Ohio/Penn DX Bulletin No. 724
August 29, 2005

The Ohio/Penn DX PacketCluster
DX Bulletin No. 724
BID: $OPDX.724
August 29, 2005
Editor Tedd Mirgliotta, KB8NW
Provided by BARF80.ORG (Cleveland, Ohio)

Thanks to the Northern Ohio Amateur Radio Society, Northern Ohio DX Association, Ohio/Penn PacketCluster Network, AB5K & the AR TelNet Clusters Network, K1XN & GoList, K2HJB, NG3K, W3UR & The Daily DX, K4UEE and K0IR, N4AA & QRZ DX, N4GN, WW5L, K8YSE, 4X1VF, DL1EK & The DX News Letter, EA5KY, F5CWU & La Gazette du DX, F5NQL & UFT, G3NKC, HL5FUA, I1JQJ/IK1ADH & 425 DX News, JI6KVR & JA-IOTA Islands News, MM0DFV, ON3UR, SK0BU, SM0BYD, SQ9MZ, TA3J and VA3RJ & ICPO for the following DX information.

DXCC COUNTRY/ENTITY REPORT: According to the AR-Cluster Network for the week of Sunday, 21st/August, through Sunday, 28th/August there were 208 countries active. Countries available: 3A, 3B8, 3DA, 3V, 3W, 4J, 4L, 4S, 4X, 5B, 5H, 5N, 5R, 5T, 5V, 5Z, 6W, 6Y, 7Q, 7X, 8P, 8R, 9A, 9G, 9H, 9J, 9K, 9M2, 9M6, 9N, 9Q, 9V, 9Y, A2, A4, A5, A6, A7, A9, AP, BV, BY, C3, C9, CE, CE0Y, CE9, CM, CN, CP, CT, CT3, CU, CX, D2, D6, DL, DU, EA, EA6, EA8, EA9, EI, EK, EL, EP, ER, ES, ET, EU, EX, EY, EZ, F, FG, FJ, FK, FM, FO, FR, FY, G, GD, GI, GJ, GM, GU, GW, HA, HB, HB0, HC, HI, HK, HL, HP, HR, HS, HV, HZ, I, IS, J2, J6, J7, J8, JA, JD/o, JT, JW, JY, K, KG4, KH0, KH6, KL, KP2, KP4, LA, LU, LX, LY, LZ, OA, OD, OE, OH, OH0, OK, OM, ON, OX, OY, OZ, P2, P4, PA, PJ2, PY, PZ, R1FJ, S2, S5, S7, S9, SM, SP, ST, SU, SV, SV5, SV9, T7, T8, T9, TA, TF, TG, TI, TK, TR, TT, TU, UA, UA2, UA9, UK, UN, UR, V2, V4, V5, V6, V7, V8, VE, VK, VK9N, VP2V, VP5, VP8, VP8/h, VP9, VQ9, VR, VU, XE, XU, YA, YB, YI, YL, YO, YS, YU, YV, Z2, Z3, ZA, ZB, ZC4, ZD7, ZD8, ZF, ZK1/s, ZL, ZP, ZS

* PLEASE NOTE: The report "could" contain "Pirate/SLIM" operations or more likely a "BUSTED CALLSIGN". As always, you never know - "Work First Worry Later" (WFWL).

3Y, PETER I ISLAND (Update). A new press release was sent out this past week by Ralph/K0IR and Bob/K4UEE (Peter I Dxpedition co-leaders). OPDX InterNet Subscribers will receive the complete press release as an additional bulletin. Excerpts from the press relase state that three new team members have been added to the 3Y0X DXpedition: Mel/W8MV, Don/N6JRL and Mike/FM5CD. They indicate that there are still a couple of team slots available, and they are especially keen to find a team physician to accompany them. If you have an interest, contact Bob, K4UEE at: mallphin@aol.com. An inspection team have just returned from Punta Arenas and Santiago, Chile. They report that everything is on track for an early February 2006, activation of Peter I. The team should depart Punta Arenas around January 27th and return around February 25th. This will allow them to be on the island for about sixteen days depending on the weather and other factors. Fifteen members of the team will meet in Atlanta for a training session scheduled for September 15-19th. Please visit their Web page, and if possible make a contribution toward the significant expenses of this DXpedition at: http://www.peterone.com.

9/11 ACTIVITIES....................

0T705 & 0T805, COSTA RICA (Attention Prefix Hunters!). Carlos, TI8CBT, will activate new prefixes starting September 1st through September 30th. Look for special callsigns 0T805P and 0T705G to be on the air to celebrate the 184th annversary of Costa Rica's independence. Activity will be on all bands 160-10 meters including the WARC bands and 2 meters. Carlos states that the suffix "P" is for Puntarenas, Costa Rica, Zone 8, and the suffix "G" is for Guanacaste, Costa Rica, Zone 7. More details and a picture of the QSL card is avaliable on QRZ.com.


FY, FRENCH GUYANA. David/F0CRS and Freddy/F5IRO will be here for the next four months. Activity will be on the HF bands, CW and PSK. Both operators have asked for FY callsigns. They will be active from the Cayenne ARC (FY5KAC). Freddy is currently active as FY/F5IRO and David is awaiting his new "F8" callsign and is expected to sign FY/F8*** when he receives it. Both operators plan to be acive in the next French CW Championship the last weekend of January 2006 (28-29th); callsign TBA. QSL both operators via F5KIN.

GD0, ISLE OF MAN. The Manx Kippers will be active again during "SSB Field Day" (September 3-4th); in the Open Section (400w and beams category). The callsign will be GD0EMG/P. The team this time will be G3NKC, G4MJS, G4XUM and M0RHI. They will be active on 80-10 meters, as per UK rules, and welcome all QSOs. They will try to be active on 30m if time permits (they get many requests for activity on this band; before the IOTA Contest they made a number of QSOs, and they attempted to be active afterwards but had RF feedback problems). QSL to M0BEW.

H40 & H44, TEMOTU PROVINCE AND SOLOMON ISLANDS. Members of the Korea Amateur Radio League (KARL) will be celebrating their 50th anniversary by going on a DXpedition to the Temotu Province in the Solomon Islands, between November 5-11th. Six operators will have two stations active on all HF bands 160-6 meters (including the WARC band) on CW, SSB, RTTY and PSK31. The callsign H40HL has been requested (not confirmed yet) for their activity on Nendo Island (OC-100) in the Temotu Province. The operators mentioned are: Choi Jong-Sool/HL5FUA (member of Korea DX Club - KDXC), Gang Ho-Jun/DS2AGH (Team Leader), Yi Ju-Dong/DS2BGV, Yun Yong-Ju/6K2AVL, Yu Byeong-Jo/6K2DJM and Bak Yeong-Su/N1PW (ex-HL1PW). They will use five beam antennas, two kinds of vertical antennas and one dipole antenna. They will use the callsign H44HL (not confirmed yet) in the Solomon Islands (OC-047) before and after the operation in the Temotu Province. A Web site is now active with more details at: http://kdxc.net/h40hl_2005/. QSL Manager is HL1XP. QSL via the bureau or direct to: Jeon Seong-Tae, 58-1 Nonhyeon-Dong Gangnam-Gu, Seoul, Korea, 135-815, REPUBLIC OF KOREA.

IOTA NEWS........................

KH6, HAWAII (Special Event). Look for the USS Missouri's club station, KH6BB, to be active on September 2-4th to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the signing of the Japanese surrender papers on board the battleship USS Missouri (on Sept. 2, 1945) in Tokyo Bay, formally ending World War II. The station's activity will take place between 0000-0600z and 1600-1800z. Their primary operating frequency will be on 14063 kHz CW. Depending on the propagation, alternate frequencies will be 18073 and 21063 kHz. There may be combined CW/SSB operations on 14263, 18163 or 21363 kHz. QSL direct to: Battleship Missouri Amateur Radio Club, 98-1547 Akaaka, St. Aiea, HI 96701-3051, USA. Check the KH6BB Web page event calendar for last minute details on times and frequencies at: http://www.kh6bb.org.

MD4, ISLE OF MAN. MD4K will be active again during the "SSB Field Day" (September 3-4th); in the Open Section (400w and beams category). The team this time will be G3NKC, G4MJS, G4XUM and M0RHI. They will be active on 80-10 meters, as per UK rules, and welcome all QSOs. They will try again to be active on 30m if time permits (they get many requests for activity on this band; before the IOTA Contest they made a number of QSOs; they attempted to be active afterwards, but had RF problems). QSL to G3NKC.

OH0, ALAND ISLAND. Ari, OH5DX, will be active as OH0Z during the CQ WW DX CW Contest (November 26-27th) as a Single-Op possibly as an All-Band or Single Band (TBD) entry. QSL via W0MM.

QSL INFO AND NEWS.................

RSARS CIS DX CONTEST 2005. Jurij, MM0DFV, informs OPDX that there are new rules and date (October 22nd, 1000-2200z) for this contest. Visit the following Web page for details and the 2004 results at: http://www.srars.org/cisdxc.htm.

SA50, SWEDEN. The Amateur Radio Club at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden, is celebrating their 50th anniversary this year. They will participate in the Scandinavian Activity Contest (SSB) from September 24th 1200z to September 25th 1200z using the callsign SA50L. QSL via SK0BU.

SOUTHEAST ASIAN TRIP. Pete, SM5GMZ, will be back in Bangkok in the beginning of December this year for another six months working as a photo journalist mainly for the European news agencies but also for World Picture News (WpN) in New York. Even though work always comes first, during his free time he will be active on the air. Between December 5-31st, Pete will try to activate his Thai callsign, HS0ZFI, as much as possible. His operations will be on CW/SSB/PSK31 and RTTY. Starting January 6th, Pete will be back in Cambodia (XU) and will also try to make a few thousand QSOs (12K last time) with his Cambodian callsign XU7ADI. He will stay in XU for at least two months. Activity will be on all bands including 50 MHz and the same modes as above; CW/SSB/PSK31/RTTY. He also mentions that there may be a slight chance that he will activate Myanmar (XZ) and Laos (XW) as well. More details will be forthcoming.

ST, SUDAN. Jovica, T98A (ex. T94FC), will be on a one year United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) assignment to the Sudan. He has received the callsign ST0RM. Activity will be mostly CW on all bands, but also expect some SSB and the Digital modes. QSL via T93Y by the Bureau or direct to: Boris Knezovic, P.O. Box 59, 71000 Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

ST, SUDAN. Ado, W4ADO, has a two years contract with "Doctors Without Borders - Medecins Sans Frontieres" (MSF-USA) for work (technical support) in The Republic of the Sudan. He will arrive in Sudan on September 26th and will try to get an amateur radio licence. His activity will be on both CW and SSB. Ado states, "My first goal is to help people in Sudan and after that work on the radio". QSL will be via 9A6AA.

T8, PALAU.The following was a press release sent out by Tim Totten, N4GN, on Tuesday, August 23rd:

      Martti, OH2BH (T88BH) and Tim, N4GN (T88GG) AT IT AGAIN
  Those in the game for some years will recognize the Western Carolines,
  KC6, as one of the regulars on the DX scene.  It was in 1994 when the
  islands gained independence as T88, and this particular entity has been
  more difficult to reach from Europe and the United States ever since.
  Only a handful of locals and sporadic DXpeditions have kept Palau on the
  map. But no more.
  Tim, N4GN, and Martti, OH2BH, have decided to challenge the matter and
  put two T88 signals on the air at the same time; T88GG mostly on CW and
  digital modes and T88BH on SSB.  The activity begins on August 25 and
  continues until September 5, including the All Asian DX Contest during the
  first weekend of September.  QSL cards featuring this newly independent
  Republic can be obtained via Jarmo Jaakola, OH2BN: Kiiletie 5 C 30,
  Helsinki FIN-00710, FINLAND.
  This DXpedition is supported by Vertex Standard (Yaesu) both in radio and
  manpower terms.  Yuichi, JN1WTK/T88YK, will be on the team to make sure
  that you can hear the cleanest audio on the bands from the latest lineup
  of state-of-the-art Yaesu gear, but not around the clock as ladies are
  involved, too--Joana and Leena OH2BE/T88BE expect to establish a
  reasonable routine between radio and beach time while still guaranteeing
  that peak hours in both activities will not overlap as the path can be
  critical during these days of low sunspots.
  You are invited to visit Palau and use the Yaesu supported luxury radio
  room.  Maybe you can start your own dream tour today by studying the
  Republic of Palau for your next travel destination.

TI0, COSTA RICA (Special Event). Look for special event station, TI0SP, to be active in September to commemorate the 184th anniversary of Costa Rica's independence. Activity will be on all bands 160-10 meters, including the WARC bands and 2 meters. Modes will be CW, SSB, RTTY and PSK31. QSL will be via EA7FTR, only direct. More info is available on QRZ.com (type TI0SP).

VP2, MONTSERRAT. Look for Rick/G3VZT, his XYL Lynda/G0VDR and his 13 year old daugther Catherine/M3VZT to be active as VP2MRJ, VP2MLJ and VP2MCJ, between October 26th and November 4th. Rick states that he will be active as much as possible, but this is a holiday/business/family trip. Rick and his family are also expected to be active during the CQ WW DX SSB Contest (October 29-30th) as a Multi-Single entry. He hopes to use the callsign VP2M as he did in the 1977 CQWW CW Contest. However, the VP2M callsign currently belongs to the Montserrat Radio Society. If they can't use VP2M, they will use Rick's old callsign VP2MRJ. QSL via G4WTD.

ZB2, GIBRALTAR. The United Radio DX Team is planning a new trip at the end October here. Their callsign will be: ZB2/ON5UR (Max), ZB2/ON5MRT (Thierry) and ZB2/ON6NP (Wim). Activity will take place between October 27th and November 3rd on all bands, SSB and Digital mode. They will be active also during the CQ WW DX Contest. QSL direct via: United Radio DX Team, P.O. BOX 33, Zichem B-3271, Belgium. All direct QSL cards will receive a special full color double QSL. Visit their Web page at: http://www.on5ur.be/UR.htm.

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