Ohio/Penn DX Bulletin No. 530
September 24, 2001

The Ohio/Penn DX PacketCluster
DX Bulletin No. 530
BID: $OPDX.530
September 24, 2001
Editor Tedd Mirgliotta, KB8NW
Provided by BARF-80 BBS Cleveland, Ohio
Online at 440-237-8208 28.8k-1200 Baud 8/N/1

Thanks to the Northern Ohio Amateur Radio Society, Northern Ohio DX Association, Ohio/Penn PacketCluster Network, AB5K & the AR TelNet Clusters Network, W3UR & The Daily DX, N4AA & QRZ DX, K5YG, NH7A, WH7Y, K8AV, K8YSE, WB8YJF, DL1EK & DX News Letter, DL2VFR, G3SWH, HA1AG, I2UIY, IK1QBT, LU4EJ, ON4AME, OZ6OM & OZ 50 MHz DX Bulletin, PA0MIR, VA3RJ, VK4CP and YT1AD for the following DX information.

DXCC COUNTRY/ENTITY REPORT: According to the AR-Cluster Network for the week of Sunday, 16/September, through Sunday, 23/September there were 224 countries active. Countries available: 3A, 3B8, 3B9, 3D2, 3DA, 3V, 3W, 3X, 4J, 4L, 4S, 4U1I, 4W, 4X, 5A, 5B, 5N, 5R, 5T, 5U, 5V, 5X, 5Z, 6W, 6Y, 7Q, 7X, 8P, 8R, 9A, 9G, 9H, 9J, 9K, 9L, 9M2, 9M6, 9N, 9V, 9Y, A2, A4, A5, A6, A7, A9, AP, BV, BY, C2, C3, C6, C9, CE, CE0A, CE9, CM, CN, CP, CT, CT3, CU, CX, D2, D4, D6, DL, DU, EA, EA6, EA8, EA9, EI, EK, EL, EP, ER, ES, ET, EU, EX, EY, EZ, F, FG, FJ, FK, FM, FO, FP, FR, FW, FY, G, GD, GI, GJ, GM, GU, GW, HA, HB, HB0, HC, HH, HI, HK, HK0/a, HL, HP, HR, HS, HZ, I, IS, J2, J6, J7, JA, JT, JW, JX, JY, K, KG4, KH0, KH2, KH3, KH6, KH8, KL, KP2, KP4, LA, LU, LX, LY, LZ, OA, OD, OE, OH, OH0, OK, OM, ON, OX, OY, OZ, P2, P4, PA, PJ2, PJ7, PY, PZ, S2, S5, SM, SP, SU, SV, SV5, SV9, T7, T8, T9, TA, TF, TG, TI, TK, TL, TR, TT, UA, UA2, UA9, UK, UN, UR, V4, V5, V6, V7, V8, VE, VK, VK9C, VK9N, VP2V, VP5, VP6, VP8, VP9, VQ9, VR, VU, XE, XT, XU, YB, YI, YJ, YL, YN, YO, YS, YU, YV, Z2, Z3, ZA, ZB, ZC4, ZD7, ZD9, ZF,ZK1/n, ZK1/s, ZL, ZL7, ZP, ZS

* PLEASE NOTE: The report "could" contain "Pirate/SLIM" operations. As always, you never know - "Work First Worry Later" (WFWL).

3B8, MAURITIUS. A couple of stations from here continue to be active on a few of the WARC bands. Taher, 3B8DB, generally hangs around 24896 kHz between 1115-1330z before he moves to 10 meters. Also, Abid, 3B8FG, can be found on 30 meters generally around 10105 kHz between 1300-1400z.

3D2, CONWAY REEF (Update/Reminder). Hrane, YT1AD, has sent out a press release (Nr. 2) containing the following information. The international team of operators which include YT1AD, YU7AV, YU1DX, YU1AU, YZ7AA, N6TQA, RZ3AA and Z31FU/ZS6MG, are preparing for the big DXpedition to Conway Reef. Two callsigns will be used (to be announced the day of their operation), one for CW/RTTY and the other for SSB. They expect to arrive on the reef at 0700z, October 1st and operate until October 10th. Activity will be on 160-6 meters, in the DX windows, operating on CW/SSB/RTTY/PSK31 and possibly SSTV. QSLs for CW/RTTY go via YT1AD: Dr. Hrane Milosevic, 36 206 Vitanovac, Yugoslavia. QSLs for SSB go via Z32AU: Kostevski Dragan, P.O. Box 35, 6000 Ohrid, Macedonia. For up-to-date info, check the Web (after September 25th) at: http://www.kragujevac.co.yu/3d2/

3W, VIETNAM. There was plenty of activity from this one during the past week. Hau, 3W2LI, from in Saigon, can usually be found on 15 meters (21270-21275) between 1300-1430z. Sam, 3W3ZZ, in Danan until September 28th, can also be found on 15 meters on various frequencies (21230, 21295, 21300 and 21360) between 1300-1400z and 0600-0730z. QSL via JA1EUI. Juergen, 3W9HRN, has been very active on 15/12/10 meters. Activity seems to be between 1100-1600z and as early as 0230z. QSL via DL1HRN.

5U, NIGER. The same crew that aired 5U2K, 5U3T and 5U5A in March of 2001 will go back to Niger in January/February of 2002 for a 2 week DXpedition. The group will be larger this time with participation of 3 to 4 new operators from Italy and USA. At least 3 stations will be put on air with special attention to 80/160 meters. Operations will take place on 160-10 meters on CW/SSB/RTTY/PSK31 and on 6 meters on CW/SSB. A dedicated Web page will be shortly put on-line, and it will include all the information about the upcoming activity. Callsigns (3) will be announced later.

9M6, EAST MALAYSIA. Two Japanese operators Mat/JA1JQJ and Kuni/JA8VE will be active between October 10-14th. They hope to receive the callsigns 9M6JQT and 9M6VET. Activity will be on 80-6 meters on CW/SSB. For CW, check 7 kHz from the low end of the band edge and on SSB, check the suggested frequencies: 3798, 7080, 14170, 18130, 21270, 24940, 28470 and 50120 kHz. QSL via homecalls. JA1JQJ - Shigeo Matui, 2-31-10 Shimoseya, Yokohama, 246-0035 Japan. JA8VE - Kunio Saito, 2-26-5-554 Nishituruma, Yamato, 242-0005 Japan.

9N, NEPAL. Operators Hiro/JA0BYS, Sato/JH0HDL and Mako/JI0LQJ will be in Kathmandu between September 24th and October 2nd. The group has applied for individual callsigns: 9N7BY, 9N7DL and 9N7QJ. They plan to operate on 80-10 meters and possibly 6 meters. QSLs all callsigns to JH0HDL.

A5, BHUTAN (Correction to OPDX.529). The correct listing of Bhutan operators are:

        Yeshey Dorji,       A51AA     Pema Rinzen,        A51PR
        Kesang Namgyel,     A51KC     Dorji Yeshey,       A51YL
        Parop Kinley,       A51PK     Wangpo Dorji,       A51WD

ARRL COMPUTER AND WEB SITE. We have been advised that the League's computer was hit by the new virus, and they have been working all week on it. This is the reason why the section, "List of DXCC Applications Received", seems to be stuck on September 18th. As of Sunday, September 23rd, the problem is almost cleared up.

C98, MOZAMBIQUE. Rei, C98RF, has been really active on 30/12/10 meters over the past week. Watch 12 meters 1100-1730z, 30 meters after 2100z and 10 meters very early after 0900z. QSL via DL6DQW.

CN, MOROCCO. Al, NH7A, informs OPDX that his CN2AC SOAB CQWW SSB Contest operation has been canceled due to the events on September 11th. He will instead operate from Maui as NH7A, SOAB in the contest. QSL via M0FCR.

ET, ETHIOPIA. Claudio, ET3VSC, has been pleasing many CW ops over the past week with activity on 12/10 meters. Look for him between 1830-2130z on either band. QSL via K3IRV.

FO & FO/A, FRENCH POLYNESIA AND AUSTRAL ISLANDS. Marcel, ON4QM, is signing FO0DEH again from French Polynesia and will be active between September 25th and October 25th. He plans to visit the Pukapuka Atoll (OC-062) and Rapa (OC-051) in the Austral Islands. There is a possibility he may also visit Reao Atoll (OC-238). QSL via ON4QM.

FO/A, AUSTRALS ISLANDS. Jon, WB8YJF, informs OPDX that Leo/K8PYD and he are postponing their DXpedition to Australs Island until the beginning of December, due to the events of the past two weeks and the chaos in the airline industry. Jon states their tickets are being re-written, and he will let us know when they find out the exact dates. Their operation will still have an emphasizies on RTTY.

FR/T, TROMELIN ISLAND. Jacques, FR5ZU, was heard signing FR5ZU/T this past week. His activity is expected to last until October 5th. He was heard on 17 meters between 1400-1500z and/or 15 meters 1400-1630z. QSL via JA8FCG

HC8, GALAPAGOS ISLANDS. Jon, N0JK, and a group of operators will be returning to the HC8N station on San Cristobal Island in the Galapagos, November 20-26th. They plan to participate in the CQ WW CW Contest. Their activity will be on HF and 6/2 meters as well as the satellites.

HS50, HUNGARY. Operators/members from the Hungarian's High Speed Club (HSC) (HA3OV/Anti, HA3NU/Lacy, HA1AG/Zoli etc.) will activate the HG50HSC callsign to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the High Speed Club. The HSC is dedicated to promoting High Speed Telegraphy for half of a century. The HSC contests of the past served as a cradle for several of today's contesters. QSL via the bureau (please indicate via HA1AG) or direct. If you'd like to get your QSL via the bureau, just send an E-mail to: ha1ag@compuserve.com For more information, please visit their website at: http://www.hsc.de

IOTA NEWS............

IOTA TRIP. Nico, PA0MIR, will try to leave the Netherlands on October 8th and will try to operate in the WAG Contest with the callsign ZL1/PA0MIR (OC-201) and in the CQWW Contest with ZL3/PA0MIR. He will be active from OC-134 or OC-203 and from the different ZL regions until November 8th. From ZL-land, he will fly to Australia. Using the callsign VK3FEI/*, he will try to operate from OC-001, OC-006, OC-233 and OC-136. Other IOTAs are not yet determined, but he will remain in the region until March. Operation will also be tried from Lord Howe or from Norfolk Island if transport can be arranged. A trip to Fiji (3D2) is also planned too. Nico ask you for real reports (no standard 59(9)) except in the contests. QSL for all operations will be taken care of on his return, via PA0MIR: Nico van der Bijl, Lepelblad 129, NL 1441 VH Purmerend, The Netherlands. SWL-reports should contain at least 3 stations worked at the time/band reported. This is not a large-scale operation, but a single-operator with 100 watts using either a mobile vertical or dipoles. His operation time will be concentrated on the times for openings to EU.

JD, OGASAWARA. Operators JD1BKZ and JM1MKB/JD1 have been active on 6 meters from AS-031 (QL17CC). They will be there for the next 3-5 years. Their equipment is a TS-690S and "hat-hentena". QSL both JD1BKZ and JM1MKB/JD1 via the bureau. However, Yoshi, JE2DWZ, reports that if you need QSL faster than the bureau, you can QSL to JE2DWZ with a SAE and sufficient USD or IRC. He will be pleased to handle your QSL as a QSL Manager. Their QSL cards will be printed soon. JE2DWZ's address is: Yoshiyuki Mori, 20-16 Takiko-cho, Showa Nagoya, 466-0053 JAPAN.

KH6, HAWAII (Morocco Op Cancelled). Al, NH7A, informs OPDX that his CN2AC SOAB CQWW SSB Contest operation has been canceled due to the events of September 11th. He will instead operate from Maui as NH7A, SOAB in the contest. QSL via M0FCR.

LS2, VERDE ISLAND (Argentina). Radio Club Mar Del Plata (LU2DT) will activate Verde Island, November 23-25th, for the first time ever using the callsign LS2D. Verde Island is located 40 miles south from Bahia Blanca, Argentina, in the Atlantic Ocean. Suggested frequencies are:

OD, LEBANON. Pavel, OD5/OK1MU, provided some interesting activity this past week on 10 meters FM and the WARC bands. Watch around 29450 kHz beginning about 1400z. Also, look for him on 17 meters (around 18083 or 18160) after 1500z and again after 2030z. On 30 meters, try around 2230z. QSL via OK1TN.

OH0, ALAND ISLANDS. Pentti (aka Ben), OH3TY, will be active as OH0/OH3TY starting on September 24th. His activity will be mainly on 10 meters. Look for him to sign OH0HEY in the CQWW RTTY Contest. QSL via OH3TY, direct or the bureau is OK.

QSL INFO AND NEWS..............

SPECIAL EVENT. Herman, ON4AME, announces that he will be active the weekend of September 28-30th, using the special callsign OS0TIB. This is to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Metro in Brussels. For a special QSL card send it to the QSL Manager Eric, ON7RN.

SU, EGYPT. Said, SU1SK, was heard on 12 meters SSB and 10 meters FM this past week. Watch around 24945 or 24948 kHz after 1600z. Also, look him around 29350 kHz 0815z. QSL via direct to CBA. Ahmed, SU3AM, has also been active. His activity has been on 17/15/10 meters SSB mainly between 1600-1700z (also after 0830z). Watch frequencies 18150, 21303 and 28460 kHz. QSL via DL5ZBV.

TR, GABON. Jean-Claude, TR8XX, has been active on 17/12/10 meters CW. Watch 18082, 24905 and 28010 kHz between 1530-1730z. QSL via F2XX.

TT8, CHAD. Chris, TT8DX, was heard on 18150 kHz around 1800z. QSLs go to F5OGL. Paco, TT8FC, was heard begging for QSOs on 10 meters this past weekend. Watch 28470 kHz around 2130z. QSL via EA4AHK.

VP5, TURKS & CAICOS ISLANDS. Bill, VP5/K5GY has cancelled his trip to Providenciales. VP5YG will not be active during the CQ/WW RTTY Contest at the end of September.

VK, AUSTRALIA. Remember to look for Bert, PA3GIO, to be active as VK6GIO now through October 8th before his operation from Lord Howe Island. His activity will be very limited. He may have a chances to operate from Kangaroo Island (OC-139) using the callsign VK6GIO/5.

XU, CAMBODIA. Claude, XU7ABN, has been pleasing the digital guys by operating on RTTY and PSK31. His activity has been on 20 meters between 1830-1930z and on 15 meters around 1330z. QSL via F5JRY.

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