 - Apr 2, mainly SSB
NH7AHawaiiSOABW6QKQRV by NH7A; Also Mar 26 - Apr 2, mainly SSB
OH0AMAland IsSOABOH2BADQRV by OH1EH; possibly single band
OK8AUYCzech RepublicM/SLX1NOQRV by LX1NO and others
S0RASDWestern SaharaM/S?EA2JGQRV by EA1DAV, EA2JG, EA2CNU, EA3CB, EA3GBU, EA4TX, S01A; QRV Mar 27-31; CW outside test
T88XBelauM/SJE6DNDBy Japan Palau Crazy Contest Club; Before Test: T88JA on WARC or RTTY (QSL via JA6BSM)
T0NYSeborgaSO QRV by EA3NY; Multiband, low power
TM9AFranceSOSBF5CCO (Buro)QRV by F5CCO; 40 Meters
TM0PXFranceM/SF5BZB (Buro)QRV by F5BSB, F5BRW and F5BZB
TS8ATunisiaSOABYT1ADBy YT1AD; Also QRV Mar 26-31; special call fm 3V8BB celebrating 8 years of Ben Ali presidency
WP3XPuerto RicoM/M QRV by Cabo Rojo Contest Club of Puerto Rico; call possibly KP3X
YM3DLTurkey DL4VBP (Direct or Buro)By: DL3FDU, DL8OBC/N5BC, DL4VBP/N0PS; Also QRV Mar 25-31; all bands 80-10 meters
ZS45TWRSouth Africa ZS4Y (P.O. Box 1561, Welkom, 9460, Rep of South Africa)QRV by ZS4Y
ZS9FSouth Africa KK3SQRV by ZS9F; last time for this prefix

Thanks to: DXMB, ARRL DX Bulletin, Ohio/Penn DX Bulletin, 425DXN, DF4RD, K3TLX, N9NC, W2GD, WE9V, ZS6CAX, CQ-Contest@tgv.com, and many others. Corrections and additions go to wfeidt@cpcug.org.

Bill Feidt/NG3K
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