Ohio/Penn DX Bulletin No. 490
December 18, 2000

The Ohio/Penn DX PacketCluster
DX Bulletin No. 490
BID: $OPDX.490
December 18, 2000
Editor Tedd Mirgliotta, KB8NW
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NEWS FLASH OF THE WEEK........... 3Y0C, BOUVET ISLAND (2000 brings one more rare entity!). A press release from Mac, WA4FFW, informs OPDX of the following: "Chuck, N4BQW, of Palmyra and Kingman Reef fame, will begin a 4 month operation from Bouvet Island. Operations will commence on Saturday, December 16th at 2000z on 14.195 MHz. Chuck has been a granted license with the callsign 3Y0C. This callsign was issued some years ago but was never activated according to officials, therefore, it was reissued to Chuck for this operation. Chuck arrived on Bouvet on December 11th aboard the 'MV Polarstern'. Landing was with the aid of a helicopter. Chuck is part of a scientific team consisting of 4 Norwegian Scientists and himself. He is the only Ham operator. He will be involved in conducting some experiments; however he will have plenty of time to operate. Joe, N4OL, the Operations Equipment Manager, states Chuck will be running an ICOM 756 Pro and an ICOM PW-1 solid state linear. He has vertical antennas for 160-40 meters and will use beams on 30-10 meters. They are not all in place at this time but should be up in a week to 10 days as weather and work permits. Pilot station, Gene, WJ4T, states that Chuck will have a generator for approximately 12 hours a day and will use large banks of batteries when the generator is not available. Gene reports that Chuck will have some other responsibilities on the Island but will have plenty of time to operate. Gene also reports that the temperature is 0 degrees C with winds at 50 MPH. He also reported there have already been winds in excess of 70 MPH since the team landed. Therefore antenna erection has been and will continue to be difficult. WA4FFW is the QSL manager for the operation. Mac asks that no cards be sent until an address is posted sometime in early January 2001. There will be no computer logs. Logs will not be in hand until after Chuck's return to the U.S. sometime in April." Chuck has been quite active over the past weekend on 14195 and 21298 kHz. Bruce, WD4NGB, states for 3Y0C propagation, check the Web page: http://www.qsl.net/wd4ngb/3y0.htm

3B6, AGALEGA. Han, HB9BXE, (from a press release by HB9CRV) states: "The supplementary work caused to the postponement of our expedition has now been completed. All the expedition material except those items which have been returned to suppliers are stored safely at Basle. We can now concentrate our efforts again on the preparations for the May 2001 expedition." The 3B6RF crew for next year's DXpedition has a few changes. For business reasons their financial manager Joe, HB9AJW, has had to cancel his participation and Cedric Baechler, HB9HFN, was added. The crew now consists of: HB9BQI, HB9BQW, HB9BXE, HB9CRV, HB9HFN, HB9JAI, HB9JBI, 3B8CF, 9A4TU, CT1AGF, DL3KUD, DL6UAA, F6HMJ, G3KHZ and NK6F. The crew is still looking for a good CW operator. The scheduled operation is to take place on May 5th for 14 days. OPDX InterNet Subscribers will receive the latest press release as an additional bulletin. Watch their web site for updates at: http://www.agalega2000.ch

4S, SRI LANKA. Ananda, 4S7NB, located in Colombo was active over the weekend on 20 meters around 14180 kHz between 0100 and 0230z. Meanwhile, Nelson, 4S7NE, near Colombo, has been active on 30 meters (10108 kHz) between 2300 and 0030z.

4U, UNITED NATIONS HQ. 4U1UN made a surprise appearance on the air Friday and Saturday. Operator was Mohammed and was active on 3793 kHz after 0000z.

A4, OMAN. Sadiq, A41KJ, was heard this past weekend on 21241 kHz around 1145z. QSL via N5FTR.

A9, BAHRAIN. Gus, K4SXT, active as A92ZE, has been very active on 160 and 40 meters. Check around 1832 and 7003 between 0130 and 0400z. QSL via: Capt. Julius Gostel Jr., PSC 451, Box 1198, FPO AE 09834, USA.

ANTARCTICA RECORD? Nobert, OE1SNW/MM, is cruising with a sailboat around the Antarctica Continent which will take about 100 Days. He is trying to set a one man record for his class of boat. He is also active on Ham Radio on 14313 kHz (reportedly around 1600z). More details and information about his daily position can be found on the Web site: http://www.icelimit.at This Web page is very interesting with photos and details on Nobert and his yacht "Oase III". Also, SSTV pictures of his trip can be found on the Web page: http://www.icom.at

ET, ETHIOPIA. Claudio, ET3VSC, was active on 80, 40 and 12 meters this past week. Check around 7030 and 3788 kHz between 1500 and 1530z and 24967 kHz after 1300z.

HZ, SAUDI ARABIA. HZ1AB was heard this past week on 12 and 10 meters. Check 28460 kHz around 1215z and between 24960 and 24970 kHz from 1330 to 1430z. There was also a QSN from Europe stating that HZ1AB was on 3508 kHz at 1544z. QSL via K8PYD.

IOTA/LIGHTHOUSE OPERATION. Pete, MM5PSL, will be operating from the Sumburgh Head Lighthouse on the Shetland Islands (EU-012) during the "Amateur Radio Light House Society" (ARLHS) sponsored Christmas Lights operation from December 18th until January 2nd. The ARLHS number is SCO-232. The following information has been received from Pete: "The following are times broadly available and I will be on the air as much as possible but obviously can't operate all the time.

The 20 meters will be his primary band, and he will be on or near the usual lighthouse frequency, 14270 kHz. Pete's QSL Manager for the operation will be longtime IOTA and lighthouse chaser WA7OBH: Lee Graves, 4341 SE Satinleaf Place, Stuart, FL 34997 USA.

IOTA NEWS....................

PIRATE ALERT. A station signing 4W1CW on 12 meters at 1034z was active saying QSL via N7RO. This is SLIM. "The Daily DX" also reported that Dick, N7RO, knows nothing about this guy.

QSL INFO AND NEWS..................

S2, BANGLADESH. Junji, JA7KXD, will operate S21YT again from December 27th, 1800z to January 2nd, 1759z. Details on his activity were not mentioned. QSL via Junji Ogawa, 2-3-51, Kimachidori, Aoba-ku, Sendai-city 980-0801, JAPAN.

S2, BANGLADESH. Carl, SM6CPY, has delayed his trip here which was going to take place during December and January. The delay is due to the local flooding. He now hopes to be active as S21YD during February 12-19th.

S7, SEYCHELLES. David, OK1DTP, will active on CW/SSB with callsign S79OK now through December 26th. He will visit the islands of Mahe and Praslin, IOTA AF-024. He will use an IC-706 MKII (100w) and 40m delta loop. QSL via OK1TD.

SPECIAL EVENT. Frank, N5VT, reports that he will be active as a special event station to celebrate the "Battle of New Orleans" from January 1-10th (2001). Activity will be on CW/SSB/RTTY and PSK31 with operations on 80/40/30/20/17/15/12/10/6 meters. A special award is available if you work him on 80-10 meters. QSL via N5VT w/SASE.

SY, MOUNT ATHOS. Monk Apollo, SV2ASP, continues to be active as SY2A until the end of the year. He has been keeping people happy on 20/12/10 meters. Watch around 14205, 24963 and 28456 kHz between 1330 and 1530z. QSL ONLY direct to SV2ASP.

T8, PALAU. Look for Hiro/JK1FNN and his XYL Mie/7L1MKM to be active from here as T88HA and T88MY from December 30th through January 3rd. Activity will be on 80-10 meters CW/SSB. QSLs via JK1FNN.

V31, BELIZE. "The 59(9) DX Report" reports that Gisela/DK9GG and Gerd/DJ4KW will be active as V31GW from January 9th through February 20th. Activity will be on all bands including 160 and 80 meters. Klaus, DJ4SO will join them on January 16th thru February 20th. QSL via DJ4KW.

VK0MM QRT. Alan, VK0MM, is permanently QRT from Macquarie Island as of 1330z December 16th. Alan states, " Thanks to everyone for all the QSOs and E-mails over the thirteen months... it's been great fun. All proceeds from the VK0MM QSL process will be donated to Camp Quality, an Australian charity that provides care for children with cancer and other terminal illnesses; please dig deep when you mail your QSLs. The QSL address will be announced in January on: http://www.geocities.com/vk0ld/qslinfoX.html

XV & XU, VIETNAM AND CAMBODIA (Change of plans!). Rodger, N4ZC, informs OPDX that Mauro, IN3QBR, reported to him the following changes from the OPDX.489 bulletin. Mauro states that there is no flight from Phnom Pen to Vientiane until December 24th. So, Mauro will be on the air now as XV7AAZ from December 20-23rd while waiting for the flight. Rodger adds that Mauro will be visiting him in February. He plans to take Mauro to the Carolina DX Association's meeting and the Orlando hamfest during that month. Rodger states that he will have all logs and cards for XW3QBR, XW3ZNR and XV7AAZ to hand out at the hamfest. Normal QSLing is via IN3ZNR, but those going to the Orlando hamfest can save postage and IRCs if they wish to get their cards there. Mauro will be at Rodger's "ARRL W4QSL Bureau" booth space all day Saturday, February 10th.

ZC4, UK SOV. BASE AREAS ON CYPRUS. Steve, ZC4BS (also G4KIV ZD8SB N5ZFR), reports that the ZC4 club station should be up and running as ZC4ESB (Eastern Sovereign Base). The station will be operated by Steve/ZC4BS, Des/ZC4DW and Graham/ZC4GK. They will be active for the next 3 years, and hopefully a little longer on all bands 160-6 meters and on all modes. Des and Steve are also keen contesters and will be participating in most contests.

ZK1, SOUTH COOK ISLANDS (Also 3D2). Look for Dan, N6PEQ, to be active a few days from Fiji signing 3D2CQ until December 20th before moving onto South Cook. Once there he will signing ZK1PEQ between December 20th through January 6th. He plans to travel to Raratonga and Aitutaki using a FT-847, dipole and vertical on 80-10 meters (and possibly 6 meters). QSL via N6PEQ. For more details, check Dan's Web site at: http://www.dxer.com/n6peq/

ZS6, SOUTH AFRICA. Rudi, ZS6DX, who has been active in the CQWW CW and the ARRL 10 Meter Contest as well as general DXing, reports that he will be more active over the next few weeks on 17 and 12 meters. QSL via: R. Venter, 11 Bushbuck Lane, Monument Park, Pretoria, 0181, South Africa.

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