Ohio/Penn DX Bulletin No. 534
October 22, 2001

The Ohio/Penn DX PacketCluster
DX Bulletin No. 534
BID: $OPDX.534
October 22, 2001
Editor Tedd Mirgliotta, KB8NW
Provided by BARF-80 BBS Cleveland, Ohio
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Thanks to the Northern Ohio Amateur Radio Society, Northern Ohio DX Association, Ohio/Penn PacketCluster Network, AB5K & the AR TelNet Clusters Network, KA2AEV, K2JXW, N3SIG, W3UR & The Daily DX, K4ZW, KJ4UY, N4AA & QRZ DX, N4CD, K5LBU, K6NDV, K8YSE, CO2TK, DF4RD, DL1EK & DX News Letter, E21EIC, F5NQL & UFT, G0PSE, GI0DVU, IV3UHL, JI3DST, JJ1LIB, LU1FAM, LU4FPZ, M0DXR, T97M, VA3RJ and ZL1UD for the following DX information.

IMPORTANT NOTICE BY EDITOR: Last weekend BARF-80 BBS (Home of the OPDX) began to show signs of problems and right after sending out OPDX.533, the system failed. Currently, the system is totally down, but I was able to retrieve most of my E-mail up through last Thursday (which was a real chore) for this week's bulletin. Due to the major technical problems on BARF-80, I am unable to send the following bulletin direct to the OPDX Mail List Server on "NSHORE.ORG" and the three DX Reflectors. Thanks to the Sysop on "NSHORE.ORG", the following bulletin was entered into the mail list for me. However, it does not look good for next week's bulletin, unless I am able to retrieve my E-mails from "NSHORE.ORG" (which is currently being held) while BARF-80 is being "totally reconfigured to LINUX". Please continue to send your DX info/announcements, and be patient during the next few weeks as this transition takes place. A special thanks goes out to the Sysops of "NSHORE" and "HAMNET" for their help in getting BARF-80 back on-line....... 73 and GUD DX de Tedd KB8NW

DXCC COUNTRY/ENTITY REPORT: According to the AR-Cluster Network for the week of Sunday, 14/October, through Sunday, 21/October there were 228 countries active. Countries available: 3A, 3B8, 3D2, 3V, 3W, 4J, 4L, 4S, 4W, 4X, 5A, 5B, 5H, 5N, 5R, 5T, 5U, 5W, 5Z, 6W, 6Y, 7Q, 7X, 8P, 8Q, 8R, 9A, 9G, 9H, 9J, 9K, 9L, 9M2, 9M6, 9N, 9V, 9Y, A4, A6, A7, A9, AP, BV, BY, C3, C6, C9, CE, CE0A, CE9, CM, CN, CP, CT, CT3, CU, CX, D2, D4, DL, DU, E3, EA, EA6, EA8, EA9, EI, EK, EL, EP, ER, ES, ET, EU, EX, EY, EZ, F, FG, FJ, FK, FM, FO, FP, FR, FW, FY, G, GD, GI, GJ, GM, GU, GW, H4, HA, HB, HB0, HC, HC8, HH, HI, HK, HK0/a, HL, HP, HR, HS, HV, HZ, I, IS, J2, J3, J6, J7, J8, JA, JD/o, JT, JY, K, KG4, KH0, KH2, KH6, KL, KP2, KP4, LA, LU, LX, LY, LZ, OA, OD, OE, OH, OH0, OK, OM, ON, OX, OY, OZ, P2, P4, PA, PJ2, PJ7, PY, PZ, S2, S5, S7, S9, SM, SP, SU, SV, SV5, SV9, T30, T7, T8, T9, TA, TF, TG, TI, TK, TL, TN, TR, TT, TU, UA, UA2, UA9, UK, UN, UR, V3, V4, V5, V7, V8, VE, VK, VK9L, VK9N, VP2E, VP2V, VP5, VP8, VP9, VQ9, VR, VU, XE, XT, XU, XW, XX9, XZ, YB, YI, YK, YL, YN, YO, YS, YU, YV, Z2, Z3, ZA, ZB, ZC4, ZD7, ZD9, ZF, ZK1/n, ZK1/s, ZL, ZP, ZS

* PLEASE NOTE: The report "could" contain "Pirate/SLIM" operations. As always, you never know - "Work First Worry Later" (WFWL).

8Q, MALDIVES. Mark Haynes, M0DXR, informs OPDX that he has recently established a group of DXers which consists of members of the younger generation. The group is named the "Crystal Clear DX Group". They plan to undertake a DXpedition to the Maldives in August 2002. The team will consist of five to six operators with 3 stations on air for as much time as propagation will allow. The group has 3 main objectives:

  1. To promote DXpedition and HF DXing for the younger generation and encourage similar future operations.
  2. To show that a group of youngsters are capable of setting up and running a DXpedition to the point where it is recognized for its quality.
  3. To concentrate on those stations who need 8Q7 as a new country on various band/mode slots. They plan to make at least 30,000 QSOs!

The team includes Tony/EA2AIJ, Simon/M0CLW, Fabian/ DJ1YFK, Mark/M0DXR, and one more youngster from the UK. Activity will be on all bands including the WARC bands. However, since most of the members on the team are still full time students in education, they are currently looking for assistance, contributions to help with their finances and sponsoring. If you can help, please contact Mark at: m0dxr@qsl.net ADDED NOTE: Mark Haynes, M0DXR, was a team member of the Comoros Dxpedition D68C that took place earlier this year. He also won the RSGB Young Amateur of the Year award 1999/2000, and is the training secretary at his local club, Harlow, near London.

CO2, CUBA. Pepin, CO2TK, reports that he will be active in the CQWW SSB Contest as a Single Op/Low Power/Single Band (10 meters) entry. QSL via F6FNU.

CORRECTION. Last week in OPDX.533 we listed the prefix "V6" for Ducie Island, it should have been "VP6". (ed. Not sure what happened, maybe the "P" key was not pressed all the way down.)

E3, ERITREA. E30NA is now active. Activity began on October 19th and with QSN reports on 20/17/15/12/10/6 meters over the past week. However, activity is expected on 160-6 meters on the usual DX frequencies. The team of operators are: Chris/DL5NAM, Wolf/OE2VEL, Falk/DK7YY and Marcus/DJ7EO. They should be active until November 3rd. The team's QTH is approx. 10 miles SE of Asmara, the capital city of Eritrea (Grid Locator: KK95GB). It was mentioned this past week that there will be NO operations from any of the E30 islands at all! All IOTA activities had to be cancelled due to the political situation and power problems. More details are available on the E30NA Web site at: http://www.qsl.net/e30na/

FG, GUADELOUPE. Edin, T97M, will be active as FG/T97M from October 22-30th. Activity will be on all bands, SSB, CW and RTTY. QSL via K2PF: Ralph G. Fariello, 23 Old Village Rd, Hillsborough, NJ 08844-4008, USA. Also, Edwin will join Danny, T93M, to be active in the CQWW DX Contest as a Multi/Single sign FG5BG.

HS/E2, THAILAND (CQWW SSB Activity). Champ, E21EIC, informed OPDX that the HS0AC HQ station of RAST cannot be active in CQWW SSB Contest because the HS0AC shack will move out to a new area and currently has no electrical power. So, Champ states that he, E20RRW and HS0XNO will be active in the CQWW Contest from his home as E21EIC as a Multi/Single class. His team will use a Kenwood TS-940s w/100w and a 8 element 4 band Yagi and dipoles. QSL via E21EIC (Direct or Bureau). Champ also mentioned to look for the following Thai hams to be active in the contest:

          HS5AYO    SOAB LP          QSL via CBA
          HS1CKC    SOAB HP          QSL via CBA
          HS4BPQ    SOSB 15m. LP     QSL via E21EIC
          HS9EQY    SOAB LP          QSL via E21EIC
          E20HHK    SOSB 20m. LP     QSL via E21EIC

IOTA NEWS....................

JT, MONGOLIA. Ken, K4ZW, reports that he is in the process of rescheduling his trip to JT-land. Travel will commence before the end of the year. The dates will be announced at a later time. The good news is that conditions to those areas that are in need of Zone 23 will be better than if they had gone last month. Ken states, "Just need to make sure I pack a few extra pair of long underwear!"

KC6, ANTARCTICA. Chris Post, N3SIG, Firefighter/EMT in the United States Antarctic Program at the McMurdo Station on Ross Island in Antarctica (IOTA AN-011), is now active as KC4/N3SIG until March 2002. He informs OPDX that he will be active (usually) every other day starting around 2000-2100 Eastern U.S. time. He will also be active for the CQWW SSB Contest at the end of this month. His main modes of operation are SSB on 20/18/15 meters. Look for him on 14243 kHz to start. Chris also informed OPDX that special QSOs can be arranged by sending an E-mail to the following address: n3sig@arrl.net All QSL cards go to AI3D, please include a SASE.

LIGHTHOUSE NEWS...............

LT1, ARGENTINA. The team of LU1FAM, LU1FD, LU1FGE, LU1FGZ, LU1FKR, LU2FT, LU3FP, LU3FQG, LU3FZW, LU5FA, LU5FHM and LU6FQD is glad to inform OPDX that the next Multi-Multi operation from LT1F "Bad Power" will be in the upcoming CQWW DX SSB Contest. QSL via LU1FKR.

LT5, ARGENTINA. Bob/LU2FA and Seba/LU4FPZ will be operating in the CQWW SSB Contest as LT5F and as a Multi Single entry. Pay special attention to 80 meters.

PJ4, NETHERLANDS ANTILLES. Peter, PA3CNX, will be active from November 5-30th, while on holidays from Bonaire (SA-006), and will be signing PJ4/PA3CNX. His equipment will consist of: Kenwood TS-2000 (160m-70 cm), Windom antenna for 80/40/20/10 meters (Tnx GB Antennas). His suggested frequencies are: on SSB - 3790, 7070, 14340, 28440 and on FM 29580 kHz. If 6 meters is open, he will call around 50110 kHz. QSL via the bureau PA3CNX (R08), or direct via the callbook address. For the latest information, check Peter's Web site at: http://home.wxs.nl/~cnx/

QSL INFO AND NEWS...................

SPECIAL EVENT. Members of the REF89's and F5KCC's activated the special callsign TM5SIA during the 23th International Hamexpo in Auxerre on October 20-21st. They will continue to use the callsign until October 30th. Activity will be on all bands HF and VHF, CW/SSB/FM and maybe some RTTY. Locator is JN17. They request to please avoid double QSOs on same band. Some of them will enter the CQWWDX SSB Contest on the last weekend of October. All the contacts will be confirmed. QSL Manager is Pierre, F2WS.

T2, TUVALU. A group of JA operators will be active from here between November 1-8th and they are calling their operation "The Tuvalu membership of the United Nations commemorative DXpedition". Team TUVALU consists of:

Their activity will be on 160-6 meters CW/SSB/RTTY. They will also have a 6 meter beacon on 50105/QSX 50130 kHz. The team will pay special attention on 160m for EU/East Coast and 6 meters for EU on long-path openings. They will have 3 stations active 24 hours day and use the special callsigns T2T (HF) and T2SIX (6m) to commemorate Tuvalu's entry into the United Nations. Pilot stations are: HF - 7K1WLE and JF6OJX; 6m - JA1RJU. Equipment will be: IC-756PRO+AMP, two TS-570G+AMP, FT-920+AMP, IC-706MK2 (for 6m beacon). Antennas are: a 4 element triband Yagi for 20/15/10 meters, a 4 element duoband Yagi for 17/12 meters, a 4 and 7 element Yagi for 6 meters and a 160-30m verticals/dipoles. QSL information is: HF via JN1HOW and 6m via JH7OHF, both direct only.

For more info and a possible log search, go to the Web page: http://www1.famm.ne.jp/~ndxa/pedi/t2-2001/t2-2001.html

V2, ANTIGUA. Team Antigua will once again activate V26B on the Beautiful Island Nation of Antigua and Barbuda in the 2001 running of the CQWW SSB Contest on October 27th and 28th. Their plans are to enter the contest as a Multioperator/Multi-transmitter category (Grid Square is FK-97 and IOTA Number is NA-100). Members of Team Antigua will also make special attempts to be active on RTTY, PSK31, 160 meters and the WARC Bands a few days both before and after the contest. There is also a possibility of some 6 meter with conditions permitting! It is most likely the operators will make their presence felt on all bands starting on or about October 22th until about November 4th. The members of Team Antigua and their callsigns are:

   V26A  Dale, N3BNA  - QSL via WB3DNA    V26O  Bob, N5NJ    - QSL via N5NJ
   V26AK Tony, N2TK   - QSL via N2TK      V26OC Brian, N3OC  - QSL via  N3OC
   V26B  Sam, WT3Q    - QSL via  WT3Q     V26TZ Tom, ZP5AZL  - QSL via W3HNK
   V26E  Darrel, AB2E - QSL via AB2E      V26U  Bill, W2UDT  - QSL via W2UDT
   V26EW Ed, N2ED     - QSL via  N2ED     V26YR John, W2YR   - QSL via W2YR

There will be a few new members who will announce their QSL routes once their Antigian callsigns become finalized. TWO ADDED NOTES OF INTEREST:

  1. The "Special Collectors Edition (Worked 5 Band and 6 Band) Certificate Program" from V26B is continuing this year. However, due to the extreme costs of mailing everyone who has worked them on all 5 and 6 bands in the past (and there have been quite a few certificates mailed), they are now requesting that if you work them on 5 or 6 bands and would like a certificate, to please send them a "Self Addressed Stamped Envelope (Business Size)" along with 1 USD or IRC equalivant (to assist with printing costs) with your log information to W2UDT for processing.
  2. SPECIAL TOP GUN PLAQUE CONTINUES FOR THE 2001 CQWW SSB EVENT - Starting on October 27th through the end of the 2001 CQWW SSB Contest, a Special Plaque is available to the "FIRST" operator to work V26B on all 6 Bands during the Contest. This Plaque is being sponsored by their very own Mr. Douglas Priest, W3CF/V26DX.

For a complete station description, complete with photographs and rate charts of the Team Antigua, V26B, Superstation. Please visit their Web page at http://www.frc-contest.org and click on the DXpeditions page and then the Team Antigua, V26B Link!

V4, ST. KITTS & NEVIS. Larry, KJ4UY, will once again be going to Nevis as V47UY. He will be leaving on November 21st, and will operate from November 22nd thru December 4th and returning to Florida on December 5th. Larry will be staying at his good friend Karl's, V44NK, QTH. He will be using Karl's Kenwood TS450S/Heathkit SB220 or his Icom IC-756 with a KLM KT34A for 10/15/20 meters, an A3WS for 12-17 meters, a 30 and 40 meter dipole, and a HF2V for 40/80/160 meters (160 meters 100 watts only). Larry will be operating SSB/RTTY/PSK-31, with some CW, and will be operating all the bands that he has propagation. He will try to operate the CQWW CW contest to give others a multiplier, but he states that his CW is QRS, so please have patience. He hopes that it will help him improve. Please QSL to Larry's home callsign, KJ4UY. USA hams send SASE. DX send SAE plus return postage or via bureau. Larry looks forward to giving out as many as possible contacts for a new country or/and new band/mode country.

YN, NICARAGUA (Reminder/Update). Frosty, K5LBU, anounces that he will be making his third trip to YN2-land for the CQWW SSB Contest. He will leave Houston on October 24th, arriving the same day. He will team up with Ed/ W5GCX, and Laurei/G3UML. They will start putting up antennas on the 24th, so that they will be able to play on the air and check them out before Friday at the start of the contest. Activity will be on 160-10 meters. This time they will have a Mini-Quad that will have 3 elements and a Balun that will let them transmit on 6 meters. They will use a new callsign this year during the contest which is shorter; listen for YN2EJ. Laurei/G3UML will do the QSLs for Europe and Africa and Frosty/K5LBU will do the QSL cards for all other areas.

ZL1, NEW ZEALAND (Special Event/Activity). The Hamilton Amateur Radio Club in Hamilton, New Zealand, has applied for and been given the callsign ZL6JAM for uses during and after the "16th New Zealand Scout Jamboree" at Mystery Creek Hamilton from December 29th to January 6, 2002. The station will be active from the site from 2000-0500z during this period, and outside these hours if possible. As this station is being set up for Scouts (both boys and girls aged 11 to 16), these kids would love to talk to kids around their own age, as well as Hams from around the world. The frequencies planned are: 3593, 3677, 7075 and 14260 kHz. They will be as near as possible to those frequencies. 15m and 10m will be used depending on conditions. A special QSL card is being printed for the Jamboree. QSL details are direct with 1 IRC or 1 USD to: ZL6JAM, P O Box 606, Hamilton, New Zealand. Please include an addressed envelope with direct QSL applications. No stamp required.

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