Ohio/Penn DX Bulletin No. 464
May 29, 2000

The Ohio/Penn DX PacketCluster
DX Bulletin No. 463
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May 29, 2000
Editor Tedd Mirgliotta, KB8NW
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Thanks to the Northern Ohio Amateur Radio Society, Northern Ohio DX Association, Ohio/Penn PacketCluster Network, WB2YQH/WB2RAJ & THE 59(9) DX REPORT, K3BEQ, W3UR & The Daily DX, N4AA & QRZ DX, WB4UBD, K5YG, N5VT, N6HR/ES1HR, NI6T, KL7AK, K8YSE, W8KKF, K9AJ, CE6TBN, DJ5AV & DX News Letter, DL7IO, GW0VSW, JI3DST, LZ1PJ, OH6LI, RV1CC, SM3TLG, UA0MF, UT1WL, UX0FF, VK4IRW, VK9NS and Mayer QSL Cards for the following DX information.

MORE ON DAYTON HAMVENTION 2000. As your editor is almost fully recovered from the festive weekend, I have to report a few errors in last week's bulletin. In my hurried/fatigue state, I put the wrong date on OPDX.462 which should have been May 22nd. Also, I mentioned that TX0CI cards were being pasted out at the HamVention. This is wrong. They were TX0DX QSLs. I am sorry, Martti, (OH2BH) for the mistake, but it was great seeing you and Petri (OH2NB) at Dayton. Many enjoyed seeing you for the first time and receiving their cards. According to "QRZ DX" the duo provided 850 QSLs at the Yaesu booth. Both operators are currently back in Finalnd. If you missed getting your Chesterfield Island QSL card at Dayton, do not worry. Cards will be coming out soon by mail. Also, in my hurry to put the bulletin together last week, I forgot to mention two indivduals were inducted into the CQ DX Hall of Fame at the DX Dinner. They were: Chad Harris, WB2CHO/VP2ML (SK), and ARRL Vice President John Kanode, N4MM.

8M2000, JAPAN. Look for the special event JARL Millennium Amateur Radio Station "8M2000" (Eight-Mike-Two-Thousand) to be active during two different weekends in June. First operation will take place from Tennouji-ku, Osaka- city, OSAKA, starting 1000z June 2nd and ending 0900z June 4th. The second operation will be from Amagasaki-city, HYOGO, starting 0500z June 10th and ending 0300z June 11th. Activity will be on 40/30/20/17/15/12/10/6 meters SSB/CW. The station will be operated by Takeshi/JI3DST and other JA OPs. QSL via the JARL Bureau (BUREAU is the BEST), however, don't send your QSL to the JARL. All 8M2000 QSOs will be sent to you automatically via the bureau.

A52JS UPDATE. Jim, VK9NS, has informed OPDX that he is currently in the U.K. visiting his son. He reports that he has logged a total of 20,300 QSOs (Please note that this is a page count and is sure to be reduced slightly). In Jim's message, he would like, for the record, personal thanks to Dasho Leki Dorji, Deputy Minister MOC, The Director, BTTB and Phub Tshering of Frequency Management BTTB. He also states that any DX group interested in visiting Bhutan (A5) for amateur radio purposes, is requested to contact him as soon as possible. He is willing to "personally assist you and guide you to a successful conclusion". All OPDX InterNet Subscribers will receive an edited version of Jim's press release as an additional bulletin.

AP, PAKISTAN. Peter, ON6TT/5X1T, is on the move again this time on a business trip through Asia. He was active a few weekends ago as AP2ARS and is expected to return again sometime this week after his vist to Afghanistan (YA). He is not expected to operate from YA-land. Peter has visited and operated a little over the past week in Katmandu (Nepal) and Tajikistan. After his short return to Pakistan, Peter will go to Hawaii for three weeks and then head back to Kosovo (YU0) for a week. QSL via ON5NT.

AX, AUSTRALIA. The "Amateur Radio Magazine" (dated May 2000, page 5, Vol. 68 No. 5, The Journal of the Wireless Institute of Australia) states, "The WIA Federal President, Peter Nash VK2BPN, has received confirmation from the Australian Communication Authority that all Australian radio amateurs may use the Optional "AX" callsign prefix to commemorate the Sydney Olympic and Paralympic Games. The period during which this may be used is 15 June 2000 to 2 November 2000 inclusive."

C6, BAHAMAS. Joe/W8GEX, Ron/WA8LOW, Mike/N9NS and Mike/K9AJ will be active from Berry Island, Bahamas (NA-054) from July 28-31st. Activity includes participation in the IOTA Contest. Two stations will be active on 40-6 meters, CW/SSB. The team will sign C6DX during the contest and C6AJR outside the contest. QSL to W8GEX.

EM70, UKRAINE (Attention Prefix Hunter!). The club station from the Lviv Branch of the UARL, UR4WWE, will organize a special event DXpedition to Mt. Hoverla (Carpathians) on June 2-4th. They will be active on all HF bands, CW, SSB and probably on the digital modes. The special event callsign will be EM70DXG to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the first ever amateur radio DXpedition in Europe organized by members of L.K.K. (Lviv Shortwave Amateur Club) to Mt. Hoverla in 1930. QSL via UT1WA, either the bureau or direct to: P.O. Box 5951, Lviv 79054, Ukraine.

FR5/T, TROMELIN. Erwann, F6JJX, Lyon DX Gang Secretary, reports that the dates for this operation are now set for August 1-16th. He states, "All administrative papers have been granted to us." However, the team is asking for further financial support from individuals and associations. They face a rise in the transportation costs and some of added costs that require from them about 17000 USD. This is crucial for them to find this amount of money to close the budget and make this expedition happen. The Lyon DX Gang involved in this adventure has used all of their budget, and they asked the operators to contribute more money, but this would put them in big financial troubles. So, if you want to help them again, please intercede with your associations granting the Dxpedition to FR/T more financial help. Erwann states, "We had to cope with a lot of administrative problems before having the landing permission as the weather station will be soon automatized and no more human beings will be allowed to go on the island. This island is already a total natural reserve. This clearly means that our Dxpedition could be the last one before a long time, and another Dxpedition could be impossible due to a new ambigious administrative status over the island. If you wish to help them, donations can be made to the Lyon DX Gang's Treasurer Eric Blanchard, F5PXT, or you can send directed contributions to NCDXF (note on the check for FR/T DXPEDITION). For more details, check the Web page: http://perso.easynet.fr/~f6jjx/

HOLYLAND AWARD. Amir, 4X6TT, has been very active in his mobile lately and has activated rare grid squares for the "Holyland Award" program. Details can be found on: http://hamradio.iarc.org/awards/awards.html Over the past weekend, Amir had the opportunity to activate 37 squares. Look for him on the Holyland frequencies: 14265, 18165, 21265, 24965 and 28465 kHz. Also, check out Amir's Web page at: http://www.qsl.net/4x6tt/

IOTA NEWS...................

J3, GRENADA. Harry, W8KKF, will once again be active as J37K from here. He plans to be active in the IARU HF World Championship Contest. However, he is looking for extra operators to join him. The contest runs 24 hours from 1200z Saturday, July 8th, through 1200 Sunday, July 9th. If anyone is seriously interested please reply directly to Harry at: hflasher@dayton.net or you can call him at 937-434-9616 (most of the time except Wednesday and Friday AM).

KH5K/KH5, KINGMAN REEF AND PALMYRA ATOLL. According to the latest Kingman Reef/Palmyra DX Group (KR/PDXG) press release, Chuck, N4BQW, has left Palmyra Atoll for Honolulu after operating two weeks as N4BQW/KH5 and one day as N4BQW/KH5K. Dave, WB4JTT, will remain on Palmyra for at least another week, but they anticipate having at least one operator on Palmyra through much of the summer. Chuck and Dave have erected a Force 12 C3 and a WARC beam, as well as an 80m inverted vee, while assisting The Nature Con- servancy's efforts to prepare Palmyra for visits by potential contributors. Current operations are still barefoot, but the antenna improvements should enable Dave to reach a larger audience when he has time to operate. They stress again that amateur operation is a secondary mission at this stage, but they expect Dave to be active on the higher bands, primarily on CW, with some lowband activity also planned. QSL all KR/PDXG operations go to K4TSJ.

M0, ENGLAND (KH0AS QRT). Mike, KH0AS, has shut down and is leaving Saipan after thirteen years on the island. He and his family are moving to G-land where he expects to reactivate his M0ALW callsign this fall. Jim, WB4UBD, holds copies of Mike's logs starting with September 1997. Confirmations of any contacts prior to that date will have to wait until Mike gets unpacked and settled in.

PJ, NETHERLANDS ANTILLES. Bill, K5YG, will be active as PJ4/K5YG from Bonaire, June 4-9th. His main modes of operation will be RTTY and PSK31 on 20 and 10 meters using wire antennas (when XYL and Bill are not diving). QSL via K5YG.

QSL INFO AND NEWS...................

QUEEN AMAZONA 2000 DXPEDITION. A Colombian team will activate 5K9AQ in celebrating the "Queen Amazona 2000 DXpedition", a very long trip along the Amazona River which will take place for 3-4 months. For further information, check the Web page at: http://www.amazonqueen2000.com

ZD9, TRISTAN DA CUNHA. "THE 59(9) DX REPORT" reports that Bob, G3ZEM, has been issued the sign ZD9ZM for his September operation from here.

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