Ohio/Penn DX Bulletin No. 463
May 18, 2000

The Ohio/Penn DX PacketCluster
DX Bulletin No. 462
BID: $OPDX.462
May 18, 2000
Editor Tedd Mirgliotta, KB8NW
Provided by BARF-80 BBS Cleveland, Ohio
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Thanks to the Northern Ohio Amateur Radio Society, Northern Ohio DX Association, Ohio/Penn PacketCluster Network, W3UR & The Daily DX, N4AA & QRZ DX, W6OM, K8YSE, W8QZA, CO8TW, DJ5AV & DX News Letter, DL2SBY, EI6FR, ER1LW, G3SWH, GM4FDM, GM0CLN HA0HW, JA1ELY, JA1EOD, JG7LQU, JI3DST, JM1LJS, OH2TA, OK1DTP, OK1YM, ON4ALW, RZ1OA and S51GL for the following DX information.

DAYTON HAMVENTION 2000 QRT (Details by Tedd/KB8NW). Well, I survived another year at this year's convention. I am a little fatigued, but I did my best to put a bulletin together late Monday night. So if I make any mistakes, please forgive me. However, I would have to say that "HamVention 2000" will be a memorable one for many. This year's HamVention hosted not only the ARRL 2000 National Convention, but W1AW/8 during the whole event. However, I truly believe it was extra special and memorable for DXers. To start, the "Amateur of the Year" was a well-known DXer, Martti Laine, OH2BH. He was present at the DX Dinner Banquet and at the Yaesu booth filling out QSL cards for his recent TX0CI operation. Speaking of QSL cards! There will probably never be another convention where DXers were able to pick up QSLs for new and rare DXCC entities. DXers were able to receive QSL cards for the two new DXCC entities (Chesterfield Island - TX0CI; and East Timor - 4W/W3UR and 4W/N5KO). They were also able to receive QSL cards from the FO0AAA Clipperton Island DXpedition and the number two (three) most wanted entity, Bhutan, A52A. CAN YOU BELIEVE IT? Also, many of the operators from the above mentioned were present at this year's convention. Both the DX Forums and DX Dinner Banquet had super programs and were of great interest for DXers. A program on the recent A52A Bhutan DXpedition was presented at the DX Forum and Dinner. During the DX Dinner Banquet, sponsored by the "Southwest Ohio DX Association", awards were presented to the following:

4U1VIC, VIENNA INTERNATIONAL CENTRE. Look for Jun/JH4RHF and Pekka/OH2TA to operate from here during the CQ WPX CW Contest as a Multi/Single entry. Remember this station only counts as Austria for DXCC. QSL via the OE Bureau or CBA.

4W, EAST TIMOR. Kan, JA1BK, reportedly is here, but there are no details on how long he will be active. QSNs show that he is signing 4W/JA1BK. Over the weekend he was spotted on 24896 kHz at 0230z.

A5, BHUTAN. Jim Smith, VK9NS/A52JS, continues to be active. Over the past weekend Jim was heard on 20/17/15 meters, mainly CW, at various times. Watch 20/15 meters between 0100 and 0400z. Watch 17 meters after 1330z. Yonten, A51TY, was heard on 14220 kHz at 1345z. At the Dayton HamVention, Glenn, W0GJ, states that he is hoping to return to A5 in December or January as A52GJ.

CO, CUBA. Eduardo, CO8LY, will be in the next CQWW WPX CW Contest as a Single Operator/Low Power/All Bands entry. QSL manager is EA7ADH. Also, look for Juan, CO8TW, to be in the next CQWW WPX CW Contest as a Single Operator/Low Power/All bands entry. QSL manager is EA3FQV.

E4, PALESTINE. Radek/OK1FHI and Zdenek/OK2BZM will be active from here as E4/OK1FHI, E4/OK2BZM, May 22-30th. They will operate from David's, E41/OK1DTP, QTH on the West Bank for the Shool in Beit Jala, near Bethlehem. The operators will be active together during the CQ WPX CW Contest as E41/OK1DTP as a Multi Single entry.

E4, PALESTINE. Miro, S51GL, informs OPDX that he is preparing a DXpedition for this autumn with the main objective to put Palestine on the digital modes. He hopes "to motivate the students at the Gaza college, E44DX, to do the same; since they have already the basics of ham radio and it will be nice to complete their education." His second goal is to operate on the WARC and 50 MHz bands. His third objective is to operate and promote friendship between Palestine, H.K. of Jordan, Lebanon and Slovenia with the rest of the world. Miro states, "with the help of possible donors and sponsors", he would like to help upgrade the E44DX Radio Club station with an HF yagi antenna and a small linear amplifier (second-hand equipment is also more then welcome). For more information and updates, go to Miro's Web page at: http://www.qsl.net/s51gl/ OPDX InterNet Subscribers will receive Miro's complete press release as an additional bulletin.

ER6, MOLDOVA. Slawa, ER1LW, will be using the callsign ER6A in the CQ WPX CW Contest. He suggests to please send QSL cards to his address P.O.Box 112, Chisinau, MD-2012, Moldova.

FK, NEW CALEDONIA. Nine members of JNN (Japan News Network), a Japanese commercial broadcast network system, will be active as TX8JNN for one week between June 29th and July 5th. The members/operators will be JA1APD, JA1EOD, JA1WVY, JP1JFG, 7K2FUE, JA3NEP, JA4ZA, JA7EU and JE7RJZ. The group will be active on 160-6 meters CW/SSB/RTTY/PSK31 and AO-10. QSL to JA1EOD: Akira Iizuka, P.O.Box 8, Okegawa, Saitama 363-8691, JAPAN.

FR/G, GLORIOSO ISLAND. Henri, FR5ZQ, now signing FR5ZQ/G, has been active on 20/15/10 meters, mostly on SSB but has been spotted on 15 meters CW. Look for him after 0300z. Reports indicate that he will be there until June 15th. QSL via his home callsign.

GM, WESTERN SCOTLAND ISLES TRIP "2000". Colin/GM0CLN and GM0BWU have planned a holiday to some of Scotland's Western Isles this July. The journey is as follows and will POSSIBLY include activations of the following islands:

Date/Local TimeIslandIOTAIOSA
22nd EveningSkyeEU-008NH7
23rd @noon - 25th @1130N.UistEU-010OH2
25th @1330 - 27th @1100HarrisEU-010OH1
 Great BerneraEU-010OH12
27th @1340-1830Travel Skye-Oban  
28thJoin GM2T Team; Ferry to TireeEU-008NH4
29th/30thIOTA Contest with the GM2T Team on TireeEU-008NH4
31stFerry to Oban and Drive home  

NOTE: Colin states, "This is primarily a holiday (other than the IOTA contest!). Although, I will try to incorporate as much radio operation as possible (SSB and CW). No definite planned activity times are known and activity will be dependant upon accommodation and weather. Also, it is probable that not all of the islands listed above will be activated. This will be dependant upon time available and demand for any given island(s) on the list. The callsign to be used will be GM0CLN/P and QSLs will be available via the bureau. Every effort will be made to be QRV on, or near, the usual IOTA/IOSA frequencies +/- QRM. Equipment should be an IC706, 100W and wire antennas. Watch the IOSA web pages for updates nearer the time of operation. I look forward to hearing everyone on the bands."

IOTA NEWS..........

OD, LEBANON. Pavel, OK1MU, who has been active from here as OD5/OK1MU, will participate in CQ WPX CW Contest as an all band entry. He was heard recently on 17 meters CW around 2100z. QSL via OK DX Foundation.

QSL INFO AND NEWS..............

SV, GREECE. Oldrich, OK1YM, now active as SV/OK1YM will paticipate in CQ WPX CW Contest either as a 40m or 10m entry. Meanwhile, over the last few weeks he has been active on 20/17/15 meters CW. QSL via OK DX Foundation.

TI/TE, COSTA RICA. Phil/N0KE and Bill/W8QZA plan to be active from here during the upcoming CQ WPX Contest. Look for TI5N to be activated during the contest by Phil as a QRP All-Band entry. QSL via TI5KD. Look for TE1W to be activated during the contest by Bill as a QRP Single Band 40 meters entry. QSL via TI5KD.

TK, CORSICA. Kazi, DL2SBY, will return to here and operate as TK/DL2SBY from May 27th through June 10th. Activity will be on CW/SSB with operations on 160-10 meters (mostly 160 meters and WARC).

VK9WI WILLIS ISLAND OPERATION. As your editor was working on this bulletin before leaving for the Dayton "HamVention", a press release (dated 05/16) was sent out stating the following excerpts: "One of the team members has broken his leg, just above the ankle. This occurred last night whilst trying to get off the catamaran. A large wave came along, upset his balance and cleaned him up! An SES chopper is flying out from Cairns to pick him up this morning. The chopper will have to re-fuel whilst on Willis in order to make the return journey. The WARC antenna is temporarily coming down this morning so that space for a landing pad for the chopper can be made. Needless to say this means there is a 25% reduction in available manpower. The four remaining members of VK9WI will work hard to try and satisfy everybody's needs, but unfortunately some operations may have to cancelled." The team states that they will close down the operation on May 24th. QSL via VK4APG, CBA, with 2 USD.

UPDATES RECEIVED (after your editor's return from Dayton!). Excerpts from press release indicate Peter, VK4APG, is doing well. He suffered a compound fracture and was operated on May 16th at a Cairns hospital. Willis Island is approximately 458km East of Cairns, and Cairns is 1,400km North f their home, Brisbane. Peter is actually the QSL Manager for the DXpedition, so be sure to say some kind words along with your QSL request. The VK9WI operation is now QRT as of May 22nd. For further information check their WEB site at: http://www.qsl.net/vk9wi/ For their on-line logs: http://www.qsl.net/vk9wi/1logs.htm

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