Ohio/Penn DX Bulletin No. 467
June 26, 2000

The Ohio/Penn DX PacketCluster
DX Bulletin No. 467
BID: $OPDX.467
June 26, 2000
Editor Tedd Mirgliotta, KB8NW
Provided by BARF-80 BBS Cleveland, Ohio
Online at 440-237-8208 28.8k-1200 Baud 8/N/1

Thanks to the Northern Ohio Amateur Radio Society, Northern Ohio DX Association, Ohio/Penn PacketCluster Network, AI2Q, N2OO, W2CE, WB2YQH/ WB2RAJ & THE 59(9) DX REPORT, NG3K, N4GN, W4JKC, W4SMG, AI5P, W4WX, K5KG, K7BV, K8YSE, KD8JN, KU9C, N0JK, 9M2TO, CE6TBN, DJ5AV & DX News Letter, GM3WOJ, HA0HW, JA0KSB, JN1HOW, LW9EUJ, PS7AB, PY3DF, SM7AED, SP6ECA, UA1TAN, UT8LL, VK2GJH and ZS5BBO for the following DX information.

1999 ARRL DXCC YEARBOOK. Many are or have received their new yearbook over the last few weeks. The top 10 most wanted entities for 1999 are:

  1. P5, North Korea
  2. BS7H, Scarborough Reef
  3. BV9P, Pratas Island
  4. A5, Bhutan
  5. VU4, Andaman and Nicobar Islands
  6. 7O, Yemen
  7. E3, Eritrea
  8. 3Y, Bouvet Island
  9. FR/T, Tromelin Island
  10. VU7, Lakshadweep Island

Naturally, this list has changed over the last fews months due to the A5 and BQ9P (BV9P) operation. You also have a FR/T operation coming up which will change the list ever more. Lastly, North Korea may even change if the talks continue between North Korea and South Korea.

3A, MONACO (Special Activity from Principaute de Monaco, June 28th - July 10, 2000). The Association des Radio-Amateurs de Monaco, ARM, the Monaco IARU society, will host a special activity combining resident Monaco amateurs and inivited international team working together toward a common goal. The team will consist of 3A2AH, 3A2CR, 3A2HB, 3A2LF, 3A2MG, 3A2MW, N4GN, OH1RY, OH2BC, OH2BH, OH2TA and OH9MM. The highlight of this activity will be the special call sign 3A2K participating the IARU Championship (July 08-09) in the HQ category, activating several stations on several bands, SSB and CW, at the same time.

Furthermore, the first ever Monaco activity on 6 meters will be carried out during the period July 01 through July 10, 2000, based on a special authorization for frequencies in the range 50.2 - 51.2 MHz. QSL 3A2K via 3A2ARM, ARM, B.P. 2, MC 98001, Monaco Cedex.

4W, EAST TIMOR (Update). Dick Wolf, N6FF, will be joining Made/YB9BV and Dennis/K7BV in early October for a dedicated Low Bands operation from East Timor. Dick is a well-known and accomplished 160 operator insuring that Top Band gets an "expert's touch". John, ON4UN, has been consulting the group regarding frequency selection. The DXpedition website will be updated soon to reflect his recommendations at: http://www.qth.com/k7bv/

C2, NAURU. Jack, VK2GJH, reports to OPDX that he will be active as C21JH during September or December. However, he states that July is a non event and he will be in Kuala Lumpur on business.

C9, MOZAMBIQUE (Update). Martin, LW9EUJ, has been in touch with hams in C9, and they were very kind and willing to help him with licensing paperwork, customs, and accomodations. He will operate from Maputo (in December) where he will have plenty of room for the antennas. If everything goes as planned, Martin will be able to operate from there for almost 15 days with a couple of breaks to attend business meetings in Souht Africa. A dedicated Web site with on-line logs will be set up for this operations and other operations. All QSLs cards should go to his home address which is OK in the Call Book. His direct address is: Granaderos 691, Lujan (6700), Buenos Aires, ARGENTINA. Please note that QSL procedures will not start until March 2001. January and February will be tough months due to his job meetings in the USA and Madrid (EA).

Meanwhile, the "DX News Letter" reports that Brian, C91DC, is active from Maputo with an IC-707 and dipole antenna until late September. Look for him around 0500-0530z between 28490-28495 kHz and on 14245 from 1400 through 1500z.

CT3, MADEIRA ISLANDS. The 59(9) DX Report, reports that Ben, DJ8FW, will be active July 20th through August 20th, most likely as CT3/DJ8FW.

CY9, ST. PAUL ISLAND (Press Release). "After lengthy negotiations with the Canadian Coast Guard and extensive work by a non-amateur Canadian on our behalf, the required insurance documentation and fees were submitted on 19 June for final official permission to visit the island. Hopefully, this will be quickly forthcoming."

Their planned dates are July 6-10th (weather dependent). Callsigns will be AI5P/KE1AC/WA4RX or WV2B Portable CY9. No activity for 160/80 meters is planned. Emphasis will be on the higher bands. Suggested frequencies are: 50115, 28495/28030, 24945/24895, 21295/21030, 18145/ 18075, 14195/14030, 10130, 7185/7170/7030 (By agreement, U.S. stations in Canada must operate SSB in their own National bandspace.) QSX as announced. QSL info: AI5P (via Home Call), KE1AC (via K1WY DX Association), WA4RX (via N2AU), and WV2B (via N2AU). Additional information and late-breaking news will be available there on: http://www.geocities.com/Heartland/Pines/7651/DXpedition.html

EM5, UKRAINE (New Islands to be Activated!). Operators Igor/UR5LCV, Victor/UT8LL, Geo/UY5XE and maybe one or two more hams from Ukraine, will activate three new Ukrainian island starting on July 2nd using the callsign EM5UIA (Ukrainian Islands on the Air). The planned schedule is:

   July 2-4th - Lebiazh'i isls (Crimea)    July 8-10th - Odessa oblast
   July 5-7th - Kherson oblast

They hope that everything will go as planned, but dates may be adjusted due to hopping from island to island. There will be two operating sites:

Their operating policy is: They will be wokring ALWAYS split 5-7 kHz up, on 14/21/28 MHz (1st site) priority will be given for overseas operators. The 2nd site will be open for everybody always. QSL via UT8LL (Victor Russinov, P.O.Box 44, Kharkov, Ukraine). Victor states, "sending direct is optional for urgent need only, all the rest of QSL cards will be sent via the bureau according to the logs because we appreciate pile ups on the air and not on the table."

GB, ENGLAND (RSGB Station). Look for GB5HQ to be active during the IARU/WRTC events on July 8-9th. The RSGB headquarters station GB5HQ will be activated by the GM7V contest team on 160-15 meters SSB/CW. On 10 meters, Steve/G4JVG and his team will activate the RSGB headquarters station GB3RS on SSB/CW. Please note that GB5HQ and GB3RS count as the same UK multiplier on the bands listed above - GB5HQ cannot QSY to 10m and GB3RS will only be on 10m. For more information, check the Web page: http://www.gm7v.com

IOTA NEWS.......

J2, DJIBOUTI. Jean, F5LDY, who has been active since mid-May as J2/F5LDY is now signing J28EW. He is often on 21008 and 28008 kHz. QSL via F5LDY.

J7, DOMINICA. George, K5KG, will be active from here between July 1st and July 11th, signing J79KG. Operation will be 80-10 meters, predominately CW and some SSB. There will be no RTTY, satellite or 160M operation. Art, N2AU, will be the pilot station for the J79KG operation. Special requests for information about the operation may be sent to: n2au@lightlink.com QSL via Art, N2AU. November 2000: CQWW CW Contest - J79KG will be activated for CQWW CW by George, K5KG/J79KG, and Paul, K5AF/J79AF.

JW, SVALBARD. Tom, LA4LN, will be active as JW4LN from June 28th through July 11th. Activity will be mostly during his evenings on 40/30/20 meters CW.

KH4, MIDWAY ISLAND. Tom, W4JKC, will be active as W4JKC/KH4 from July 1-8th. He will operate as his work schedule permits. He will try to concentrate on: Europe, CW, and 160-40 meters. QSL via W4JKC.

KH5, PALMYRA ATOLL. Chuck, N4BQW, was active over the past weekend on 20/15/10 meters SSB. He is expected to be active until about June 28th.

KL, ALASKA. Remember to look for Don, NL7QT, to be active from Wrangell Island (NOT NA-041), June 26th through August 1st. Activity will be QRP, especially on 40 meters. He will drive to Bellingham and take the Alaska Ferry to Wrangell. It is a 2 1/2 day boat trip. Don states that this is a great way to see south east Alaska and British Columbia. He should arrive there around June 26th and hopes to be on the air soon after. QSL via bureau. His daily schedule is as follows, bands conditions permitting:

He will check in daily on the following:

MOON BOUNCE OPERATION (Special Event for VHF/UHF operators). Between July 22nd and 30th, look for HG100BAY, a memorial radio station, which will operate from Hungary on 144, 432 and 1296 MHz. The characteristics of the station are:

Their transmission will be directed towards the moon. The aim is to receive the reflected signal and to make connections with the memorial station, respectively. For more details, check the following Web site at: http://www.puskas.hu/hg100bay/

QSL INFO AND NEWS.................

S2, BANGLADESH. Craig, AH8DX, will be active from Bangladesh signing S21/AH8DX or S21ZW on all bands starting July 5th for 7 days. He will also operate in the IARU Contest looking for Slovenian S5 stations during the contest. QSL via: Craig Maxey, Box 2064, St. Maarten, Netherlands Antilles (With green stamp please).

SILENT KEY. Well-known DXer from CE6-land Mr. Theo Wagner, CE6EW, became a Silent Key (SK) June 23, 2000. Theo was ex-president of CE6TC, Op of the 1963 CE0CA Easter Island operation and many time winner in CQWW, CQ WPX and other contests.

SPECIAL EVENT STATION (Attention Prefix Hunters!). From July 24th to August 1st, look for special event station 4X85EUK. This station will be transmitting from the 85th Esperanto World Congress from Hotel Dan Panorama, Tel Aviv, Israel. The station will be operated by members of ILERA - International League of Radioamateurs Esperantists on the usual ILERA-frequencies: 7066, 14266, 21266 and 28766 kHz and packet radio (CONVERS channel 1887).

SPECIAL EVENT STATION. Special event station 3Z0EMC will be active on all bands HF, specially on WARC, CW/SSB between June 24th and 30th during the "15th Symposium on Electromagnetic Compatibility" at Wroclaw University of Technology. The Symposium Web site: http://www.emc.wroc.pl/ QSL via SP6ECA.

SPECIAL EVENT STATION. The Old Barney ARC shall be operating W2T during the International Lighthouse Activity Weekend August 19-20th, from the "Tucker's Island Lighthouse" in Tuckerton, NJ. This is a full scale replica of the Tucker's Island lighthouse which succumbed to the Atlantic back in 1927. It is the focal point of the new "Tuckerton Seaport" project which is a working seaport built to preserve, present and interpret the Baymen and their way of life. It just opened in May 2000. Operation will be from 1300z on August 19th to 0300z on August 20th, then again on August 20th from 1300-2000z. Suggested frequencies to watch are: 7265, 14265, 21365, 28465 +/- QRM. Also 146.835 -600/PL-3A and 146.52 spx. QSL via N2OO, PO Box 345, Tuckerton, NJ 08087 USA. SASE/SAE with IRC for QSL. Send 9"x12" SASE with appropriate postage/IRC's if you want a certificate with your QSL.

VP2, MONTSERRAT. Look for two members of the Florida DXPedition Group (FDXPG) to be active from July 18-24th. There will be traveling space available on military aircraft to Antigua, so they will take a ferry to Montserrat. Bill, W4WX, will sign VP2MHX and Larry, W1LR, will sign VP2MHS. Bill will concentrate on RTTY while Larry will operate SSB. QSL direct or via bureau to home callsigns.

VP2V, BRITISH VIRGIN ISLAND. Look for Jimmy to sign VP2V/WA6JKV and be active the last week in June and the first week of July on HF. There will be activity also on 6 meters.

ZS, SOUTH AFRICA. During the IARU HF World Championships weekend (July 8-9th) the team of Gary/ZS5NK and Edwin/ZS5BBO will be active as ZS5T. They will be operating from Gary's shack in Durban, South Africa, using a Kenwood TS870 and TL922 Linear Amp. Antennas will include a stacked arrray, 6 over 6 for 10, 15 and 20 meters. A selection of dipole antennas will be used for 40 and 80 meters, and the tower will be used for 160 meters. This small but very able team looks forward to working very aggressively in this year's contest. QSL to Edwin Musto (ZS5BBO), P.O. Box 211032, Bluff, 4036, South Africa.

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