Ohio/Penn DX Bulletin No. 495
January 22, 2001

The Ohio/Penn DX PacketCluster
DX Bulletin No. 495
BID: $OPDX.495
January 22, 2001
Editor Tedd Mirgliotta, KB8NW
Provided by BARF-80 BBS Cleveland, Ohio
Online at 440-237-8208 28.8k-1200 Baud 8/N/1

Thanks to the Northern Ohio Amateur Radio Society, Northern Ohio DX Association, Ohio/Penn PacketCluster Network, AB5K & the AR TelNet Clusters, AA1M, AD1C, KF2TI, N2WB, WB2YQH/WB2RAJ & The 599 DX Report, W3UR & The Daily DX, K4HB, K4WLS, N4AA & QRZ DX, WD4NGB, K8GG, K8YSE, N8BJQ, KU9C, W9VA, W0IS, CE6TBN, DL2VFR, DL3APO, DL5AXX, DL5EBE, DL9NEI, F5CWU, F5NOD, GW0ANA, HB9PL, OE3MZC, OM3LZ, UA2FM, VE3EXY, VK3TZ and ARRL Letter for the following DX information.

3D2, CONWAY REEF (Update/Change). Hrane, YT1AD, reported that the 2001 Conway Reef DXpedition will start a day earlier than planned. The team will go via Hong Kong instead of Kuala Lumpur, and the DXpedition will start on February 18th at 08:00 local time, or on February 17 at 2100z.

3G0, EASTER ISLAND. Norbert, DL9NEI, informs OPDX that a joint Chilean and German DXPedition will activate Easter Island between March 4-19th. Operations will be on all HF Bands mostly on CW/RTTY, on lower bands and the WARC bands. The callsign used will be 3G0Y. Look for the latest information still under development, that is happening now and during the operation on the following Web site coming soon at: http://www.qsl.net/3g0y/ QSL via DK7YY.

3Y, BOUVET. Chuck, 3Y0C, continues to be active in spite of the problems that keep developing. As this bulletin was being prepared Sunday morning, a short review of updates from the WD8NGB Web page reports that another big storm hit the island January 18th and snapped the antenna mast and smashed the beam. Chuck has managed to repair the beam and erect it on the shortened mast, but will try to get the beam higher in to the air. Chuck tried to take the photographs from the roof of the shack, but the wind speed is so high that he cannot stand upright on the roof. He will try again when the weather improves. The generator's engine continues to cause problems. The engine is not designed for extreme weather conditions and has allowed the crankshaft bearing seals to freeze and loose their sealing ability. The lubricating oil leaks past the seal and slowly drains. The leaking oil has to be captured, strained and returned to the engine. About 95% of the oil is being recovered, however, they took enough oil for maintenance functions, not for leaks. Because of leaking, battery charging is thus extended from 2 hours to 4 hours at a time. Another problem is also reported by Chuck. It is now very unfortunate that his solid-state linear amplifier has failed, and he has been unable to find out the reason of the failure.

Now for good news. The time set aside to listen for Asia and Oceania has paid off. Chuck on Saturday, around 0600z on 20 meters, worked many JAs and VKs. He will try this for the next few days, and these areas are to look for Chuck starting 0600z on 18130, 21295, 28495 and 14195 kHz. Also, it was mentioned that some RTTY operations will begin next week. For the complete/unedited up-to-date information mentioned above, check out the Web page: http://www.qsl.net/wd4ngb/3y0.htm

8Q, MALDIVES. Mike/OE3MZC and his wife Barbara/OE3YCB will be active from here February 7-21st, as 8Q7MZ and 8Q7BZ, respectively. Mike tells OPDX that they will be active from the Island of Kuredu during the first week and the Island of Velavaru during the second week. Activity will be on all HF bands, mainly around the IOTA frequencies on SSB. There will also be 6m, SSTV and PSK31. Mike informs us that this will be a holiday DXpedition, so please allow them some time for snorkeling as well as traveling from one island to another. For the latest news, check their Web site at: http://www.qsl.net/oe3mzc/

A4, OMAN. During an installation and commissioning of trunking communications system in Oman by two Slovakian radio operators, Stefan/OM3RG and Miro/OM3LZ, will be active from the desert. This is thanks through the help of A41LZ, the Omani Amateur Radio Society which permitted their operation. Activity is now through January 25th (or 27th). Suggested frequencies are:

They will use one TCVR with linear PA and vertical/wire antenas mostly during the evening hours. QSL direct to OM3LZ.

A52A BHUTAN VIDEO REVIEW (by KB8NW). James, 9V1YC, has done it again! I have just viewed the A52A video over the past weekend and I would have to say James has made another "**** Four Star Video". This high quality enlightening and educational video is a must for DXers. In James' video (as in all his videos) he mixes the sites and sounds of Bhutan which are breathtaking. OH YEA, the bus trip to the Pine Wood Hotel was great! Strap on your seat belts FOLKS! I personallly would like to thank James for the ride and view of Bhutan. For more information or to order a copy of this video, go to the Web page at: http://home.pacific.net.sg/~jamesb/

AX, AUSTRALIA (Update.... Attention Prefix Hunters!). Tony, VK3TZ, reported last week in OPDX.494 that the "AX" prefix will be aired once again by all Aussie amateurs on Australia Day - January 26th. The following times for the use of the AX prefix are for the 24 hours commencing 0000 hours local time for each state:

CE0Z, SAN AMBROSIO ISLAND (Update/Change). Marco, CE6TBN, Team Leader for the DXpedition to San Ambrosio Island during the second week in February, reports that "in an unusual determination the SUBTEL (Sub Secretaria de Telecomunicaciones) has changed the prefix to CE0ZT (from CE0XT)...." This due to a new Chilean rule stating San Felix and Juan Fernandez's prefix is now CE0Z.

D6, COMOROS. Josep/EA3BT/D68BT and Nuria/EA3WL/D68WL continue to be very active on all bands until January 28th. Due to a bad Internet connection, the logs will be posted every 2 days instead of every day. If you want to see new pictures and logs from the DXpedition, look every day at the following URL address on the Web sites: http://www.qsl.net/ea3bt/Comoros-Picture_of_day.htm http://www.qsl.net/ea3bt/index2.htm

DAYTON HAMVENTION 2001 DX DINNER. The Southwest Ohio DX Association is pleased to announce the Sixteenth Annual DX Dinner to be held on Friday, May 18th, 2001 at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, Dayton, OH. There will be a cash bar at 6:30 PM and dinner at 7:15 PM. Tickets are 32.00 (USD) and must be purchased in advance. Groups wishing to sit together must order as a group. A table seats eight. Please make your check or money order payable to SWODXA and send an SASE for ticket return. Seats will be assigned in the order that requests are received. Seats will be assigned on 11th March 2001. Seating is limited. Please order tickets from: Steve Bolia, N8BJQ, 7354 Thackery Rd, Springfield OH 45502. For information on the dinner, check the Web page: http://members.aol.com/SteveB4622/ Or contact Steve Bolia, N8BJQ at (937) 788-2803 or via his E-mail address at: n8bjq@erinet.com

DX MAGAZINE'S 100 MOST WANTED! Carl, N4AA, Editor of QRZ DX, reports that the results of "The DX Magazine's 100 Most Wanted Survey" for the year 2000 have been posted to the Web site (under "DX News") at: http://www.dxpub.com A complete breakdown by continent and USA time zone is included in the January/February issue of The DX Magazine. As it stands, the top ten are:

    1 - P5,   North Korea          6 -  KH5K,    Kingman Reef
    2 - VU4,  Andaman              7 -  YA,      Afghanistan
    3 - BS7,  Scarborough Reef     8 -  VP8/SS,  South Sandwich Island
    4 - 3Y/B, Bouvet               9 -  3Y/P,    Peter I Island
    5 - VU7,  Lakshadweep         10 -  7O,      Yemen

DXCC NEWS. Submittals for the ARRL DXCC Honor Roll are due March 31, 2001. For more information, contact ARRL DXCC Manager Bill Moore, NC1L, via E-mail at: bmoore@arrl.org

FO/FO0/M, FRENCH POLYNESIA AND MARQUESAS ISLANDS (Update). Peter, DL3APO, informs OPDX that the callsigns for the upcoming FO and FO0/M DXpedition are now approved, and the German team will be using the CEPT license FO/homecall. So, look for FO/DL1AWI, FO/DL5XU and FO/DL3APO to be aired January 27th through February 28th (Please refer OPDX.491 -- Oh, remember to wish Peter a happy birthday on FO). The group has received a 2nd antenna in addition to the LP 5 from TITANEX - the V 160E vertical with tuning unit for the lower bands. They will also have two linear amplifiers with them. "The preparation is going well", states Peter and Wil, DJ7AA, will be their pilotstation. For more info, check Web page: http://www.radioklub.de/cgcg/

FS & PJ8, ST. MARTIN and ST. MAARTEN. Bob/AA1M, Jim/W1HL and Mike/W1USN will be operating from both French and Dutch sides of this island. Look for them to sign PJ8/homecall and FS/homecall from February 27th through March 6th. QSL AA1M and W1HL via AA1M CBA or bureau. QSL W1USN to CBA or bureau.

GERMAN ISLAND AWARD/GERMAN IOTA. Ric, DL2VFR, informs OPDX that information on German IOTAs and the "Most Wanted German Islands" can be found in the weekly IOTA activity news on the Web page: http://www.iota-post.com The "Most Wanted German Islands" is based on applications for the "German Island Award" (tnx DL2MX/DL5RFF) and was based on the checkpoints for DL, HB, OE, I, IT9, IS0, T7, W4, W5 and, W6 (tnx DK1RV, I1JQJ, W9DC). The "German Island Award" links are available in German, English, French, Italian and Danish language.

IOTA NEWS................

KP2/NP2, U.S. VIRGIN ISLANDS. Look for the "Battle Creek Georges", W8UVZ and K8GG, to be operating from St. Croix for the CQWW 160M CW Contest. They will be active from January 24-30th. Before and after the contest they will use the callsign KP2/K8GG with an emphasis on the lower and WARC bands. During the contest they will use the callsign NP2S. QSL NP2S contacts direct to Martha Golden, NP2S, POB 1276, Kingshill, Saint Criox, VI 00851 USA. QSL KP2/K8GG via K8GG.

MD, ISLE OF MAN. Operators DL4ALB, DL4LQM, DL4WG, DL5AXX, DL5LYM and DL8WAA will once again be active from the Isle of Man, February 12-19th. They will be a Multi-Two entry in the ARRL DX CW Contest. Before the contest they will be active on 160-10 meters including the WARC bands, mainly on CW with some SSB and RTTY. Callsigns will be MD/homecall. QSLs goes to the operator's homecall. QSLs for the February 2000 operation of MD/DL3OI has to be directed now to DL5AXX (via eMail-request, bureau or CBA).

PIRATE STATIONS REPORTED. There have been several pirate stations active over the last few weeks. Most noteable P25BH, VP8SSI and YA/RW6AC. Also, there has been reports of pirate operators using the callsign 3Y0C on CW and on 50 MHz. Also, OPDX was duped last week in reporting that 4W1CW and 4W1UN were active. They too are pirates.

PY0S, ST. Peter AND ST. PAUL ROCKS (Update). Bill, W9VA, reports, "Plans are moving ahead on schedule for the DXpedtion to PY0S in early February, 2001. All government permissions to operate from the Rocks are in hand, and the callsign PW0S has been issued. The team will leave Recife, Brazil, on February 2nd, arriving on the Rocks on February 7th, intending to operate for five or six days. This is a long open ocean trip and dates may vary. The operating team is led by Jim Faria, PY7XC, who previously operated from the Rocks in 1978 as PW0PP. Other operators are Fred/PY7ZZ and Ciro/ PY7ZY. All have previously operated from Fernando de Noronha and various Brazilian IOTA islands. Operation will be on 160 through 6 meters, CW and SSB, possibly RTTY. Steve, KU9C, has joined the team as QSL Manager. Financial support from clubs and individuals is most welcome." Contact Bill, W9VA/PY0ZFO, for more information at: w9va@aol.com

QSL INFO AND NEWS..............

R1, FRANZ JOSEF LAND. R1FJV was been keeping the folks happy on 160/80 meters lately between 2300 and 2400z. Check around 1830 and 3505 kHz. Also, check 17 meters around 18077 kHz after 1000z. QSL via UA3AGS.

SPECIAL EVENT (Marconi). Look for two special event stations to be active from "Niton Radio" (GNI) and "Lizard Radio" (GLD) during the "Double Marconi Centenary" celebration January 21-23rd. The event stations will sign GB100GNI and GB100LD. Suggested frequencies are: 3650, 7060, 14200, 18150, 21200 and 24950 kHz. More details are available at the following Web site: http://www.needlesradio.org.uk/ (Check "Latest News")

TY, BENIN. Operators Flo/F5CWU, Thierry/F5MOO and Didier/F5AOV will be active from here August 9-31st. Activity will be on 160-6 meters, CW/SSB and the digital modes. They are currently waiting at this time for their licenses and to see what restrictions will apply. They plan to leave France with Quads antennas for 20m to 10m, verticals for the lower bands, a yagi for 6m and a 500 watt amplifier. Flo informs OPDX that they are looking for your needs from Benin. Please advise them on what bands, modes or any comments you have for them via the following E-mail address: f5cwu@wanadoo.fr Also, visit their Web site for the DXpedition (under the item TY-2001) at: http://perso.wanadoo.fr/f5cwu/

UA0, ASIATIC RUSSIA. Valery, UA0ZC, in Kamchatka, in Zone 19, can usually be found on 20 meters CW around 2200-2400Z and 80 meters CW around 0630- 0730z. QSL only direct to the following address, not to the one listed in the 2001 Flying Horse CallBook which is incorrect. The correct address is: Valery A. Makarov, P.O. Box 6, Petropavlovsk, Kamchatsky 683000 Russia.

VP5, TURKS AND CAICOS ISLANDS. Look for Jerry/WB9Z, Don/K9NR, Billie/K9QT and Howard/AK9F to be active this week, January 23-27th, signing homecall /VP5. Their activity will include the CQWW 160M Contest as a Multi/Single entry signing VP5F. QSL via home callsigns. Listen for instructions on the QSL info for VP5F.

XV, VIETNAM. Torsten, XV9TH, was heard on Sunday on 28466 kHz between 1200-1300z. QSL via SK7AX. Also, heard during the past week was XV2J on 7012 kHz between 1100-1130z and on 21012 kHz between 0100-0230z.

YI, IRAQ. YI1BGD was heard over the past week on 10 meters around 28415 kHz between 1300 and 1500z. The operator's name was Rodger. The operator made a brief apprearance on 12 meters after 1500z on 24942 kHz. Rodger states to QSL via G0MMI.

YV, VENEZUELA (Change in plans!). Rick, W0IS, will be going on a mini-DXpedition here next weekend, and informed OPDX that he will not be able to go to Los Roques (SA-035) as a side trip. Instead, he will be on the air from Caracas Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, beginning late Friday evening. Activity will be late night or early morning local time, probably around 0400-1000z. Operations will probably be somewhere near 7040 CW or 7075 SSB.

ZD7/ZD8, ST. HELENA AND ASCENSION ISLAND. Glyn, GW0ANA, Chairman of the Barry Amateur Radio Society, informs OPDX that on March the 19th, 4 members of Barry Amateur Radio Society (B.A.R.S.), Rich/GW4BVJ (CW op), Sheri their logistics manager, Doug/G0WMW (CW & SSB op), Glyn/GW0ANA (DATA & SSB op), will be flying down to Ascension Island. They intend to operate on all bands and various modes (i.e. 160-6 meters - Modes: CW, SSB, RTTY, PSK31, SSTV, MFSK, Heilshriber). They will be on Ascension for 8 days then it's off to St. Helena were they will again repeat the operation as on ZD8 using as many modes as possible. They will be on St. Helena for 15 days before returning to Ascension and then home. The callsigns are at this moment being finalized, so Glyn will tell us once they have confirmation. They also intend to be active on the Lower Frequencies (LF) bands as there is a need for LF QSOs from both of these islands. Doug, G0WMW, has built a "Dragon Special", a 75 foot vertical, which should give them a great signal at 1000 feet ASL on both islands and a amp on the bottom. The other antennas are Force 12 beam, phased twin Butternut verticals, and a GAP Triton together with a beam for 6 meters. Richard, GW4BVJ, is at present designing a web page for the DXpedition, and once completed it will be released to the DX community. QSL manager for both islands is Glyn, GW0ANA. Glyn states, "The object of this DXpedition is to commemorate the passing of a 100 years of Morse Communication from these islands. As once in the southern latitudes they were the communication hub for our far flung 'British Empire' using nothing but 'Morse Code'. So in keeping with us honouring the operators of old we will be spending more time on CW and Data modes then normal for the most DXpeditions." This DXpedition welcomes any financial support from the DX community, and if you would care to make a contribution please send it to Glyn, GW0ANA, in any call book. All contributions acknowledged.

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